There are many smartphone owners who make do with the bundled earphones supplied with their handset or an affordable pair of headphones, but should you wish to go wireless and upgrade your music listening experience, Amazon has the B&O Beoplay H7 for just £272. Now, we say "just" because these are premium headphones and B&O are a well respected brand, but this price is a full 17% discount on the original listing.

B&O Wireless Headphones

The highlight feature of these headphones is the ability to enjoy your music collection without having to plug anything in. Simply make sure they're charged the night before and you'll be able to head out the next day and enjoy a full charge of Bluetooth playback with a range of up to 10 meters. There are even touch screen controls for answering calls and whatnot. The battery is rated to last 20 hours, after which you can continue to use them should you connect a cable.

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