Boot Camp gains Windows Precision Touchpad support via Apple's latest update

mac-touchpad (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Boot Camp allows Macs to alternate between Windows and macOS.
  • It has lacked Windows Precision Touchpad support until now.
  • Redditors noticed said support was included in the latest Boot Camp update.

Leave it to Reddit to spot the big news: As found by /u/ar25nan over on the Snoo-faced site, it seems Apple has finally added a much-wanted support feature to Boot Camp. That support would be for Windows Precision Touchpad, which allows users to make certain gestures via the touchpad to accomplish tasks more conveniently.

Tap or swipe with multiple fingers to access shortcuts, alternate windows, scroll, and perform a whole host of other useful features. That's the benefit of Windows Precision Touchpad. And while it sounds relatively minor on the surface, it's one of those things that, once you get used to, it's hard to go back from.

That's why there's so much fanfare around this sneaky surprise from Apple. Though it wasn't shouted from the rooftops by Apple itself, it headlined the update notes and caught the attention of web denizens, hence the commotion over on Reddit. Here's to Apple releasing more useful features and learning to love Windows' tools as much as so many others already do.

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Robert Carnevale

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