Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PC this fall

What you need to know

  • Borderlands 2 VR is already available on PS4.
  • It is an entirely separate game from Borderlands 2, not just an additional VR mode tacked on.
  • It is coming to VR platforms on PC this fall.

In a move that should surprise exactly zero people, Gearbox is bringing Borderlands 2 VR to PC this fall. The company made this announcement during its panel at PAX West 2019.

If you couldn't tell by the trailer, it's virtual! Because you can never be hit over the head enough times with that word, apparently, so you know what you're watching a trailer for. Borderlands 2 VR includes the base game and all of its DLC.

Gearbox did not reveal an exact release date, nor which VR platforms it is coming to. Even if you already have Borderlands 2, you'll need to buy Borderlands 2 VR separately if you want to play in virtual reality because it is its own game, not just a mode patched into Borderlands 2.

Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke has been playing video games nearly her entire life, and is very happy Xbox is growing a stronger first-party portfolio. You can find her obsessing over Star Wars and other geeky things on Twitter @JenLocke95.