Boy Genius has the HTC Cavalier (update to the T-Mobile Dash)

What we don't know: when it will ship. What we do know: it appears to have fixed a significant number of the niggling bugs and hassles in the Dash, namely: under-the-battery memory expansion slot, aggravating keyboard, (let's hope) terrible touch-bar-volume strip implementation, and lack-of-3G. Please, HTC and Cingular, give this to us soon.

As many of you know it's a needed upgrade to the ever popular HTC Excalibur (and all incarnations). The processor has been upgraded to a Samsung 400Mhz, flash memory of 128MB, a 2-mega pixel camera, and a slightly updated form factor. The 3G is tri-band, 850/1900/2100 and I have been zipping along Cingular's network without a hitch so far. HSDPA baby! Signal reception is as good or better than the Excalibur and the JOGGR touch-wheel has been moved to the direct side instead of by the screen. Bad news HTC sent out a memo to all distributors saying this device has been "postponed indefinitely".

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