BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair review: Adjustable, but overpriced

This BraZen gaming chair is very adjustable but is only worth it if the price is adjusted.

The BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair looks the part of a gaming chair, and it has an adjustable design that helps it fit a variety of gaming situations, but its full retail price is just too high when stacked up to the competition. If you're looking for a gaming chair on a bit of a budget, you can find the Phantom Elite on sale. If you can get it for a good sale price, the Phantom Elite provides a comfortable experience with plenty of tools for adjusting to your needs. But the gaming chair market is crowded and has plenty of options in the same price range.

What you'll love about the BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair

The BraZen Phantom Elite ships in one relatively large box. Assembly isn't that difficult as most parts just slide into place. You need to screw a few things in, but assembly was simple when I received it. The Phantom Elite certainly looks the part of a gaming chair. It has striking accents, the one I got has a dashing light blue flare, and it has the black leather look that's common among gaming chairs these days. It features a back with two pillows that you can adjust or remove depending on your taste. I get a sore back when seated too long, so the adjustable back pillow is nice.

The best part about the Phantom Elite is how easy it is to adjust. You can adjust its height, tilt, resistance to tilting movement, and pillow height with just a few simple movements. The armrests can also be adjusted either up and down or rotated at different angles to accommodate how you rest your arms.

This particular chair from BraZen is a racing chair design. That means it hugs your booty a bit. I'm a bigger man (roughly 300lbs), so this chair isn't aimed at people my size. It can support my weight, but my hindquarters are hugged a bit too much by the racing design. To help give the chair a more fair review, I also had my brother-in-law test it out. He is thinner than me and in much better shape thanks to powerlifting. He said the chair was comfortable and that he liked how it had so many options for adjustments.

What you'll dislike about the BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair

The Phantom Elite looks the part of a gaming chair, but my first impressions were that it felt cheap. While assembling the chair, I had to screw things into holes that were still partially covered with material. This made me feel like I was breaking the chair. I also had a part just pop off while I was assembling it. It popped back on, but it simply feels like cheap plastic that doesn't fit snuggly on the side of the chair. The chair I tested also spun a bit off axis. If you rotated around 360 degrees, you weren't completely level. There's a chance I assembled it incorrectly, but the parts seemed to all fit snuggly when I put the chair together.

I'd be more forgiving of the chair feeling cheaper if it was priced to match. Pricing is a bit complicated for the chair in the first place. At it's listed at just under £200. That's nowhere near the most expensive gaming chair on the market, but you can get better chairs for a similar price. Multiple entries on our best gaming chairs of 2019 are around the same price after conversion. Specifically, the GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair is within a few Pounds and earns rave reviews. You can get a cheaper chair or a better chair for around the same price.

The Phantom Elite is listed on Amazon for only £140, but it's only available in one color, and the listing states that there are only 14 in stock, so that is likely a reduced price. If you get it at that price, it's a more reasonable purchase.

Should you buy the BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair?

The BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair is an adjustable gaming chair with a nice-looking design. It has adjustable armrests, pillows, and can move around to fit your frame. But it's priced too high at some retailers to justify the price.

If you can find the Phantom Gaming Elite for a deal, or if you come across a used one, it's a fine chair that you can use for gaming, but there are better alternatives that are within the same price range. The GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair has a similar design, is close to the same price, and earns very positive reviews. You can also check out our best gaming chairs of 2019 roundup.

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