Broken Roads is an apocalyptic cRPG from Australian indie studio Drop Bear Bytes

Some of the promotional trailer art for Broken Roads
Some of the promotional trailer art for Broken Roads (Image credit: Drop Bear Bytes (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Broken Roads is a post-apocalyptic, turn-based RPG.
  • It's being developed by an Australian indie studio, Drop Bear Bytes.
  • Broken Roads is currently set to release at some point in 2021.

If you've ever wanted a post-apocalyptic RPG with an isometric viewpoint that was also set in Australia, look no further. A new game called Broken Roads is aiming to fulfill all of those criteria. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game in the video below.

Broken Roads is being developed by Drop Bear Bytes, an independent studio in Australia. The game will feature Australia locale, hand-drawn artwork and careful tactical combat. You can take up to six party members on quests and there's a unique morality system called the Moral Compass.

The idea behind the Moral Compass is that it's unrealistic for someone to choose a "good" option and then immediately choose an "evil" option afterward. Instead, using the compass, you can see where your character's moral alignment is, in line with a variety of philosophical outlooks. From there, you can then choose options within a certain range of the Moral Compass' current direction, which means it can slowly shift over time in a realistic fashion.

Don't expect to play it anytime soon however, as Broken Roads is currently set to arrive sometime in 2021. When it does, it'll be available on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, we'll continue to provide updates as more news for the game is released.



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