Microsoft's Build conference is wrapping up today, although most of the big news was announced on Wednesday.

Since then, some clarifications and bits of information have been trickling in. Whether it was iOS/Android app conversion tools, Continuum for Windows 10 mobile, HoloLens or new initiatives, Microsoft had a lot to share.

Do you need a recap and discussion? Tune into Windows Weekly later today at 2pm PT / 5 pm ET / 9pm GMT where Paul Thurrott (, Mary Jo Foley (All Things Microsoft) and I are going to talk about all that is new, break down what it all means, and what we think.

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Plus, as a Build-Windows Weekly tradition, there will be alcoholic libations to loosen the tongue.

Windows Weekly is streamed live on where you can tune in via the web. Can't watch it now? No worries as it is converted into a podcast, where you can watch or listen later.

These special edition shows can run two hours or more, so grab the popcorn!