Built-in Windows 10 apps like Groove Music, Photos, Maps and more shown in latest promo video

Just three days remain until Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29. Microsoft has been posting a new video and blog post every day for the past several days to promote the launch and today is no different as it looks at some of the apps that will be included with Windows 10.

One of the apps is Groove Music, which is the new name for the previously labeled Xbox Music. The blog and video also take a look at the new Photos app. Microsoft says:

"The app will create albums of your life events, showcasing your best shots to help you tell a great story. With one click of a button you can count on auto-enhance to do expert touch-ups on the photos you take and keep on your Windows 10 device, and rest easy knowing that every photo is safely backed up with a full-resolution copy in your OneDrive online storage. Once your photo has been edited to your liking you can easily share it via email with your friends and family, even set the photo as your lock screen or as your desktop background."

There's also a look at the new Maps app, which will replace Bing Maps and HERE Maps in Windows 10, along with the Movies and TV app (replacing Xbox Video) and the Mail and Calendar apps.

Source: Microsoft

  • Dope
  • Co-sign.  I like this approach much better than the professional dancer move.
  • Cool
  • Should be better than Xbox music.. And recently my games app is crashing every single time I open it..(windows 8.1 pc)..
  • As it is...I am wasting my fucking money for the groove, or Xbox music, whatever you want to call the app...they keep monkeying with the names like that's gonna fuckin help...because I cannot use the store. I have to use my wife's 1520, get the songs, wait until the fuckin songs become oldies before win 10 updates with the content on my own 1520......
    Don't even get me started on outlook. Well, why not...slow news day anyway...the app is fuckin called outlook, but my fuckin outlook accounts don't work....mother fuck, man. Damn red headed step child of an app with a touch of downs...
    If anyone knows of any workarounds for my temporary, full retard rant noted above, the rational portion of me would greatly appreciate any helpful advice.
    Thank you!
  • Yep, you sure are with that comment.
  • Well, you're not very helpful either...
  • Might as well go full hard reset to cure the full retard.
  • Groove music is shocking, its such a bad app on the desktop and I can understand it driving anyone nutts or retarded. Outlook works work my outlook account, but just like outlook 2013 in windows 8.1 I get the usual TLS errors in eventviewer and it keeps failing to login 5-6 times before it successfully gets it's pushed imap emails. Nothing new there, fed it back to Mickysoft and no doubt it'll never be fixed.  
  • I still prefer WMP 12 over Groove Music and Movies & TV apps.
  • Me too. WMP and Groove fight if you have them open at the same time. They share the same library locations so if you delete one, it goes on the other. And all my Groove tunes keep disappearing as well. Definitely buggy.
  • That makes 3 of us. I tried Groove because I liked the Dark Theme interface. Unfortunately, it still has a LONG way to go before it's even close to be as good as good old WMP.
  • I concur. See my irrational rant above...
  • Viva la WMP XD
  • Seriously? If you had said zune before "account signed in removed" then i would see that your on to something......#sigh #smh
  • It will be a downgrade for some. Media Center and dvd playback gone. Plus we could already do most of those things with win32 programs.
  • I think the big thing is integration. The apps themselves will no doubt be updated with features, and yeah sure, some returning features. But W10 from my understanding has been built from the bottom up, integrating key features that would have previously had to be bolted on to the existing systems. Integration means tasks will happen quicker, they will be tonnes more intuitive and they will work in the same way across many different devices. That's my opinion anyways.
  • I use WMP to create the playslists (as you can drag and drop) and they are added to onedrive - everything then shows up in Grove - its a shame the playlsists then dont appear on my phone / Tablet automatically (everything else does) The download to phone is great for most things (when it works) and Unlimited Data with Three and can usually stream the rest. Its just a shame the playlists are not synched
  • Spot on, foobar is a great desktop player. I think they are missing the point with these self indulgent artist piccy and swipey interface. Music comes from speakers not pixels...
  • Click the edge of the app and drag it into a thin bar. It turns into a simple list with current playing song arwork on top and play controls at the bottom.
  • Cool!  Thanks for the tip.  Does that mean this is how it will look on the phone?
  • Actually, the build-in Apps looks great and overall their functionality is good, but I believe they need to make them the most smooth experience ever in those apps if MS want's everyone using those apps on PC and not only on Phone (or Tablets).
  • Groove music app is so glitchy for me at times. Hope it gets smooooooothed out quick or it will turn people off
  • Have you used Xbox music on WP?
  • Comparison to a terrible app doesn't make it ok (though I don't have any issues with Groove).
  • @Jack Why?  Just curious.  Because I use XBox music almost 8 hours of the day.  At work, at home.  I seldom have any issues.  Practically none.  I use it on my phone and on my SP3 and computer.  I stream and I buy music.  ..... Again, you asked the question so I was just curious what your experience is with XBox music.  Because with anything some of us have different experiences with some things.  And I'm not discounting anyone's experience.
  • My experience is love hate. I like the service but the Wp app is crappy, I know they realesed like 50+ updates to make it better, but it still hangs and the UI is not very intuitive. I have used it on iOS, Android and several WP's. I will say that WP has the most features but Android has been most stable. I dont even try on my iPhone 6 anymore, its terrible. Great service terrible app.   Groove is still a dumb name..
  • I'm just gonna chime in here, I'm guessing Groove is the same app on Windows 10 Mobile? Because the Xbox Music app on WP8.1 was horrific and didn't match the Xbox Music app on Windows 8.1. If so, the speed is acceptable, but it could be faster.. There are too many spinning circle animations, it's always loading something. But yea, in response to the current Xbox Music app on WP8.1.. The speed of the app is unacceptable, the transitions between pages is jarring. It was literally stitched together with glue. Any real universal app runs miles around that app. Not to mention it dropped serious features like recently played. I never stopped using Android as a secondary phone because Google Play Music is superior to Xbox Music and now Groove Music. Not only does it keep track of recently played music and show that as the default view, it suggests new music you might like, which only happens every now and then so it's not intrusive and you can get rid of it by selecting not interested on the context menu. Honestly, Zune had this functionality, and it carried over to Xbox Music originally with the great app with WP8 (compared to 8.1 store app). How hard is to to throw the last album you listened to at the front of the list? I don't understand why they degraded that experience to splitting it up so there's recently played songs and then your library completely separated and organized by data like date added or release year, etc. It forced you into building playlists to easily find songs you liked. And I think the playlist management was bad originally too. And what we have now with Groove on the desktop is just acceptable. Still a lot of loading when searching, it should get data from the servers quicker. There also isn't any way to organize the music by what was last played, so it's like starting from scratch everytime you open the app. Everything is the way it was, what was last added to your collection, not what was last played. And BIGGEST PROBLEM I have with Groove on my Surface is no longer does it stream to Xbox...no easy way to play music on the TV. They added this last minute to the Movies & TV app, it's kind of slow and buggy, but it doesn't exist at all in the Groove app. This was in the Xbox Music app on Windows 8.1, you just used the charms menu to do it. The connect button in the action center doesn't work to do it either.
  • Nice slick app with decent music for once instead of these kitsch, ethereral, family-oriented ones we've had in the past.
  • Love the name.....app runs perfect for me
  • Still think Groove is a dumb name. Sorry, its just dumb..
  • Don't worry they'll change it soon.
  • Downvote me all you want, its still a dumb name...
  • You'll get used to it.
  • I have 2 years left on my Pass. I'll still renew becasue I like the service. Dumb name still. Sorry Zune was a dumb name too. Still paid for that for years too...
  • Maps app looks killer
  • That music is my ringtone in my Lumia 730 ^_^
  • That's actually a great ringtone. Link for download or how you got yours?
  • Search for Indigo by Hallway Swimmers on Soundcloud.
  • Great idea!!
  • Can't wait. This is going to be awesome
  • Seriously Microsoft ! Just release that phone and that laptop you keep using in your promotional videos! I'd buy that laptop in a heartbeat!
  • I think its simulated. 
  • Groove Music doesn't groove XBox Music Pass subscriptions three days before Win10 launch. Or, is it a Win10 Mobile issue only?
  • Mobile only issue. On desktop, the 'explore' section is working fine, where you can stream with your music pass.
  • Ok... I though being an Universal app would have the same functionality across these platforms. Must be cloud thing.
  • They haven't updated the Mobile app to have the same features the PC version has. I have no clue why because the explore/radio sections should use the same algorithms and whatnot to find the music. Maybe they're still working on UI?
  • Isn't "built-in" a bit of a misnomer? They're not built in and done can be uninstalled...
  • That's why they're built in. Your windows in your house are built in. You can't remove them either.
  • Hope the Calendar app on PC is better than (at least current preview) version on phones (no default month view, no week view, no "go to date", no ability to quick jump a year ahead).
  • The calendar app on PC is quite nice and has all those features.
  • I can't wait to get my Groove on using the apps. 
  • The most anticipated launch of Windows since Windows 95. I havent been this stoked about a new edition of Windows in like for eveahhhh! My PC is ready give it to me <3
  • Replace the Here applications ??????
  • Thank goodness.
  • Still use WMP as there is STILL no reliable NAS support. It works every once in a blue moon, but most of the time Groove can't access my NAS drive.
  • Snap. Took about three days for it to actually build a library, constantly opening the app and checking. Then yesterday, they all disappeared again. Brilliant.
  • With vertical scolling....oooooooo!
  • And comment notification via email.
  • When windows 10 comes out will Xbox music be rebranded on windows phone 8.1 or IOS and Android
  • I ready for win10 to launch so they can focus on mobile.
  • These would be great TV spots. Hopefully that's the plan.
  • I wish Groove would get a Cast feature. Really frustrating me coming from Windows 8. Stopping me from using the app much as the speakers on my PC aren't that crash hot.
  • You could certainly 'play to' Xbox in the 8.1 version (via charms).
    Also Miracast. What do you want to play to exactly?
  • Let's be honest here. In reality that kind of Start Menu tiles arrangement is not possible, as of right now. Even in RTM. Am I right?
  • Sure it is.
  • I love metro ui. Just hope my 735 its going to be as smooth as is now with 8.1.
  • Not sure what the problem is with Groove or XBox music for that matter, use it all the time with no problems. My issue is with the Photos app. Bring folders and Favorites back. Only being able to show one picture or every picture in your collection is a bummer. As it is I'd never use the Photos live tile and it is one of my favorite features on my 640xl and 920 with 8.1.
  • I agree, I want folders and favorites. I don't always want to see my recent pics, especially if they're screenshots of something and I also don't want to see pics from months ago either. I'd like folders to sync with the one drive folders, that would make much more sense then local picture drive folders. Especially cause I don't want to download 20 Gb worth of pics since OneDrive doesn't use the placeholder model anymore.
  • The whole Photos thing seems completely screwed.
    No folders, no tags or tagging, no location view, no placeholders, no facial recognition.
    I tried it yesterday. It took ages to bring up a collection, each preview larger than needed. When I navigated away then reopened it had to start again. When I did select a photo it took ages to get from preview resolution to full size. It's truly awful.
    I'm sad for Microsoft launching something like this in Windows 10 against the equivalent Google services which sound 10000% better.
    I did have a OneDrive strategy but I'm seriously having to reconsider now.
  • We're on about Groove on the desktop as per the article. You tried it on a PC? The mobile Groove is great by comparison.
  • I use both. Groove is my go to Win 10 music app. The Photos issues apply to both versions as well. As they stand now I wouldn't pin either to my start.
  • bullshit, that skype metro app no longer works.
  • I think these apps have a long way to go before they come anywhere close to what WMP offers.
  • Lol you guys crack me up!
  • Lol at the picture! At first glance I thought it was Shia lebouf's "do it!" Video that has been made to a remix. Oh well...
  • Funny, in the Groove photo they are showing it in the black theme but it default ships in white.  But the marketing and creative types seem to know the black themes are better.  The Store lost it's black theme too. :(
  • Really enjoying groove now
  • i missed video calling app in 14327 update. how to get it