Built-in Windows 10 apps like Groove Music, Photos, Maps and more shown in latest promo video

Just three days remain until Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29. Microsoft has been posting a new video and blog post every day for the past several days to promote the launch and today is no different as it looks at some of the apps that will be included with Windows 10.

One of the apps is Groove Music, which is the new name for the previously labeled Xbox Music. The blog and video also take a look at the new Photos app. Microsoft says:

"The app will create albums of your life events, showcasing your best shots to help you tell a great story. With one click of a button you can count on auto-enhance to do expert touch-ups on the photos you take and keep on your Windows 10 device, and rest easy knowing that every photo is safely backed up with a full-resolution copy in your OneDrive online storage. Once your photo has been edited to your liking you can easily share it via email with your friends and family, even set the photo as your lock screen or as your desktop background."

There's also a look at the new Maps app, which will replace Bing Maps and HERE Maps in Windows 10, along with the Movies and TV app (replacing Xbox Video) and the Mail and Calendar apps.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham