Bungie's Luke Smith wants to bring "more identity" to Destiny 2's classes

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What you need to know

  • In an interview, Destiny 2's Game Director Luke Smith commented that he wants to bring "more identity" to each of the classes in Destiny.
  • This is because right now, many of the different subclasses for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks are very similar in nature.
  • If this happens, it will be when Bungie brings older Light subclasses under the same modular customization system used for the new Stasis subclasses. This may not happen for several years, though.

In a recent interview, Destiny 2's Game Director Luke Smith noted that Bungie wants to have "have one central system for supers," which are the ultimate abilities unique to each class' subclass. Specifically, the developers want to bring all of the older Light subclasses under the same Aspects and Fragments modular customization system used for the new Stasis subclasses in Destiny 2: Beyond Light (check out our guide on how to get Stasis Aspects and Fragments if you still need to get yours). However, in order to do this, Smith commented that Bungie would most likely tweak the existing subclasses for each class so that Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks would have more of a significant class identity. As of right now, Smith thinks the three classes are "kind of homogenous."

"You know, all the Supers using the same system, that sounds awesome," said Smith. "But also the Supers that we have in the game would be an edited list. It would be something that's edited toward more identity than what we have today."

Source: Bungie (Image credit: Source: Bungie)

This process may involve getting rid of supers like Nova Warp that don't really have a clear place in the game. Additionally, for subclasses like Dawnblade that suit two popular styles of play (roaming firepower with the top and bottom trees and healing/buff support with Well of Radiance) Bungie might have to choose to keep one in the game while removing the other. This could potentially alienate players who have a strong preference for the supers and skill trees on the chopping block.

For this reason, these changes — if they happen — aren't coming soon. Smith commented that they are something that the studio would like to work on "on a long enough timeline," but for now, players can expect Destiny 2's classic Light supers and subclasses to stay the way they are.

What do you think? Do you like what Luke Smith is proposing, or do you think Destiny 2's classes and subclasses should work as they do now? Let me know down below.

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