Bus Checker released for Win Phone, free London bus travel giveaway

Bus Checker has been released for Windows Phone. Already available on competitor platforms, the app is popular with those who either rely on or frequently use public transport in the UK. Bus Checker (available as both a London and UK version) enables users check real time information for 300,000 bus stops across the country.

It's a handy solution for those who struggle to either keep up-to-date with bus timetables, are located in an unfamiliar location or find themselves in a struggle to catch a particular route. As well as functionality to achieve the above, Bus Checker also provides a comprehensive, searchable list of local routes, which can be loaded on the app. It's useful should you need to know when a particular bus is set to arrive.

Some other features:

  • Live bus arrivals
  • Real-time map of nearest bus stops
  • Comprehensive route maps
  • Wakes you up when you get to your stop
  • Diversions/closures/cancellations
  • Store your favourite stops

An interesting feature many will make use of is the alarm clock, which alerts the user when their set destination is reached. Much like what we've seen in the past with Travelnapp by Mendzapp, it'll serve as a life saver should you be on a journey home after a night out. Bus Checker also updates with diversions, closures and cancellations, which is particularly useful in severe weather - in the UK it generally takes 1mm of rain to halt the entire transport system.

Bus Checker App

As well as the app launching for the Windows Phone platform, the company behind Bus Checker has unveiled a competition where an entire year's worth of  free London bus travel is on the cards for those who 'like' the Bus Checker Facebook page. Pretty handy, particularly with fare increases that are hitting passengers who make use of public systems in London.

You can download London Bus Checker (£1.99) and UK Bus Checker (£2.49) from the Windows Phone 8 Store. Be sure to also head on over to the official Facebook page and 'like' it (as well as sharing the announcement post) for a chance to win  year's worth of free London bus travel.

QR: London Bus Checker

QR: UK Bus Checker

Rich Edmonds
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