Buy a Lumia 640 or 640 XL for a chance to meet Formula 1 star Romain Grosjean

You could win the chance to win a weekend trip to Abu Dhabi and meet Lotus F1 Team star Romain Grosjean. All you need to do is purchase a Lumia 640 or Lumia 640 XL and enter your details to get on the list.

Phones bought between September 14 and October 5 are eligible for this promotion. Head to the Microsoft website to fill out your details if you've made the purchase. Please note that this offer is only for those in the UK.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Grosjean? No way! Mickey, if you want me to buy that damned thang, offer me Hamilton or Felipe Massa or Jenson Button or....
  • Jenslow?? His teammate is much more worthy of your time.
  • I'd take the trip, skip the intro to the f1 racer I've never heard of :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Time for you to check out some Formula 1 and see what you've been missing.  If only Grosjean was driving for a team with a quicker car . . .      
  • You all are unlucky people that you won't be chosen so don't buy it
  • I got the xl.i love it!
  • What a promo !
  • Nice phones but MS keeps removing valuable apps like storage check beta, can't even put maps on SD so the space fills too fast.
  • Yes, the 8 GB of storage is way to small for this phone! Love the phone and the removable battery and have a large SD card but i can only put a couple of states on the phone at a time. Thank the phone god for my 32gig 1520.
  • Ironically there is no decent formula one app available on the store. That's really sad.
  • Are you saying that none of the apps listed here are "decent" enough for you ??
  • ESPN F1 and the official F1 apps were the only two apps worth using and both have been delisted.
  • If you used only once the official f1 app in other platforms you would know what decent stands for.
  • That would be awesome.
  • Abu Dhabi is an incredible place. Well worth entering!
  • I just got the Lumia 640, literally a month ago. Ugghhhhh
  • Seriously?
  • Is the 640 even gonna be supported after its replaced by the 550?
  • I prefer his lettuce.
  • Go Romain. Go MS. :)
  • What if I don't want to meet this man?
  • Who...