Buy a Portal from Facebook and save $100 on a second smart device

Portal Facebook Desk
Portal Facebook Desk

Video calls don't have to be difficult or complicated, but they can be especially when you aren't even sure whether the person you're calling has the right display for a video call at all. You can make sure your favorite people are ready to chat with you about life thanks to this deal from Facebook that takes $100 off the Portal when you buy two. Essentially you'll only pay $258 for two Portal devices instead of the usual $358. This deal applies to both the Portal and the Portal TV, and you can mix and match and buy one Portal for you and one Portal TV for your family and still save. Plus, not only is the shipping free but you can pick where you want the individual devices to go. Ship to multiple addresses so they can get their new smart display right away. This is a sale that was originally supposed to be done at the end of September but has since been extended to October 19.

As I've gotten older, I don't get to go home nearly as much as I used to, so I love having the opportunity to make video calls that let me share with my family back home. My parents get to interact with their grandson, and they get to show off their new dogs. Of course, none of this was possible before I got my parents something capable of supporting video calls because they were too slow to embrace the technology. Do you have people like that in your life? Help them out with a deal like this.

The Portal is a smart display and part of the 2nd-generation of Facebook devices. It has all the latest tech, including a smart A.I. technology built into the camera. This tech allows the camera to follow you while you move and ensure everyone is in the frame. It also means you'll get crystal clear audio going out and coming in. With the way the camera works, you can actually set the display down somewhere like a kitchen counter, move around doing stuff like putting together a recipe, and still maintain communication. Multi-task while you connect!

Since Portal is owned by Facebook, it's designed to work with other Facebook programs like WhatsApp and Messenger. You can actually have up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms. Plus it works with third party apps like Zoom so you can join large calls that are happening even on non-Portal devices.

Amazon Alexa is built into the Portal, too, so much like Amazon's Echo Show products or other smart displays you can use the Portal to control your smart home. Stream some music, get the weather, or even turn off your smart lights all with vocal commands.

If you're interested in the Portal TV, it does many of the same things as the Portal. Just instead of having its own display, it uses your TV for a display. That limits its portability, but it does give you the option at a much larger screen.

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