Why it's NOT insane to buy an HP Elite x3 Windows phone in 2017

In May 2016, I wrote about why I used a Lumia 950 XL. That was something that people were actually asking me. And that was 16 months ago!

We're now in what's basically the death knells of Windows 10 Mobile, app support is at its lowest yet, and I still just went out and bought the finest Windows phone ever made: The HP Elite x3.

And I love it. Here's why.

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Great hardware and design

Regardless of the software it runs, the HP Elite x3 is an extremely handsome phone. The large screen is fantastic, it's slim and light, and the soft touch finish on the rear is top notch.

When HP announced it some 18 months ago, I remember telling the company rep who showed it to me at Mobile World Congress that they'd just machine gunned the phone with every high-end spec they could have at the time. While it's no longer the barnstormer it was back then, it's still a high-end piece of hardware.

The CPU is powerful, there's more than enough internal storage without considering a microSD card slot and you get two methods of using Windows Hello. What's not to like?

And that "chin" just finishes it off. Sure, it's a mostly-black rectangle like all the other black rectangles. But it's got just enough to make it stand out in a crowd.


Even though Microsoft has essentially killed this incredible idea, it still works very well. It's been a while since I looked at Continuum, and to say I was surprised how many of my daily-use apps support it would be an understatement.

In fact, aside from Slack, there's nothing I use a lot that doesn't support Continuum. Oh, and the Xbox app. Really, Microsoft?

Not only this but the Elite x3 is the best experience I've ever had with Continuum. The added power over my old Lumia 950 XL makes a difference, and throwing in a high-quality dock with the phone means I want to use it. I've even been able to do a lot of my work with it (experimenting, but also very happy with the result.) Apart from needing to jump into Photoshop a couple of times for comfort, I've been able to get an awful lot done using my new phone.

Wireless Continuum is also very good on the Elite x3, better than any other phone I've used. Again, likely because of the quality of the hardware, but the experience is very smooth and fairly snappy when beaming to the 4K TV in my front room.

I could really use the Lapdock accessory. Shame it's so damned expensive in the UK.

I really like Windows mobile

HP Elite X3

HP Elite X3 (Image credit: Windows Central)

There aren't many apps, but that doesn't actually bother me. Most of the ones I use regularly are third-party and (so far) remain well supported. The app gap has never been that big for me, aside from losing PayPal and having no HSBC app, there's not a lot else I really need.

I'm lucky enough that the job I do gives me an excuse to have other phones. And while my personal phone, if you can call it that, is an iPhone, I still get most of my actual daily grind done with a Windows phone. My whole family uses the iPhone, so it makes sense to have one for easy communication, and it's handy for those apps I need that I can't get on Windows.

And for playing Pokemon Go.

But every time I use it or an Android phone, I pick up a Windows phone again and feel a sense of relief and comfort. I love the OS, how it looks, how it operates, and even if Microsoft doesn't care anymore, I'll keep using it until it really doesn't work.

The battery life is insane

Part of the reason for retiring my 950 XL was the subpar battery life. Even a new battery didn't help. It's not that big and the processor inside it is particularly thirsty.

By contrast, the Elite x3 is a brute. I'd heard great things about it before picking one up, and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint. It supports quick charge, wireless charging, and it has more than enough life to get through a demanding day.

It's not quite as good as the Idol 4S or Idol 4 Pro, I don't think, but it's close enough.

Wrapping up

I bought an Elite x3 and I don't regret it one bit. Not even at the price, though I got a huge discount by getting an open box item from eBay. I wouldn't recommend it to my friends, but that's not a knock on this phone at all.

As a piece of hardware, the x3 and its ecosystem are excellent. It's well designed, beautifully made and solid as a rock. As a fan of the platform, it's easy to love, even if there are times it still makes you want to throw it out of the window.

Perhaps worst of all, buying this amazing phone makes me sad that Microsoft doesn't seem to care anymore. Continuum is a tremendous idea, and on the x3 its executed exceptionally well. But without development from the company that makes the OS, it's all going to be pointless eventually.

This may well be the last Windows phone I ever buy. But at least I'm going out on a high note.

If you too would like an HP Elite x3, right now they're down to $599 at the Microsoft Store.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • IPhone X doesn't have half the features and beauties of W10M. Microsoft needs to realize this!!
  • Sadly, what Microsoft DOES realize is that smartphones with Windows barely got into the double digits in market share (no thanks to Microsoft) and they destroyed the Lumia brand right after buying it from Nokia, and that the ONLY presence they feel the need to make in the phone arena is now on iPhones and Android phones.  Those of us who are still holding onto Windows phones don't have sufficient numbers for Microsoft to care what we do or want.  We're like the Browncoats...fight to the end, but ultimately laid waste and forgotten, looked down upon by the Alliance.
  • Double digits? How is their 3% peak "double digits"? They never came anywhere near 10% marketshare. That would mean they were selling ~30 million devices per quarter. They only broke 10 million once. Sales were always terrible.
  • It was 15% in some EU markets;
  • Why are you giving percentages instead of actual sales? Because "15% in some countries" didn't move the total sales needle. Worldwide, they never broke 3%. "15% in some countries" is irrelevant.
  • Europe = 750 million people i.m.h.o. not an irrelevant market
  • 10% in "some" price conscious European countries is irrelevant.
  • It was in all major EU countries: Germany, France, UK, Italy and so on. Really, why do you post at all? They are all negative (you are depressed?) or misinformed posts. Please work on it.
  • Ok, then show us actual sales numbers so we know how relevant 10% in those markets is. Windows Phone is 100% marketshare at my grandmother's house!
  • In Italy WP81 was selling more than iPhone over the last months before W10M was released. 
  • What phone and how many were being sold in Italy? A percentage doesn't tell us anything. A low number of sales of low end devices in one market isn't relevant.
  • Far better to have 3% than 0%
  • Dunno about Italy, but WP was well above 20% in my country.
    The really irrelevant thing is what devices were running the OS.
  • I remember that at some point here in Mexico WP where above iOS with a marketshare of 15-18% (but again globaly or US it peak at 3.5-4)
  • Negative Nellie always comes to these articles to rant and rave. Ignore  the troll.
  • Bleached is the worst, I really don't know what his issue is, there must not be enough things to post about on lagdroid central or iSheep.com
  • They were around long before any other competitors even showed up... that's how.
  • They not destroyed Lumia right after buying it from Nokia. X40 series was good (MS Lumia, not Nokia Lumia), and continued growth for a while in markets that Windows phones sels well. Then that guy Nadella came...
  • They do, which is why it's being held in an induced coma
  • Microsoft's biggest Achilles heel is that they suck big time at advertising when it comes to advertising for phones.  For instance, they were the first to have Living Images, logging into devices using biometrics; other than a finger print.
  • True advertising makes a difference but not all.  Microsoft was first to implement alot of good features, their problem is that they're too quick to abandon them.
  • You said it right bro. They don't have enough faith in their own software. Remember the windows 8 touch edge and corner features moat of which later implemented in iOS and mac. They just don't hold on to the ideas. Windows 10 tablet mode really sucks. It doesn't even give the feel of smooth transitions and a touch device. It just feels I'm being forced to use touch in a UI which is not designed to touch.
  • Lol
  • Which features would those be exactly?
  • I just recently jumped from Lumia 950XL to an iPhone 7. I truly miss the interface and a lot of the features. What I really enjoy about the iphone is not entirely APPLE's doing but I do want to give them some credit. Apple deserves credit on the following: finger print unlocking speed (faster than face recognition) how fast a screenshot shows up on camera roll (pictures and screenshots in WM10 take forever, like... FOREVER) how fast it is to launch and edit a photo from camera roll (such as cropping) the app loads fast and seemless. (on windows the app crashes because it's not built into photos and instead loads an Crop/Edit app) Photos taken are immediatelly available to delete/send (in WM10 you have to wait for finishing touches to be applied) they have taken vision of "SHARING" between apps (from windows phones) and made it incredibly quick and seemless. transition between messaging or calendar to apple maps loads incredibly quick and is seemless. They incorporated imessage incredibly well as part of messaging (skype and texting could have easily mirrorred this functionality) Love how their messaging app quickly allows to "share location for a specific amount of time", see all images/attachments without the need to scroll up Notes/Tasks- their notes and reminders app is instant and load incredibly fast (WM10 requires TASKS and OneNote to be installed. The lack of immediacy or probability to crash sometimes is discouraging) Things I don't like on the iPhone and greatly miss from WM10 Favorites / Recent / Contacts /Keypad / Voice Mail context menus When creating a contact i can't designate which account I'm creating it on (WM10 quickly asks you to identify which of the multiple accounts work/home you want to do this for) I miss my Lumia 1020/950XL camera! The quality of the images feelt so much better. The camera screen to select pano, camera, record, slow mo and advanced camera options (I prefered WM10 interface) Outlook Mail and Calendar actually feel more intuitive to me on WM10 (i have installed MS Outlook on iOS to curb this dislike) I miss customized start screen + a list of all apps, in iOS i have had to make buckets for specific categories in order to keep it neat and identifiable) Settings Menus Siri  (I really miss Cortana as it interacted with my work PC and Mobile, i have it installed but can't assign it to replace SIRI) What I really enjoy on the iPhone but don't necessarily give Apple the credit is the quality of the Apps. This is where I feel Apple gets the credit but really -- the developers show that they are doing everything and anything to ensure their apps work well, load fast and don't crash. If the same apps had been given the same level of polish on WM10 -- I don't think the marketshare numbers for mobile would have stayed on single digits. After all the difference between iOS and ANDROID is (clearly APPLE and GOOGLE) but their interface is similar and play off each other. The apps on the other hand are almost identical and function so that low income users can use ANDROID as a viable solution since all the apps they need are there. Wil I return to WM10? Maybe. I still enjoy the eco system and also support their vision, but right now the unpolished apps I need, like "UBER", do not inspire confidence in their reliability to keep me from getting stranded somewhere when using a Windows Phone. I've given up being upset or waiting. For now I need reliable access to apps and user experience is going to be secondary to those needs. I know both Apple and Google have secured developers to deliver reliability on their devices (or at least an improved experienced over WM10).
  • MyMarcio....YOU NAILED my thoughts on the entire thing too!
  • Oh look fangirl votes...
  • oh...look more!
  • All W10M honestly needs, the quickest way to get somewhere, is pay Samsung to allow it to be installed and sold on their flagship  Surface phone is needed, very much yes, but, it also needs to just nail it, so not releasing one now is probably a good idea. But they need something now, and I think something like the Galaxy Note 8, with W10M , would be a great thing.
  • W10M on a Samsung Note would be amazing.
  • Sounds functionally like an Apple Newton! :-)
  • :)) still smokin' right. WM crap 10 on the Note would be suicide for Samsung.
  • Indeed.
  • I still find it hard to believe that a company with as much power as Microsoft, couldn't get more devs on-board. Shame what happened to Windows phone.
  • really? the vast majority of MS' consumer products are flawed, at best. the word has been out for quite some time about MS' drastic decline in quality and lack of supporting their own products. why would devs leap at the opportunity to work with a company as tainted as MS has become? not to mention their CEO is rather clueless when it comes to consumers.
  • Developers was continuously coming but it is microsoft which always changes the base code and sdk which makes devs pissed because they have to learn from the ground every time. Another reason is, They don't have enough faith in their own software. Remember the windows 8 touch edge and corner features moat of which later implemented in iOS and mac. They just don't hold on to the ideas. Windows 10 tablet mode really sucks. It doesn't even give the feel of smooth transitions and a touch device. It just feels I'm being forced to use touch in a UI which is not designed to touch. Same thing goes for many other features like controlling the access of each app to every hardware like camera, mic, phone, etc. etc. Later it was implemented in android lolipop and advertised like hell in the name of privacy.
  • Sorry man, you have no clue here. When Windows Phone 7 came out, Microsoft paid in the terms of billions to get the top 25 apps. Just to get the phone out there working.  They begged devs to come over with tons of promotions (cheaper % of fees thank both other platforms for a long time). There was also FREE tools for Devs to start. If were a Dev, they has some pretty sweet deals for your to "try an app" in a possable growing platform. This was back years ago then. The BIG (at the time) apps where there but, ending up most not being updated compared to iPhone and Android.  When Windows Phone first came out (well about 6 months after), Apps were not a major issue, it's just as newer apps came out is where the marketshare really too affect (no big maket share no real reason to create an app)
  • Iphone X is out yet MS nothing on Surface phone,
  • You're making the assumption that there will be a Surface phone.
  • There would be a phone you believe it or not. But we can't say that would be some powerful surface phone like we expect it to be. they don't stand a chance in the market if they don't release the phone like(size) mobile device.
  • The X3 was the Surface phone.
  • I don't believe the X3 was considered the Surface Phone.   From what I have read, Windows are working on a Multi Platform OS (Andromeda) and are also working with SnapDragon to implement a processor that supports 32bit applications. Which explains holding back on the Surface Phone.
  • lmao
  • Yesterday I saw the new "Surface Phone" on an Netflix show called Greenhouse Academy. Take a look and see for your self.
  • I can't get over that price, even "on sale". Costs much more than the comparable generation iPhone 6s/7 or Galaxy S7 for a dead end OS....
  • I got a Galaxy S7 on my desk right now. It's got no battery. iPhone is sat on my desk doing not much until I want to play Pokemon Go or the wife calls me. Elite x3 is in my pocket, going everywhere I go. As I said, I can't recommend it to my friends. Doesn't stop me loving it for what it is and enjoying one last hurrah.
  • Hahaha being voted down for using a phone I like! Good job, guys :)
  • Richard,  I am not downvoting you at all.  I agree.  Downvoting for what you use is massively childish.   Even moreso would be downvoting for agreeing with the fanboys here..thats hilarious.   I am getting the ip10 because of APPS.  Simple. 
  • oh look fangirl pink panties in a bunch downvotes again..suprise suprise...and the person following me around downvoting every comment I make is to big of a little pussybitch to make a comment....******* WIMP!
  • Don't you feel sometimes we live with the crowd where many of them are pure haters and thoughtless fanboys!  I like my Windows Mobile.
  • Darpan,  it's awesome that you like windows mobile...but don't go around and say it's something it's not like a lot of the fanbabies here...
  • Is it on Verizon yet?  Is it on Verizon yet?  Is it on Verizon yet?
  • The English care not for CDMA.
  • Nobody, except Americans care for CDMA.
  • Nobody except Verizon customers care. My carrier shut down their CDMA network in Aug in Canada.  Most Canadian operators have done the same.
  • Thus the reason I asked if it is on Verizon.  This is my ONLY available network.  Until Verizon (which is the largest network in America) updates to GSM, this will be an on-going issue with phone availability.  For me (and many others), it HAS to be asked.
  • Not yet. Since the announcement that the phone was supposed to be submitted for Verizon Wireless  certification, there hasn't been anything else written. My guess is that the phone, IF it is coming to Verizon Wireless, will be announced around the end of the year.
  • That's very smart to have a separate phone just for the wife.  :p
  • Sure, I got that from your article that you like the phone, just seems that it's remarkably overpriced for what it is. Can't think of any other 18 month old phone that goes for $700
  • Richard you were the same guy helping everyone migrate off Windows Phone. I find this excerpt to be a bit disingenuous.
  • uh how was he helping everyone migrate off windows phone? Are you referring to the articles (which I now can't even remember if it was written by him) that covered migrating to iphone or android? If so, there's nothing wrong with that kind of article and has nothing to do with what he's writing here. 
  • If they can get the Verizon support switch flipped it'll be my daily driver, until then I can't support it on other networks in my area. 
  • I wish the US would go away from these exclusivity deals.
  • The greatest country on earth always gets the exclusives.
  • In comparison is the camera on the x3 any better or comparable to the 950XL?
  • It's worse. Slower and there's no button. But I'm also not really a big camera guy so I don't care too much. So long as I can take pics of my kids doing cute things I'm happy.
  • This is the main reason why I'm not using an x3 or idol 4s.  I don't take alot of pics but when I do, I know it needs to be of top quality.
  • To me the camera is only good enough for us as a namecard or Office Lens document scanner. Also, due to the small size of the sensor, you need to select a 4:3 aspect ratio to get the most pixel (16mpix) out of this sensor, not the usual 16:9. You can check out All About Windows Phone coverage of this camera. I'm probably getting this phone today for its speed and hopefully like Richard said, the battery life is much better. But for vacations, I'd carry this and my 950XL.
  • I was handed an Elite x3 when my 950XL screen went green on me. While I agree the fit and finish are exceptionally well and the battery life is really awesome, as well as Windows Hello, the features I was used to on my 950XL made my experience on the x3 subpar. For one, screen brightness on sunny days. Having to squint your eyes and try to block the sun is really unnerving. Furthermore, the dedicate camera button. There have been many occasions where my wife has asked me to take the picture and I'm having to fiddle with software buttons to find and activate the camera. Doing so sometimes results in an error forcing me to close the camera app and re-launch at which time, I'm having to grab my wife's iPhone to capture the moment. The most paltry thing is the video audio with way too much echo and distortions in higher sounds. The device is great at what is, business device. For those reasons, I actually ordered a 950 off ebay. I'll be keeping the x3 around though as a backup/secondary device. As for the app gap, I plan to pick up a mid-range android device that will tether to my primary windows mobile device.
  • Don't get many sunny days where I live ;-) Though I still think the display is better on the x3 all round. Doesn't mean I'm right though :)
  • So what you are basically saying is if you have ton of money to waste and easy access to an iPhone and Android phones on a daily basis you should give a Windows Phone a look; great article, really... congrats.    
  • Thanks for missing the point. Come again soon.
  • His point is...  He has access to all those phones and still decided to use the elite x3 as his daily driver.  A little reading comprehension would be good.
  • I said it back in the day and I'll say it again: The secret to Microsoft's success in mobile lies in this strategy: create something we haven't seen before. The market proved that the masses didn't want to buy a Microsoft me-too version of what was already available. I used WP from day 1 up to one month ago. But devs saw no reason to develop for it. Microsoft needs to create unbridled **** in consumers' hearts if they are to regain a foothold in mobile. And **** begins with attraction. The Surface Mobile Device needs to look amazing. If it doesn't, it's DOA, sadly. It CANNOT look like a bland rectangle. It needs to fold. Or be transparent. Or have a set of boobs. Just something that will distinguish it instantly and make people say, "I want to own that from a status point of view." Yes, the masses are shallow. It also needs to introduce unheard of convenience. It needs to replace 90% of the laptops sold today. The less people have to carry, the better. Figure out Continuum and lead with it. And pour an insane amount of money into battery tech. Imagine going to market with a smart device that has 5 days of battery life. If Ms addresses all of these points, they'll have consumers lined up and devs knocking on the door. Anything else and it's DOA, unfortunately. 
  • Continuum won't get them anywhere and a folding Android phone is coming next month. A 5" or 6" phone can't replace a 13" laptop no matter what Microsoft does. They already tried that strategy, it is a flop. There really is nothing they can do at this point unless they are hiding some unheard of technology that will totally change the market.
  • I thought it was 2018 from Samsung. Where is this next month info from? The Lenovo prototype?
  • ZTE may try to upend the phone market with dual-screen Axon Multy https://www.androidcentral.com/zte-may-try-upend-phone-market-dual-scree...
  • What it does is far more beneficial then what it looks like, however you cannot discount why all these bezelless devices are on the horizon...
  • Even with your best case scenario, it will never have people lined up as a consumer product. It will even be tough for corporate penetration as most companies just issue iPhones because they are easy to manage and secure.
  • Still $600?! Geez..
  • IF this phone was like $250 and worked on Verizon, I would grab it for a weekend phone or something. Too many limits with Windows Phone/Mobile these days (just basics like tap to pay, or smartwatch options)
  • I am seriously thinking of picking one up because someone is offering it at USD300, barebone. Probably a refurb unit. But that camera... yucks... compared to 950XL. Like Richard said, I'm looking at it because I can't find battery to make it last for my 2x 950XL. And the speed of the SD820 is really great especially when using Continuum. The difference is very obvious because I have tested both phones. Only minus is that camera... To Richard, does Elite X3 support RAW mode?
  • Not that I can see.
  • Sigh... anyway your article finally pushed me over. I'm gonna get that deal. Hope it's a good deal and no funny hardware problems.
  • Coming from a 950 it's the camera and size for me.  All other checkboxes are filled in.
  • It's a 6" phone but it's also surprisingly light. Camera-wise, I'm gonna suggest to HP to enable a RAW mode, that way, I can salvage the photos.
  • Already having a Lumia 950 XL, I tried this and the Lap Dock out and returned them. Didn't really see the need to keep them considering the price back then. Still can't really justify it considering the state of Mobile. The latest Release Preview builds are crashing a number of times a day for me, and Edge crashes a lot too. It's just not usable at this point, I'll take another look after the Fall Creators Update, but I just got an LG G6 for $382 on an Amazon Warehouse deal...
  • I was totally expecting this to be a Jason Ward article when I saw the headline LOL 😂😂
  • I would not and will not pay any cent for any windows phone at this time. Hardware is not reason of that. Yes there are great hardware for windows mobile, but windows mobile itself is the problem. Its clear that i will not pay any cent to Os that has no future. Microsoft does not bring any feature to windows 10 mobile. If i buy something new windows phone hardware (even latest hw specs) its becomes a junk just one year later. I'm also love win mobile but it has no future at all.
  • I've had a 950 for more than a year and guess what?  It still works.  In fact, when I dropped and broke my 950 I went out and bought another one after trying out Android and iOs.
  • I did not mean it will not work well after a year. Windows 10 mobile has come to end of life. Microsoft wont bring any feature to wm10 right? microsoft has ended its lumia product line and they almost reach its end of support date. This also means microsoft gonna finish its major work with the arm based mobile os completely. When I buy brand new hp elite, its become useless.(thats what i mean) after a year. No new feature for future. An outdated os runs on brand new device. Thats not good to me. Of course If you already have a lumia or something like hp alcatel its going run well for several years, but outdated. That issue gonna make these brand new phones junk.
  • I widh Dell would release an updated Venue Pro slider like they did for Windows 7 Phone.  I'd buy that in a second.  I'd even grab a Blackberry Priv if I could put Windows 10 on it.  I really like hardware slider keyboards since the days of the Pre.
  • If I could find one for a reasonable price id get it, or at least the lap dock. Want one so bad for my Alcatel 4S
  • If Microsoft could use Continuoum for PC gaming (like the Nintendo Switch), it would have a winner.
  • In the Philippines, I can get one for $250 usd. OMG last I checked this was $400. I wanna buy one so bad. http://www.lazada.com.ph/hp-elite-x3-64gb-black-with-free-desk-dock-1266... If only, I didn't get a Lumia 950 last February for $250 too.
  • I just ordered a Note 8 and I would have GLADLY ordered an Elite X3 instead. But I didn't for three reasons: 1. Payment plan from T-Mobile. I put $210 down and my monthly charge is $30 per month. 2. Buy one get one free from T-Mobile. I'm on a family plan and a relative is getting another Note 8 and we're splitting the cost so that $30 per month will only cost me $15. 3. Apps. If WP had SiriusXM and my bank's app I'd deal with not having everything else I use regularly. I'd even switch to Groove from Spotify.
  • What killed Windows Phone was one simple, powerful thing: Google. Google made damned sure that NONE of their services would run on WPhone and that is what killed it in the cradle.
    Without Google services (Search, GMail, YouTube, Google Social, etc.) which EVERYBODY (especially the tech industry reviewers) DEMANDED on their phones, WPhone was doomed to fail. Microsoft offered Mad $$$ to Google to "let" their services run on WPhone and Google said no because they could see what a radically wonderful interface it was and they were very worried that it would feed off of their Android market, and MS STUPIDLY demanded that BING be the default Search Engine on WPhone. If they had allowed Google to be the default search engine, Google may have agreed to it, but, nope.
    Water under the Bridge. Boo F'n Hoo.
    FYI - Google PAYS Apple over $2 BILLION per year to ALLOW their services to run on iPhones (especially their Search service to be the default) and MS (naively) assumed they could get the same deal. They were wrong. Add to that the fact that MS does not know how to market ANYTHING properly, and Steve Ballmer's sales-guy focus on maintaining cash flow and aversion to "anything new" along with the sheer incompetence and mendacity of Stephen Elop, and you have a perfect storm of FAIL (it didn't help that the Windows Store was complete MESS and still is.)
    I have moved on to a Samsung S8 and am satisfied, but I miss my WPhone and it's great interface. Windows Phone will join BetaMax in the annals of history as another great idea destroyed by the greed and avarice of the company that owned it.
  • So it wasn't Google that killed Windows phone, it was Microsoft's lack of decent services. It isn't Google's fault Microsoft was so far behind that they were reliant on a competitor to make their platform successful. That is all on Microsoft.
  • Part of it is about what's popular or most used, which doesn't always equate to "being behind." Lots of people use Google services and are used to it. If it's not available on windows mobile, then that already turns of a lot of people. I, for example, personally use Bing and I can admit that back in the day Bing was noticably not as good as google and I used to switch back and forth but for a long time I've never really had to rely on google search. However, just because it's good now doesn't mean people will magically switch over. They are used to google and will continue to use it because they always have been using it. iPhones are popular, which is why Google actually pays money to put Google services on the iPhone. Now of course there is some overlap between what is popular and what is considered a good service/app, but both aren't always true at the same time or sometimes there are multiple good options and it comes down to preference. Not having Google services on windows phone definitely impacted its popularity, but that doesn't mean Microsof had a lack of decent services. 
  • Microsoft didn't have decent services in 2010. They had no GMail or YouTube. Windows Phone isn't entitled to support from Google. It is totally on Microsoft that they didn't build up an ecosytem to rival Google's. Microsoft's lack of foresight is their own fault.
  • Google has nothing to do with killing WIndows Phone. Microsoft "gave up" and stopped all promotion and new models. THIS IS WHAT KILLED WIndows phone. Google was in the right place at the right time... If Microsoft came out with Windows Phone right after the first iPhone was released BEFORE Android.  Windows Phone woudl be around 60% of the market share.  Microsoft was just a few years too late.
  • Palm beat both of them with WebOS. Didn't matter. Timing certainly can help, but Windows Phone just wasn't competitive. Google and Microsoft were both trying to do the same thing; convince OEMs to support their platform. Google just did a much better job. OEMs seemed to be much more excited to create devices that weren't limited to Microsoft's vision.
  • Yea, timing would made all the difference here. The iPhone was released. The only other "smart devices" were the VERY dated Windows Mobile, or Blackberry (the 2 big ones used for business) with some other 3rd party ones (including Palm and others). If Microosft released Windows Phone (WP 7) right after the first iPhone was released by now it would of been head to head with even where Android sits now. There would of been 2 styles of "smart phones" on the market, the iPhone was not availble everwhere at the time. The iPhone ads were shown as a "hip" phone, so the younger croud wanted it. Android devices cane out and were labeled as the "poor mans iphone" A lot of people didn't want an iphone, so Android was their only choice, and that is why Android is so successful.  Microsoft a day late and a dime short and TRUST me, they know this.
  • Windows Phone wasn't competitive. it wouldn't matter when they released it. If it came before iPhone, then it may have had a chance. It would be seen as the innovator. Android still probably would have steamrolled it though. Windows Phone just isn't a great product.
  • Read above...  If WIndows Phone was release PRIOR to Android and Android came out the same time where WIndows Phone did (a year or 2 later).  Things WOULD of been very different. Windows Phone is a great OS by a company who think they are too big to fail. So very miss managed right from the top.  If the time window was different. As I said, the outcome would be completely different. Microsoft knows this and should of rushed it to market even if it was a little buggy (look at the very first Android devices, OMG what a mess), instead they waited a year or 2 to make sure it was almost bug free and by then it was just too late to enter a marketplace that was already flooded. And the apps ? If Windows Phone came out in the right time frame, and the sales hit the big numbers, the apps would be where Android is now (well, almost as MS has more restrictions than Android does). It does not take a business major to see where the market was standing about 6 months after the iPhone came out...
  • Betamax and also Philips Video200 (you remember?) was killed because the Sony / Philips Board didn't want porn to be distributed on Betamax Video 2000 cassettes. VHS consortium couldn't care less what was sold on their cassettes....
  • Porn was available on Betamax, seen it.
  • The 1520 was the last, great WP device for me. The combination of all the things Nokia packed in hasnt been matched in the 950, Alcatel or X3. In practical use only the biometric authencation is truly different, continuum is useless as i have a light 12" 2 in 1 and the screen res and updated processors dont give that much of an edge. But whip out your 1520 and that expanse of screen still captivates. Not to mention reinstaling Lumia Camera gives you back all the awesome HAAC goodness. The Lumia 1520, still the king!!!!
  • Yup, I still use my 1520, and wont be looking for another phone until it dies, here is why; Good camera, good screen, stable in use, and serious battery life. No other phone ive had after the Nokia 3310 has had a better batterylife, seriously, 8-10 days on a full charge, you wont get that from an iPhone or an Android.   And that is despite the 'ghost touch' issue that mine has.
  • I have a 950 my mom had to let go because of an korean chat app that needed to be installed.  I currently use a 928 and happy with it.  Hey, we are all in the less than %1 in the phone market, but all that matters it what I want.   I'll keep following Microsoft...they always have something more powerful and intriguing up their sleeve.  Look at their Azure infrastructure that castles over Amazon, Google, and IBM.   damn WC...give me some freedom on your site.  I dodge all the ads and decide to comment, but keep getting these annoying messages: To complete this form, please complete the word verification below. Sorry you don't have enough reputation so you must wait 82 more seconds to post another comment
  • I like my Elite X3, but it's no Lumia 1520. The camera is okay, but the lack of a physical camera button makes my blood boil everytime I use it. However, we're not overflowing with choices right at the minute. I toyed with a Pixel XL for a few months, but Android is a huge snooze compared to Windows Phone.
  • If you want a physical camera button, your options are literally only the xperia line. The new nokias don't have it, and every other manufacturer has gone the route of "less buttons/ports=good", which is straight up dumb. I like camera buttons! And headphone jacks are going too.....
  • The only W10M advantage is metro design, which is really cool. But thats it. Nothing else. I would really not recommend to buy windows phone today. No real benefits.
  • Except for the battery life, the monthly security updates, the UWP-apps (what there are of them) and the freedom of use in the OS...
  • nothing special in battery life in comparision with other platforms. Uwp has no benefit for end user, user experience depends on developer of app and other platforms apps is totally different level. For example even windows central uwp is piece of crap. Freedom of use in OS? For example? What can you do on windows phone and cant do on other platforms? In detail, not these general theories my friend. 
  • This phone sucks.  First one died in 3 months, to the point the widows repair tool stopped working.  Then  they sent me a replacement.  That one couldn't read a memory card.  They sent me another one.  I sold that one, the buyer reaped it dying in three months.  The phone worked great for 3 months.  Good battery life no freezing, but ****** pictures.  No one would refund my money on this phone. Don't buy it.
  • The x3's had a manufacturing batch issue with their sim/microsd brackets that resulted in cascading errors. It was a penny part but could render an otherwise great device nearly useless. It was a design flaw not unique to HP. I added a microsd card to the Note 8 just the other day and it was essentially the same thing as the x3 uses, and it was difficult to get the sim card and microsd card to sit right. Once I got the replacement tray, the x3 has been a durable, solid workhorse (and I've been running fast ring preview releases).
  • I use Android now, but I feel very happy also when I pick up my Windows Phone. I really wish I could still use it. Waiting for something new from Microsoft.
  • I suspect that we will have to wait for a very long time...
  • where can i get this rainbow wallpaper on the elite in the continuum section...i want it for my elite x3...any way to contact the editor? Thanks, Mark  
  • I loved our Windows phones but alas, I have just moved my company to Droid (Galaxy 8) . The issue was that with Verizon, who is our carrier, we only had the choice of the Lumina 735 . I agree that most of the apps out there are crapola but there are a few we would like to have. My Windows phone would sync with my Microsoft band but when that failed I found out that the band had been discontinued and there were no other smartwatches that would sync fully, including notifications with Windows mobile.
    With Microsoft seeming to not be committed to mobile it was time to change.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the MS ecosystem, I have put Cortana on my new Note8 (which is an amazing phone) and I will put the edge browser on them as well as Outlook for Android. I like Microsoft but I am not sure I want to be leading edge with them anymore on new devices as I am not sure they are serious about the commitment, at least not initially.
    A few things Microsoft I am glad I did get a few years ago are WIn 10, My SurfaceBook and Microsoft stock :-)
  • I would really like to know which daily apps the author has been using with continuum. I'm skeptical when I hear people claim they can exclusively use WM mobile (with or without Continuum). I SO wanted to use my 950XL with Continuum, but could never really find a good use case without forcing one. 
  • It's not fashionable but it's rational to buy and use an Elite x3.  It's a substantial, powerful and versatile device.  Because Microsoft isn't supporting W10M, the x3 isn't forward looking.   The x3 works.  The only thing that stinks about it is the Iris Scanner, but for me the solid fingerprint scanner makes up for it.  The camera isn't cutting edge, either.  But the x3 is a productivity workhorse with the currently-out-of-fashion wider form factor than the newest "tall and thin" Androids and iPhones.     
  • Yesssssss! This is exactly why I tote around a BlackBerry - don't follow fads, just use what works for you. Of course if someone bought me an iPhone X I'd give it a shot.
  • Ironically, I just bought this phone for my wife this past weekend and when I saw your headline I thought wow, that's exactly what I was thinking about myself. My wife's Lumia 920 was hopelessly out of date, but she did not wanna give up the windows interface. By the time I left the Microsoft Store, I had restored her back up and installed the latest updates on the phone. When I got home it had all of her pictures, her applications, text messages, contacts, and she was able to start using it right away. Were both blown away about how impressive this phone is.
  • I had a 950 XL then the x3, then a SG8+ and am moving to a Galaxy Note 8.  I am currently using all of these phones for various things at various locations.  The x3 is obviously a heavier, almost industrial approach to design than the high-end Galaxies but even though it's heavier and larger it more than holds its own as a high quality, high productivity device. The 950 XL is of course much older and has outdated specs but even at launch it never felt like a high end quality build.  And the 950's came after a long, infuriating succession of Windows Phone releases of mid-to-bottom rung devices looking to pick up the the bypassed market scraps as Android and iPhone pushed each other to make better and better devices.  And the 950's came out at a critical phase in Windows Mobile development.  It was hoped it would be a realization of the promise of the integrated platform.  The 950's were good phones; they still are and mine still works well despite its age.  But it always looked and felt like a lightweight proof-of-concept.  I first got my hands at one on display at a big Microsoft launch in NYC and I remember being disappointed a month or so later when I was able to buy one that for all its utility it had little to inspire about it or to take possessive pride in.  Satya was there in NYC that night, walking the floor beeming away even as he was bleeding away his Mobile platform.  It should have been the Elite x3. 
  • The key phrase. Microsoft doesn't care anymore.  After Ballmer left I dont think Microsoft care at all about Windowsphone.
  • Dear god, you guys just told us not a month ago that it was stupid to buy an Alcatel Idol Pro. It's basically the same phone, the same ecosystem and the same future.
  • i'd buy the Alcatel....it would be a toss up between the two...
  • My 950xl died, I would have gotten an hp is Microsoft wallet and payments worked on it, instead I'm with his awful android
  • WP - I still love it and it does mostly what I need.  This has solid hardware...so yeah, I would be interested. Wondering how HP is going to continue to support it.
  • wish it worked on verizon
  • I will buy it as soon as it comes to Verizon. I had the 950XL and loved it but I went Android because I need to be on Verizon
  • Great! Now if someone would just convince Verizon to bring this phone onto their network....
  • I would love to go back to windows mobile. The app situation doesn't bother me as the only apps I use regularly on my iPhone are Feedly, safari and mail. If I could get my family and coworkers on skype, I would have no reason to stay on iOS (And I could message and call from my computer). As it is, that inertia is keeping confined to iMessage and FaceTime. 
  • your article is simply delusional and pathetic! Stop fooling users to buy this crap.
  • It is $234(Php 12,000.00) here in PH currently on sale and $253(Php 13,000.00) for Lumia 950 XL with the Dock(HD-500) and treasure tag
  • I just did today at Lazada. I have a lumia 930 and one thing i love with MSand IOS in gen is that they're silky smooth and doest lag with time unlike android..  I like the big amoled screen/ and im more productive with MS
  • True. Read the news for Elite x3 days ago. May i know the link for 253 Lumia 950 XL, dock, tag you said?  
  • I was considering going from my 950XL to the Elite for all teh same reasons.. I will now :) 
  • Yeah but that app gap is a turn off for slot of people and I know what its like to be loyal to a failing phone I was a BlackBerry 10 user for years and only recently got a KEYone and I know Windows 10 has potential but Microsoft needs to reach out to more developers or Windows phones could be history
  • Whats really sad is that I had to upgrade my phone when switching to a new ISP. tried android, which failed to impress me and now I'm on iPhone and feel plenty restricted. I Don't know why Microsoft isn't giving their mobile division the investment it deserves. I've been more productive with a windows phone compared to android and apple.
  • If they'd get on with it and release the variant for Verizon, I'd happily buy one in 2017, insane or not...
  • It's 2017 and I proudly use my Acer Liquid Jade Primo and my Lumia 640 daily, and I'll keep using them for as long as I can. I never had problems with the devices and I really like W10 as a mobile OS. While some will say the OS is bad and that the platform lacks apps, for me it has everything I need, and Continuum is awesome! When I was looking to get a more high end device running W10 Mobile, I was also thinking to get the X3, but then I got a great deal and went for the Acer instead, and I have to honest, I don't regret buying it, the experience has been great! And talking about the experience, my Lumia 640 is already 2 years old, but it's running perfectly and it didn't get slower with time!
  • I'm a big fan of #WindowsPhone and a #Windows10Mobile user but paying US$600 for a device and a platform that event MS knows where is going it is Crazy! Don't get me wrong.. love the phone and love the OS but Microsoft has done a great job convincing me that it's time to migrate to another platform. I will hate to choose between the Evil Martian or the Bitten Fruit... but if a leave #WindowsPhone don't blame me.. blame Microsoft
  • Does the X3 support Verizion ?  If so I might buy one..
  • Are you kidding. Any phone made with decent specs since the HTC ONE M8 for Windows about 4 years ago will not work will Verizon. That would make too much sense to build a phone for a network with more customers than any other. And these dumb asses wonder why they can't sell their phones. Build them for a network that actually gets service somewhere besides downtown in a major city and you might just sell some phones. Duh.
  • Have had all Windows Phones to date and love them, but my Lumia 930 is playing up and need to replace it with something better. What I'm after is 4k 60fps recording in HVEC (H.265) and a phone that my bank (ANZ) supports for secure authentication. Yep - it will be my first iPhone the X.
  • I would go with the 8 over the 10 for usability experience.
  • Bought a Nokia 5 2 weeks ago, cannot get used to the inconsistency  of Android, all UX designers there think they should reinvent the wheel, horrible experience. I've put back the simcard in my Lumia 630, a phone with a cracked screen but which actually offers features I need.
  • *Lumia 830
  • maybee all this MS samsung stuff is samsung retrenching and trying to be less dependent on Google who are a really unreliable partner (not least with them.buying phone mobile phone companies like motorola and now perhaps htc. I wouldnt wanna depend on a partner that had the os and tried to outsell you in your area(phones). There might soon be a change in strategy that none of you saw coming..... Just sayin
  • Because it would be genius for Samsung to distance itself from Google - a leader in mobile - and partner with Microsoft, who at this extremely late date is STILL looking for a "mobile strategy". Dream on.
  • That anyone is buying a Windows Phone in September 2017 is an indication of insanity.
  • No apps
  • I just bought one yesterday after seeing my colleague using a new x3.  He just replaced his 930 with it.  I have been using 640 and have a 640XL, needed more internal memory.  I use the 640 daily as my sole handphone.  Very reliable and no problem at all with W10M.
  • I'm a long time Android user that switched to Win 10 Mobile this past February when TMo lowered price on Idol 4S.  Other than the camera, I couldn't be happier.  I'll never go back to Android.  Does that make me crazy?  I was thinking of buying a 950xl, but have gotten used to camera settings, so that has subsided.  I travel frequently and meet lots of people on weekly basis and have not seen another windows phone out in the wild for several years now.  It's kind of depressing, but has been a good conversation starter.  People see me use my phone and are intrigued.  If forced to switch platforms, I will probably go with Apple to maintain my Google free life.  Hopefully MS has another solution by the time Windows 10 Mobile finally kicks the bucket.
  • Of course it is not insane. Insane would be jumping off the top of floor of a skyscraper singing "I am pretty, oh so pretty". This is just stupid - never insane.
  • I don't blame the author, I've thought about picking one up, mainly for the boost in Continuum (which I use a lot between my lectures, labs, and endless meetings). The only things preventing me are the camera (the 950 is a good camera with a dedicated button) and the "just not enough" issue. My 950 is really good, and does what I need. If inking had come to the X3 maybe it would have sold me.
  • A lot of people need every app known to man, so I would recommend anythying but WP to them, for sure. But personally, I don't need all the apps, I use Paypal Here for my business, I email, text, look at the news, use the phone. I am a big fan of the WP10 interface. I hear the camera on the HP not so great, but the speed, size, and battery life sound good - so just go find it online. The prices are not such a problem. It really is a shame that Microsoft doesn't seem to respect how many people love the beauty and simplicity of the technology that Microsoft itself has created, but c'est la vie. 
  • I get my HP Elite X3 today and I Can't Wait!!! I hate Fruit run by Fruits and Android is my only other option and I think it dosn't suck as bad as the fruit but its crap.