Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360 comes with free upgrade to Xbox One

Activision is making your purchasing decisions easier by announcing that all users who pick up an Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will receive a digital download of the game on Xbox One for free.

The cross-buy deal is valid for any additional content purchases, including any DLCs and season pass subscriptions. Activision notes that both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will have their own separate licenses, which means that you can play on the older console after downloading the game for Xbox One. All your progress, stats and gear will also be carried over should you decide to make the switch from one console to the other. The same promotion is valid on the PlayStation 3 as well.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Users will have until March 31, 2015 to redeem the offer, and the game itself is scheduled to launch on November 3 in the US.

What do you guys think of the promotion?

Source: Call of Duty; Via: Engadget

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Awesome. So I can buy my son it for his 360 and I can download to my XBone for free?
  • Yes
  • Nice...I have high hopes for this installment of COD.
  • My plan exactly!!
  • Ooops
  • This is a nice offer, I will probably buy the 360 version as I always do the digital download for the Xbox One anyway. Makes me feel slightly less screwed because of my Ghosts purchase.
  • Damn:/ I would buy the digital but I like to get $10 gift cards from the Microsoft store so I guess I'll just get the physical copy
  • that's great, but who will use Xbox 360 while he has the XBOX ONE?  
  • Both versions look the same so I'm guessing lots more people will be on 360 anyways as not a whole lot have upgraded
  • Well as an achievement hunter, playing the same title on both consoles is an opportunity. Double the score :)
  • Lol true
  • It's in case you buy an xbox one afterward.
  • Me, my 13yrs old daughter use the X360 and the One is for me. ^^
  • Can I buy the disc for 360 get a free digital copy 4 one and sell the 360 copy
  • This is what I want to know
  • Yeah, why not bro? Maybe even give it away as a token of your appreciation to a needy child.
  • Promo is not available for discs.....only digital versions cuz it's tied to your Microsoft account. So sorry no promo if you buy discs versions. I know cuz I got a mail from Xbox about this and read the FAQs.
  • Lame
  • More lame to think you should get everything for free.
  • I don't really care, but since the article said nothing specifically about disc or digital, it would lead one to believe anyone that buys the game can get the free upgrade.
  • I hate COD, but applaud this decision. Just did the same thing with Destiny, which was the main reason I got the 360 version instead of waiting.
  • This is huge. More publishers need to do this. It helped my decision to buy Destiny and now ill be buying my Xbox one this weekend and im at the same level as my buddy so no catching up.
  • That would be cool of they offer a downgradable version. I mean, if i buy Xbox One version i get the x360 version for free. I got screwed with Ghosts on the one. I bought the x360 version later and i didn't have all the dlc for free even if i have the X1 prestige edition with the season pass that costs me 200$. That sucks :(
  • This is great good to see them giving back for the loyalty of their customers
  • Every game should do this moving forward
  • Won't the 360 version be cheaper anyway? So it make sense to buy the 360 version even if you only want it for the One.
  • Please mention in the article that this applies only to digital purchases of the 360/ps3 game.
  • I'm so doing this!
  • I knew it was going to happen, wasn't going to make the same mistake I did with Destiny by preordering the Xbox One version.
  • *phew*, at least it's not one of those analogue downloads!
  • Now, here is a question, If I buy it for the Xbox one (was thinking about Phsical copy but, might buy digital), will I get access to the 360 version for free ? I plan on getting for the 1 but, I do have some friends who still have only a 360 that I could play with time to time...
  • Most likely not. This is a way for Activision to push people towards the current gen systems.
  • So, I guess even though I mainly want it for the Xbox one, I will just buy the 360 DIGITAL version....So I get both...Unless I can confirm that it will work that way...
  • It won't.
  • PSN is allowing this.  What I have read is that Microsoft hasn't let it be known yet how they will handle this.  My guess is they would follow PSN since that's the way things tend to go.  But it isn't clear yet.
  • Nice try, but I am not upgrading from my Xbox 360. I will enjoy COD:AW on my 360 just fine.
  • Wrong spot. Mobile website sucks.
  • Thats cool, but considering how awful ghosts was....i won't be buying another CoD.
  • So I can buy it for 360, Download it for Xbox one... Then sell the 360 version and get like 50 or 60 bucks back???:D
  • Just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. If I buy the digital version of the 360 on release day, I will also be able to download the Xbox One version for free (like the next day)?
  • Yes, just like you can with Destiny right now.
  • Wow, that's great.  Basically two games for the price of one!  I didn't realize Destiny was doing that until reading this article, but now that I know that, may have to buy it too.  Thanks!
  • I'm loving the sound of this. I love getting twice the achievements for the same game. I completed Ghosts for both 360 and One and I'm currently doing this with Destiny. Game on!
  • If I bought the ps3 version of the game could I get the xbone dl code? Would I have the choice or would I have to trade with someone?