Call of Duty: Black Ops II launched in 2012 and was the first in the franchise to feature futuristic weaponry. It evolved the franchise with a non-linear, branching campaign, with multiple endings based on the actions of the player.

Microsoft announces that the game is now available in all its glory on Xbox One, bringing in multiplayer, zombies, DLC, and all the regular backwards compatible benefits.

Black Ops II is regarded by many as the last great Call of Duty, as Activision began struggling to innovate while also demanding annual releases. Black Ops II's combat revolves around drones, robotics, cyberwarfare, and various other near-future gadgetary, based on the real-world predictions about the march of modern technology.

Poor old Major Nelson has been bombarded with requests for the game for months at this point, and Black Ops II remains the highest-requested title on the backwards compatibility list.

Black Ops II is also on sale right now digitally as part of the Spring Sale. So, don't wait, hit that buy button, and let us know what you think!