Call of Duty: Black Ops II is finally available on Xbox One backwards compatibility, and it's on sale!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launched in 2012 and was the first in the franchise to feature futuristic weaponry. It evolved the franchise with a non-linear, branching campaign, with multiple endings based on the actions of the player.

Microsoft announces that the game is now available in all its glory on Xbox One, bringing in multiplayer, zombies, DLC, and all the regular backwards compatible benefits.

Black Ops II is regarded by many as the last great Call of Duty, as Activision began struggling to innovate while also demanding annual releases. Black Ops II's combat revolves around drones, robotics, cyberwarfare, and various other near-future gadgetary, based on the real-world predictions about the march of modern technology.

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Poor old Major Nelson has been bombarded with requests for the game for months at this point, and Black Ops II remains the highest-requested title on the backwards compatibility list.

Black Ops II is also on sale right now digitally as part of the Spring Sale. So, don't wait, hit that buy button, and let us know what you think!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Never thought this day would come ;3;
  • Wow 5$ off....
  • Thanks. I don't want this game but those guys on YouTube were very annoying. Now it's finally over.
  • Those annoying Youtubers will just move on to begging for the Modern Warfares now 😥
  • Oh. God. Nooooooo
  • Good. Now people can finally shut the f**k up about this and we can all move on with our lives.
  • Geez now they can bug about other games.
  • The last time this franchise put out a game worth its weight in sand.
  • BO3 was solid.  Definitely the best new gen cod game and probably top 3 cod games in general.  The balance was unrivaled.     I play or played all shooters since the new systems came out and on both Xbox One and PS4 and without bias say, they showed other games that you could have a balanced shooter.  
  • Maybe it's the best of the new ones, but that's picking your poison. The other stuff, I compeltely disagree with as strongly as possible. Its level design was a mess and inconsistent, and its core mechanics have never been strong. The balance was terrible because you either had to run and gun or suffer the consequences. It's definitely not top-3, with top-5 as the best-case scenario (after BO, BO2, CoD 2, MW, and maybe MW2). Definitely never found balance in my time in the BO3 beta or while watching my dad play it on PC.
  • I actually want Call of Duty Classic... never got that one finished...
  • Interesting... I see the download is over 16GB. Maybe there was a technical reason for the delays... that's obviously WAY bigger than the original disc.
  • This is good, I'm pretty sure I already bought this digitally but my Xbox One is still packed away at the moment so I don't know how to check other than if it shows in the ready to install list.