Call of Duty: WWII will run at 4K with HDR on Xbox One X

Call of Duty, one of the largest shooter franchises of today, is returning to its roots later this year with a new World War 2 themed title. Unsurprisingly named "Call of Duty: WW2," the game moves away from recent trends in the series, by abandoning near-future warfare in favor of a historical setting.

As a part of a marketing deal with Sony, the game's publisher, Activision, has been keen to promote PlayStation 4 (PS4) versions of the game. This has left few details on what to expect from the rival release on Xbox One – let alone the enhancements in store for the upcoming Xbox One X. However, following a recently updated listing from UK retailer GAME (opens in new tab) (via charlieINTEL), specific details on Xbox One X enhancements have surfaced.

For many titles launching with visual upgrades on Xbox One X, box art designs are being reworked to highlight these features. Icons for both 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) have been spotted on the latest retail packaging, indicating these upgrades will be available at launch on the console. Amidst a close marketing deal with Sony is comes as no surprise Activision has remained quiet leading up to the Xbox One X launch, however, this should be a welcome sight for those picking up the device this November.

In the months since its unveiling Activision has highlighted a slew of changes in the pipeline for Call of Duty: WWII – most notably a shift toward "boots on the ground" combat. When paired with new single player mechanics, multiplayer tweaks and the return of Nazi Zombies, the game is making one of the most inventive games (at least for Call of Duty) in some time.

Are you looking forward to these Xbox One X enhancements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I just hope, these Sony deals, do not hold Xbox One X back. It's time for Microsoft to make some deals to drive that graphical gap between both consoles.
  • What graphical gap? So far on Xbox one and ps4 I've seen nothing that makes me think their power differential matters much at all. They both deliver beautiful graphics 😁
  • He meant Xbox one X and ps4 pro
  • Well, COD is the game I spent 90% of my Xbox time. I was waiting for this info. Here I come... XBOX X
  • Be carefull, you don't know what the 4K means. I think you play a lot of multiplay if 90% of your Xbox time is Call of Duty. Maybe it's only 4K in the campaign on 30fps, and 1080p on 60fps for multiplay. Don'y buy a One X for a readon that isn't even clear yet, you can only get disappointed. Buy it because it's the best console available like I will.
  • Yeap. But all I care is better consistance frame rate, HDR & faster performance. Would not mind running it on lower resolution for 60fps Infinity Warfare sucks on One S for me. Not sure it's buggy game or due to lower specs.