Can you add a cupholder to a gaming chair?

The Respawn-110 gaming chair.
The Respawn-110 gaming chair. (Image credit: RESPAWN)

Can you add a cupholder to a gaming chair?

Best answer: Yes! As long as your gaming chair has armrests, you can add a cupholder to it.Cupholder accessory: Dirza Clip On Cupholder ($9 at Amazon)

Is adding a cupholder worth it?

There are two main reasons why we think adding a cup holder to your gaming chair is worth doing. The first is that it's incredibly affordable and easy to do, and the other is that it's a great way to make sure you don't spill your drink all over-sensitive electronics.

The Dirza Clip-On Cupholder that we'll go over further down in this article is incredibly inexpensive, which means that it won't be a problem for any gamer to pick up. In addition to that, installing it on your chair is a breeze and only takes a few seconds, so there's no need to worry about having to do anything complicated. Adding a cupholder on your chair also ensures that you can't knock over your beverage accidentally like you might if it was on your desk. This would have the potential to seriously ruin your day if it happened, as keyboards, mice, and other accessories can become defective if too much liquid gets into their inner components. Therefore, it's a good idea to eliminate the risk entirely.

Why go with Dirza's cupholder?

The Dirza cupholder accessory.

Source: Dirza (Image credit: Source: Dirza)

The Dirza Clip-On Cupholder is a fantastic accessory you can use to add a cupholder to your gaming chair. Featuring a clothespin-style clamp that can attach tightly to any edge that's 1.5 inches thick or less, it's super easy to use and set up. Nothing short of smashing your arm into the side of the cupholder will budge it, either, and it's got a three-inch diameter that ensures you can fit most cups into the holder, regardless of how wide they are. Best of all, it's under ten dollars, making it very affordable.

To use this accessory, your gaming chair will need to have armrests, but almost all gaming chairs do so that shouldn't be an issue. Without a doubt, this nifty cupholder will make a fantastic addition to any gaming chair, and it has the potential to save you from potential equipment damage down the line.

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