Can you use a PS4 headset with Xbox One?

Razer Kraken
Razer Kraken (Image credit: Razer)

Can you use a PS4 headset with Xbox One?

Best answer: It depends on the type of headset. In general, wired PS4 headsets work on Xbox One, while wireless ones won't.Go wired: Razer Kraken for Console ($61 at Amazon)A wireless option: LucidSound LS31 ($140 at Amazon)

On PS4 headsets and Xbox compatibility

When you're trying to figure out if a PS4 headset is compatible with Xbox One consoles, the answer can almost always be determined by its connection method. If a headset is wired and uses a 3.5mm audio jack to connect, it will work properly on both PS4 and Xbox One (and probably on PC, too). This is also the case for wireless headsets that have an optional 3.5mm wired connection.

If a PS4 headset is wireless and doesn't have a 3.5mm wired option, it almost always won't work on Xbox One consoles. This is because the vast majority of wireless PS4 headsets are specifically designed to work with that console, meaning that it can't connect to the Xbox One's wireless signals.

What are some great cross-compatible headsets?

LucidSound LS31

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If you're looking to pick up a great wired headset that works on both PS4 and Xbox One, look no further than the Razer Kraken for Console. It's often marketed as a PS4-focused device, but it works perfectly fine on Xbox One and PC, too. The sound is excellent, the mic is clear, and the headset is very comfortable to wear, making the Razer Kraken a great choice. It's not too expensive, either, so it's budget-friendly.

If your heart is set on a wireless headset that will work on both consoles, your best bet is the LucidSound LS31. Like the Razer Kraken, it sports strong sound quality, excellent comfort, and an approachable price (as far as wireless headsets go, anyway). The mic could be better, but it's good enough that you won't have issues communicating with your friends in-game. Overall, the LucidSound LS31 is the way to go if you want a wireless console headset that works on PS4 and Xbox One.

If you're not a fan of the Razer Kraken or the LucidSound LS31, check out our sister site's roundup of the best PS4 headsets available. Not all of them will work on Xbox One too, but the ones with a 3.5mm wired connection will. Check out our guide to the best Xbox One headset as well as the wired options for Xbox One work on PS4 also.

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