Can you use an Xbox One headset with PS4?

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Can you use an Xbox One headset with PS4?

Use wire for cross-platform joy

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 support your best Xbox One headset, regardless of its design, using 3.5mm cables. Almost every headset on the market uses 3.5mm cables in some capacity, but you'll need to double-check the headset you want to use across consoles to ascertain that it does indeed use 3.5mm.

3.5mm cables are a universal audio standard used by the vast majority, if not all, wired gaming headsets on the market. Even if they're using different connectors, you can typically pick up an adapter to make them compliant. To connect a wired headset to PlayStation 4, 5, or Xbox One, or next-gen Xbox Series S/X consoles, you just plug them into the controller, using the socket at the base in the middle.

Your best wireless Xbox One headset, however, most likely will not work on your PS4 using its proprietary wireless signal. Xbox requires headset manufacturers to add Microsoft's security chips into accessories, which aren't compatible with PS4. Thankfully, the vast majority of Xbox One wireless headsets have a 3.5mm socket option as well for scenarios like this, letting you use the headset on your PS4, Nintendo Switch, or 3.5mm-supporting mobile phone. They may not include a 3.5mm male-to-male cable in the box, but you can grab one from Amazon for a relatively low price.

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