Capcom's weird and intriguing Pragmata is coming to Xbox Series X

Pragmata (Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • Capcom's Pragmata made its worldwide debut during Sony's PS5 reveal.
  • It's scheduled to launch some time in 2022 on Xbox Series X as well.
  • It's got a futuristic astronaut, a holographic cat and, well, a lot more weirdness.

One of the standout unveils from Sony's big PS5 reveal (or so I thought, anyway), was Capcom's Pragmata. Despite clearly not showing gameplay, it looks amazing, it's weird as all hell but at the same time, super intriguing.

And the good news for prospective Xbox Series X buyers is that it won't be exclusive to the PS5, it's also been announced for Microsoft's next-gen console. The bad news is that it won't be here until 2022.

In the debut trailer there's quite a lot to unpack. It's actually so seemingly random and surreal it could almost be a GPU benchmark rather than a game (if you ever used Time Spy you might see where I'm coming from).

There's a futuristic astronaut-looking person that could easily belong in the Destiny or Anthem universe, strolling through a fairly current day looking Times Square. Then there's a little girl with a holographic cat, then a satellite smashes through the sky which is actually a screen, and then they're on the Moon, even though the girl isn't wearing a space suit.

Is it a modern day Truman Show? Or even The Matrix? I'm open to all theories, but I'm definitely looking forward to finding out more about this one. Drop your wildest ideas into the comments below.

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