In case you missed it: Treo 800w for $199

Making the rounds on the Internets is a "sale" at Best Buy next week on the Treo 800w. And that's true, at least according to one site. But the even better news is that you can go snag one right now (and for the past several weeks, for that matter) for that same $199 price point, after rebates, contracts, blood tests, etc.

We're not looking a gift horse in the mouth. This is still $50 less than what you'll pay at either Palm's or Sprint's Web sites.

So If you're looking to re-up with Sprint and neither the HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro are doing it for you, swing by and give it a shot (opens in new tab).

WC Staff
  • people never buy palm product the are wortless... go with a company like htc thats always trying to do better. i own a 700wx on sprint but guess what there's no upgrade for 6.1 mobile because companies like palm want you to spend more money on buying the 800w if you want the 6.1 version.
  • Wow... way to go mendez. If you think WM6.1 is the only thing they changed, get your 6800 out of your ear and take a closer look.
    I like HTC better as well, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant to what Palm's trying to change!