CCPlayer Pro is now a universal Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile, and it's great

CCPlayer, who has long been making video players with the ability to play various file types, has released a UWP app for Windows 10 and Mobile. Dubbed CCPlayer Pro the app is published by L:me and is now available starting today for all Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

CCPlayer runs for $1.99 with no free trial. However, I bought it and threw some MP4s at it with no issues except one (more on that below). The app's design is excellent as it very much follows the Windows 10 design language with familiar menus and layouts.

The one issue I had that was easily solvable had to do with video playback. By default, the app would crash on MP4 files, but going into the app's Settings > Playback and disabling Use SW decoder as default decoder did the trick. Of course, this issue may vary on your system, so just take into consideration if you run into any issues.

Regarding options CCPlayer Pro brings many, including:

  • Support for Continuum
  • Light and Dark Theme options with cross-device syncing of settings
  • Custom time intervals for seeking
  • Use GPU shader within SW decoder
  • Toggle back button within video menu
  • Load unsupported thumbnail
  • Flip to pause (for mobile)
  • Thumbnail disk usage with clear cache option
  • Thumbnail retention period
  • Save fonts included in the media
  • Install font from file (*.ttf/ttc/otf/otc)
  • App Protection with password
  • Subtitle toggles for outline, shadow, background, font family, font style overriding, font weight, and font color

The app also lets you designate which folders to look for videos.

Perhaps a unique part is the Now Watching, which lists videos have been playing and even remembers where you left off letting you watch and continue videos randomly without having to bookmark anything. There are even popup windows in the corners allowing you to toggle quickly between multiple videos, which I found impressive.

Overall, my first impressions of CCPlayer Pro are very high if you are looking for something a little more robust. The app also worked fine on my Lumia 950 with no issues scrobbling or jumping between parts of the video. Granted, I did not try every weird file type out there, but CCPlayer Pro should handle most of them.

If you have a $1.99 and need a good universal Windows 10 video app, consider CCPlayer Pro. So far, I'm very impressed with it.

Download CCPlayer Pro for Windows 10

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Daniel Rubino

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