CES 2009: We'll Be There!

We're just two days away from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that's being held in Las Vegas. Our man on the street, Dieter Bohn, will be there. And when he's not battling the one-armed bandits, he'll be keeping us posted with all the happenings from CES.

We are expecting announcements concerning Windows 7, maybe Windows Mobile 6.5 (if we're lucky), some face time with new phones (and maybe the Mobinnova ICE), and a wide assortment of new applications and accessories from the 2,700 or so vendors that will be in attendance.

It will be Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer's first year as keynote speaker, and he always has something interesting to share. So hit up the widget above and make sure you don't miss out as Dieter liveblogs the speech Wednesday evening.

Be sure to check back often to see what will be unveiled at the 2009 CES.

Phil Nickinson

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