CES 2022 attendees will need proof of vaccination against COVID-19

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What you need to know

  • CES 2022 will require proof of vaccination against COVID-19.
  • This year's CES was an all-digital event due to the global pandemic.
  • CES 2022 will have a digital event at the same time as its in-person event.
  • The event will run from January 5-8, 2022.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that anyone attending CES 2022 will have to have proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (via CNet). The move follows CES 2021 having to be an all-digital event due to the ongoing global pandemic.

"We all play a part in ending the pandemic through encouraging vaccinations and implementing the right safety protocols," said Gary Shapiro, president of the CTA. "We are taking on our responsibility by requiring proof of vaccination to attend CES 2022 in Las Vegas."

Modified protocols are a possibility and would be announced closer to CES 2022 if they were enacted. The CTA explains that it will follow recommended safety measures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is also considering if it should accept proof of a positive antibody as an alternative to vaccination.

Alongside the in-person event in Las Vegas that will take place between January 5-8, 2022, there will be a digital event. The media days for CES 2022 are January 3-4, 2022.

As is normally the case, CES 2022 will have some of the largest companies in tech in attendance, including Dell, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

The CTA follows in the footsteps of tech giants and other organizations that have moved to require vaccination. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that all employees, vendors, and visitors to its U.S. offices will have to be vaccinated.

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  • This is dumb! My Dr says the vaccine is a way bigger health risk for me than getting the virus.. by a factor of 10.... so CES is going to FORCE me to take a health risk, if I want to attend.... guess I will be "excluded" by force! #non-inclusive
  • The article did go on to state they may modify the protocol as they get closer to the date. My guess : As with any other business, they will likely have to make exceptions for medical reasons. Just make sure you have a dr's note.
  • Of course listen to your doctor about your personal health care decisions, which you are still free to do. This mandate isn't "forcing" you or anyone else to get the vaccine nor is it stupid/wrong for events/businesses to have rules like this. The more vaccinated we are the less likely we will have bug shutdowns like before.
  • If you are not exaggerating or making up this story, then you are a tiny minority. We have had 350+ million vaccine doses administered in the US safely so far. And the protection from severe disease you get from the vaccines is obvious from the data.
  • What's dumb is people such as yourself. First off, people with very specific health reasons aside, it's not just YOUR health that everyone is trying to protect, it's the health of EVERYONE. The vaccines will slow the spread and and severity of Covid. That being said, no one is FORCING you to do anything. YOU are making a choice. YOU are FORCING yourself.
  • or... if YOU have a high risk of complications from a globally present virus/sickness, maybe you should stay home. ?
  • Ahhh the ever ignorant "stay home" answer. Yeah lets just tell everyone that they have to stay home so they can't earn a living, or get essential items to live. Moron.
  • Good, I hope more and more places require legitimate proof of vaccinations against covid-19. As it will reduce probabilities of lethal strains that are resistant to current strains and plus it will help those that have medical certifications proving they are exempt from the vaccinations. As it will reduce down the number of unvaccinated people - they either get medically certified exemptions or get the vaccinations - no if, no buts. As this pandemic impacts everyone. Most importantly, Anti-Vaxxers are not only putting others at risk, they are putting children at risk. These numpties don't realise when cases in children starts to sky rocket as well as death rates. They will ultimately force a vaccination mandate on themselves as the government will have no choice but to intervene.
  • Your papers, please