A few weeks ago, Chase seemed to have taken a less-extreme position than Bank of America over its discontinuation of their banking app, announced in January. The massive bank told users that they could continue using the app 'until further notice'.

The implication at the time (and this all it was) was that if you had the Chase banking app on your phone it would still work into the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to reader reports, the app is completely non-functional as of today.

Users who load up the Chase Banking app for Windows Phone today receive a notice indicating that the bank no longer supports the app. When users try to login, they are greeted with a 'page not found' message instead.

Chase is urging its customers to use its mobile site at m.chase.com. However, at least one reader is having issues even using that, remarking that the identification code is not working for them. Bank of America has a similar situation where people were advised to use their mobile site. However, this proved to not work with Windows Phone, instead users have to use the full website to login through their browser.

Banking apps have been a touchy subject for US Windows Phone users. Although many banks in Europe have been releasing apps for Windows Phone in the last few months, in the US, at least, the situation is much more dire. It is a grim situation if Microsoft ever wants to make serious inroads into mobile in the States, as people enjoy their dedicated banking apps for mobile deposits and other unique features.

Thanks, Jeff T. and Eric H., for the tips!