The Chase Bank app no longer works for Windows Phone as support is now entirely cut off

A few weeks ago, Chase seemed to have taken a less-extreme position than Bank of America over its discontinuation of their banking app, announced in January. The massive bank told users that they could continue using the app 'until further notice'.

The implication at the time (and this all it was) was that if you had the Chase banking app on your phone it would still work into the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to reader reports, the app is completely non-functional as of today.

Users who load up the Chase Banking app for Windows Phone today receive a notice indicating that the bank no longer supports the app. When users try to login, they are greeted with a 'page not found' message instead.

Chase is urging its customers to use its mobile site at However, at least one reader is having issues even using that, remarking that the identification code is not working for them. Bank of America has a similar situation where people were advised to use their mobile site. However, this proved to not work with Windows Phone, instead users have to use the full website to login through their browser.

Banking apps have been a touchy subject for US Windows Phone users. Although many banks in Europe have been releasing apps for Windows Phone in the last few months, in the US, at least, the situation is much more dire. It is a grim situation if Microsoft ever wants to make serious inroads into mobile in the States, as people enjoy their dedicated banking apps for mobile deposits and other unique features.

Thanks, Jeff T. and Eric H., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I won't chase after them....
  • Hah
  • Friday I opened accounts and had a great customer service experience and better deals with Wells Fargo. I looked because I used BoA and Chase, but I should have left a long time ago even if I was an iOS user. Wells Fargo I a better bank.
  • It wont hurt Chase to get rid of their app. They make enough money. And changing banks won't hurt either because they didn't have enough users in the first place. It sucks but we survived before all the apps anyway. Ally Bank has interest banking tho if yall really wanna switch.
  • I just got me an account with Ally since they support Windows phone... My other bank is US Bank, which does not support Windows phone... I'm going to close that account and open up a Wells Fargo account after I move down South from Cincinnati... They also support Windows Phone... Great thing about Ally... It doesn't matter where I live... Since only exist online... Use almost any ATM, they payback the fees, since they don't have any ATM's...a great direct deposit account or extra savings account
  • I'm pretty much done with WP I'm undecided between apple or google leaning more towards apple tho, just cause of how google treats WP...
  • If you really have to, go Apple, at least they try to give some style to their os.
    I never thought I'd say that...
  • Who ever decides for apple sure never complaint about the options you have with your phone. I would never dare to leave to a operation system that restricts my administrative rights on the phone even more than WP already does
  • Fair enough, but be sure also to change to another bank, ok ?
  • Damn. People like you piss me off. I don't see the purpose of telling the whole world that you are leaving Windows Phone. You won't be getting some goodbye flowers.
  • I left WP year ago you pissed? Go cry a river. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Weirdly I feel the same way too. I'm starting to loose fait in Windows. To begin with there are fewer apps than both iOS and Android and now all I see is more apps being taken out of the market. I'm sad but still optimistic that things will turn around.
  • Har! At least we'll have had some humor before the doom and gloomers come here to say this was the final nail in WP's coffin.
  • I feel like this won't hurt us near as much as it will hurt Chase.
  • As much as I wish it would hurt Chase, I doubt it will. It just sucks for us, and I for one won't switch banks just because of this since of the ubiquity of Chase ATMs. I hope they do something for Win10 though.
  • This is what I suspect will happen. Universal app with desktop, tablet, phone form factor enabled. Makes the most sense, really. Though it seems a lot of sites are ditching dedicated apps for highly optimized mobile website solutions these days. This also makes sense given the single cost of a single unified experience across any mobile browser.
  • I'm hoping so. I hate that they removed the WP app, but it's not enough for me to take my banking elsewhere. For now, I just use the mobile web version which gets me basic functionality when out and about.
  • Ally has almost every ATM...since they pay back the fees, any other bank's ATM is an Ally ATM
  • I am really frustrated by all these people saying to switch to Ally. First, I said I'm not switching banks, second, it isn't a real bank. If you can't deposit cash, it's not a bank. I previously had Ing-Direct, which operated almost exactly like what Ally appears to do. They sucked when it came down to doing the less common types of transactions that you only occasionally have to do, but still need to do sometimes. Also, I get the feeling someone is shamelessly promoting here because I hardly see anyone mentioning Ally on a similar "power user" website's articles regarding this app being pulled, however here it's like in every fourth comment. Please stop talking about Ally, this post is about CHASE!
  • I do banking online but never on phone.  I wonder what percentage of people actually use WP banking apps.  It is probably quite small.  At the present time, the WP has a small share in the US market.  Some of the US banks may find it expensive to maintain support.  If W10 for Phone is doing well, they sure will come back in no time.  If you absolutely need to do banking on phone now, switch to Wells Fargo. 
  • I left the Windows Phone platform because Chase ended support of the app. I operate out of pocket 80% of the week and I don't have a Chase near me (about 20+ miles away). I hope they bring it back for the Win10 platforms, but for now I'm stuck on Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's you point? I'm with much smaller bank (credit union actually) that does not have support for windows phone. Because I'm over 500 miles away from a branch I have to do everything on line or by mail. Not having a windows phone app isn't a problem. The availability of a mobile app should be the least of your concerns when selecting a bank.
  • To be fair, people bank in different ways.  I use mobile banking because I deposit checks with my phone vs. mailing them in. My bank (USAA) I think has one branch and everything else is mobile, online, mail or ATM.  The difference is that USAA caters to their customer needs.  We have a great app and they refund ATM fees from using other banks machines.  So catering to my needs is one of my biggest concerns when selecting a bank.
  • exactly! I also bank with USAA and I can use any ATM anywhere since they refund any fees. Great app and great bank! Just switch banks. Glad I did years ago. Closed both BoA & Chase accounts!
  • Yes, it's not problem for You. I'm willing to bet that for the average user it is problem. Convenience is key, whether it be for the deposit check feature or the simple dedicated app experience. It is disheartening if there's a total abandon from banks. They used to say apps don't matter but the truth is they do matter. Regardless whether we have 49 of the top 50 apps when compared to apple and android, the lack of robust app experience is a hindrance as everyone is different and more premium apps attract all sorts of people. On a side note, could it be that Apple is somehow convincing these banks to drop windows phone support in lieu of some sort of benefits with Apple Pay?
  • I'd be willing to bet that the "average user" gets DirectDeposit and has no need to deposit checks by phone.
    As for Apple Pay, I've been saying that since the BofA and Chase annoucements that seemed all to coordinated, especially since they are the headline partners of Apple Pay.
  • There are many scenarios where the "average" user still receives checks (as much as I dislike them) from family, friends, those instances it's convenient to deposit via phone whether it happens 1-10 times a year. An android or apple user would be in disbelief these options aren't available to them if they're considering jumping ship. Less options from windows phone means negative propaganda for the platform. With time if unresolved it will become a joke like IE is?/was in the minds of many "average" people. Apple pay...I had a strong feeling that was the culprit lol
  • Ditto. I'll get a check every now and then from an independent client, but it's not often enough to where I've ever needed to deposit a check from my phone. That just sounds miserable!! Both my technician job and IT job just pay with direct deposit... and so have all the other jobs I've had before those.
  • I use the Lloyds banking app on my phone much more than on my computer in the UK, it does everything I need. I cannot use it for depositing cheques, but then I never need to. Hardly ever use them and haven't received one for years.
  • It is interesting that you have chosen to leave WP instead of leaving Chase.  It seems to be drastic.  What's wrong to use on your PC instead?  I always use online on PC with my credit union account and feel more comfortable that way.  Yes, the phone app would provide convenience to some people.  But I'll never give up WP for the lack of that.
  • Maybe he left because of the overall app situation.... You can't blame him for that.
  • It's probably easier to switch out a smartphone than it is to change banks, particularly if you things like your home mortgage, tied up with it.
  • I'll leave chase because of them abandoning the platform not leave the platform because of chase abandoning them. I've already opened an account at Ally but have to switch some things over to go to them such as direct deposit.
  • I do
  • Get real... Nobody cares about what the relatively few WP users don't have... Even if the general public knew about this they would just question why we even use WP in the first place...
    I don't see this hurting Chase in any considerable way at all.
  • It will not hurt Chase. It will just hurt Windows and a buyers decision to but a Windows device.
  • It's not the final mail. Chase and bofa will both return with Windows universal apps once 10 turns out to be a huge seller. They'll have no choice.
  • I think the situation would be better if MS commented on it or said something like they have a plan with way more APIs etc... In short, they should at least remind everyone they're not giving up on the apps part.
  • True dat.
  • This has nothing to do with API's. Obviously, the app worked fine for a long time, and Windows phone has only added more features and more capabilities. This is purely laziness and cheapness on the part of the developer, end of story.
  • Why should they if there is no plan given to them that they are planning on a new app? Chase and BOA made their descion to abandon their mobile apps and leave their WP users in a bind, There is no reason to sugar coat the fact or hope otherwise. They don't have faith in the platform or respect those who use it so even though it is a inconvenience, show your displeasure by switching to another bank. Personally since I had lousy service with each in the past I never used their apps and have long since taken my business elsewhere... As to the final nail in the coffen for the platform because of loosing these apps I sincerely doubt this is the least outside of the USA where they didn't matter .... Here... Microsoft will be the one who does this by it's refusal to promote their phones as they should to gamer attention to the platform and not having the same phones on all of the carriers. Posted from my HTC M8
  • +920
  • And we'll say fuck 'em when they do!
  • This^^
  • Yeah they will just tell people to use the browser then too
  • I would double that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's ok because I will still be done with them both.
  • Doubtful.... Keep saying 10 ain't gonna do anything, people are already invested and entrenched....
  • That's possible, but it's not especially likely, especially if they advertise the hell out of the upsides of Android and iOS, which are many.
  • Well, to a degree yes. Mobile is entrenched with Android and iOS. Desktop is where Windows rules. With Windows 10 there'll be universal apps. If your app works on a phone, desktop, tablet and perhaps even the xbox, then it's in your best interest to develop for it. That's potentially hundreds of millions of users. Chase and BofA would be fools to not develop.   I work with some short sighted people from time to time. They were 100% full on iOS and then Android showed up to eat everyone's lunch. They had to develop for Android.  With Windows 10 being a universal application platform, they'll be driven to do that too. It was always headed that way but some people can only barely see their hands in front of their face vs seeing what the future might hold. It's always a good idea to have someone who can develop Windows Applications.   That's my two cents.
  • Well said... Only time will tell.
  • "Huge seller."
    LOL. What in Windows 10 gives you any idea that will be a huge seller? Where is it better than the competition in any important way (and by the way, the competition includes older Windows versions, too)?
    I'm running both the phone and x86 versions and haven't found much, if anything, to be significantly improved over Windows 7/8. Universal modern applications is only a big deal if there are any worth using, and there aren't. Maybe they will come someday, but that'll be a long time coming.
    Better get prepared for a barren app store for a long, long time.
  • Analysts are predicting Windows 10 could see an installed base of 600 million in its first year. Older versions are not competition, in fact, as both 8x and 7x are eligible for free upgrades. That ALONE will move units. The store currently has 550,000 apps; hardly "bare". And there are many, MANY store apps worth using. That you're too inept or dishonest to understand that doesn't make it any less true.
  • True
  • Untrue...did the Egyptians ever think they would no longer rule the world? Of course, they didn't... Hence the high rate of fallibility.
  • What did that have to do with anything?
  • Well, you said "true" regarding the potential of windows 10 another commentator made. My point is, playing by your username, or even my American kin folks belief of a sustainable ability to ruling the world (in the modern, not roman sense) and predictions NEVER hold...never...
    I'm not being mean...ok?
  • Analysts have a long history of being wrong....look it up. I'm not being mean, I read a book about predictions of economists, etc...they have a horrible track record.
  • They are also often right, and in the case of Windows 10, you have close to a billion computers out there eligible for a FREE upgrade. Never underestimate the power of free :). And on top of that, universal apps mean you buy once and use it on ask your devices, something not included or even possible with the ios/osx paradigm.
  • No, that is an illusion...let me get the book...l cant find it....there is a massive mistrust placed into our analysts, experts, etc. Particularly for the book was an eye opener ... For example, I read that a small study was done with experts, college freshman, high school graduates (non college folk), and some other folks....the experts scored the lowest....
  • I think we all realize that analysts are often wrong. This is obviously the case simply because there are so many variables. But that doesn't change the facts of this case: close to a billion computers are eligible for free upgrades to Windows 10, including around 300 million Windows 8x PC's and 600 million Windows 7 PC's. The "free" factor ALONE will guarantee that hundreds of millions of people around the world upgrade to Windows 10 in the first year. It doesn't take an analyst to understand it. Free stuff WILL attract "buyers", and there's simply no escaping that fact. If the OS is perceived as even halfway competent (and right now, despite its innumerable flaws, the reviewing public at large is loving Windows 10), that will only further drive adoption. Whether that means Windows 10 PHONES will start selling like mad is anyone's guess, but it's very clear that Windows tablets are a significantly growing market, as evidenced by the huge numbers of new tablets out there by a growing assortment of OEM's. Add 2-in-1's to that and the models only grow.  
  • You my friend, will go down in the annuls of the book I read....lets keep in touch and see how things shape up. I can say, more than likely, WP10 will do nothing. I understand your train of thought, but just because something is free is not a guarantee. A perception of "nothing is free" will be a limp.....there, I made my own predictions in hopes that I am wrong....just like the experts.
    Btw: Free and buyers in the same sentence is counterintuitive. Lastly, didn't Ms offer a free upgrade for 8? Yeah....that didn't go so well did it?
  • Ok, annals is a particular way of recording history (year by year) so I think it's fair to say that word doesn't really belong here. That said, nothing is a guarantee, and I think we all know that. But facts remain facts, and if there's one thing people like on a pretty consistent basis, it's free stuff. While no one can guarantee that Windows 10 will set the world on fire, it's safe to say it'll do a lot more than nothing. It's also safe to say we won't see a barren marketplace for a simple reason: It's already *not* barren, and it's only going to keep growing from here :)
  • I meant will be in the class of 2015. You continue to contradict yourself while hilariously trying to school someone with two Masters' and a Ph.D. candidate...we are discussing projections, assumptions. Those are not facts my friend. So, by your logic "facts" does not belong here. It is not a safe bet 10 will do anything. Moreover, it certainly could cause harm. The difference in logic between you and I is I work within the confines of evidenced based methodology while you work within a fantastical, magical bubble which departed reality with your first post.
  • Yeah, I'm sure you're a Ph.D. candidate, yet you can't even choose the correct word. Give me a break, kid. 17 year systems engineer, UCLA educated, four degrees. Bite me. LOL'ing at "Annuls":
  • Why are you being mean? Kent State University, Adventist University, Thomas Jefferson University, Capella University..MS in Radiologic Sciences from Thomas and MS in Health Administration from Capella , plus Ph.D. candidate from Capella.....were both pedigreed enough...I am the Director and Chief Administrator of a College. My use of the word annuls is accurate. Therefore...I tried to be nice...fuck your mother for me.
  • No, your use of the word is completely incorrect. The fact that you don't realize that tells me you're a liar about everything else you've said, too. Adios, chump.
  • Your not looking under ambiguous usage...goodbye. It was nice talking to you until you turned into a prick. Unfortunate.
  • I'd also expect a Ph.D. Candidate to understand the correct usage of"your" and"you're", and when to use one over the other. But then, that's just more evidence you've been caught in your fakery. Adios, fraud.
  • That really constitutes fraud or misrepresentation in your opinion. I'm typing on a phone... moron, autocorrect makes mistakes. You really are very jealous... Why else would you still troll old comments? You are a very sad individual. You are lucky your mom lets you live in the basement on her old, period stained mates lying on the floor without a bed frame. For you would not survive in the real world. Moreover, even if you have this alleged IT job, they stick you in a room to keep your hobbit looking ass out of sight.
    I found your one toothed dad...
    Microsoft Employee recounts Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview Release Day
  • Jealous of a liar and a phony? LOL.
  • Wrong again miss spelling bee... UCLA ripped you off... Big time... Lol.. Lol...
  • "You my friend, will go down in the annuls of the book I read...." How do YOU have two Masters' and a Ph.D. candidate? Nothing you said makes sense and your book sounds retarted.Sorry just had to say it.
  • It's ok, people get sound retarded...sorry, just had to say it.
  • And you sound like a liar, so I guess he's still the better guy.
  • Whatever makes you feel better, I don't care about your opinion. I have what I have and that is it. I have nothing to prove to you little troll with a USB plugged into your ass from UCLA working in an IT department. With your attitude, yeah right.
  • Sure thing, kiddo. Back to mom's basement.
  • Microsoft did not offer a free upgrade from Windows 7 to 8, at all.
  • A discount it was, thank you. Still didn't do well, did it?
  • Depends on your measure. 300 million copies in 3 years is more than Apple's sold of Mac OS in 30+ years. I'd say that's pretty damn decent.
  • I enjoyed talking with you, lets see what happens...maybe we both can have a big laugh at the end.
  • I dont think they will. The real reason for this is simple Apple pay.
  • Please! Not another "Windows 10 will fix everything" comment.
  • Nobody said it will fix everything. It clearly won't, given it's such a big step back from 8.1. Bit it will definitely improve matters, and being a free upgrade is a key part of that.
  • Lol don't they always say that? 3% market share doesn't mean it's "dead", look at Macs, severely outgunned in market share with PCs but yet they've been around for how long? Worst case scenario if Windows Phone doesn't get any higher than 3%, its still around, and certainly not going to be "dead" like all of these worthless pundits keep telling people.
  • The chase bank no longer works for me.
  • I'm still with BOA very disappointed though, hope there just waiting to create a win 10 app. Diehard till the end, which will never happen apple and the googe need competition so win is here to stay. It's Blackberry that's dead.
  • Yeah
  • *sigh*
  • I second that. I love this OS and don't want it to go away! But how many canaries lay dead in this coal mine and what can Windows 10 do to revive these?
  • European banks are there, Indian banks are there, Wells Fargo is there. It isn't all about BoA or Chase.
  • I don't live in India or Europe. I live in the US. So it doesn't matter what they have... this is a problem for me. And my banking setup is way too complicated to just switch. And then what happens if Wells Fargo dumps their app? I already switched from Citibank to Chase, one of the reasons bright the app (as well as more convenient branch). I definitely feel like Chase is being nasty here... they get plenty of money from me, they should take some of their billions in profits and do a few good things for their customers.
  • Really Mr Trump?.... It isn't that hard to move money....
  • Seriously. You can set up new accounts and move ALL of your money in a day or two.  You can even probably do most of it online...via a computer browser, obviously. ;)  Of course, with your big bucks and complicated financial empire, just have your accountant or one of your assistants handle. it. 
  • Wow. So you two bright bulbs know exactly how many personal and corporate accounts I have at Chase, and what type of debits go through them, huh? The paperwork involved to change them? How many, what type, and how expensive the checks are to change? How easy or difficult it is to modify the accounting procedures to get the new accounts into use? The chart of account changes that need to be made in my financial system? Changing accounts can be complicated... just like you guys can be clueless, presumptive, small-minded assholes. Unbelievable.
  • I wasn't talking to you poddie mouth. I am far from low, middle, or any section of the two classes aforementioned , of course I have people do things for me...a luxury if you will.
  • Ahhhh, the cursing has started.  Like I said, if your system is that complicated, one of your assistants or accountants could probably get it done in a day or two. Multi-national corporations can change banks, I can't imagine that it would be prohibitively difficult for ANY level of personal accounting. Cool name calling, though. You really look superior, now. 
  • Dalydose, I'm not sure why you're so determined to prove that it's no big deal for me to switch banks, with absolutely zero knowledge of who I am, what I do, what my priorities are, or what kind of staff I have or do not have. It's quite insulting. I absolutely am superior to you in the regard that I am not passing judgment on things I know nothing about for absolutely no reason or gain. I am specifically telling you that for some of us it is not a simple matter to switch all of our accounts to a new bank. I'm not sure what your vested interests or vendettas against Chase are, but I feel no need to explain further to some self important know-it-all on the Internet how wrong you are. I would suggest opening your mind to realize you are not the all-knowing, all-seeing, prodigy you appear to believe you are.
  • You might want to seek out a mirror and repeat that yourself.  Usually, one who proclaims there superiority is the only one so misinformed. I actually don't care about your accounts or what you do. I would counter the public declaration that people who have complex banking needs, need to be held hostage by their banks.  That's not true, but if that works for you, enjoy. You don't have to explain anything to me. It seems that you are most consumed with establishing YOUR superiority.  I'm not claiming to be prodigious, but you seem to have this idea that your financial prowess is so uniquely complex that we all must just bow.  Sorry...not this "self important know-it-all on the Internet". As little as I know about you, know you less about me, but thanks for the 5 cent carnival analysis.  
  • It's that damn EBT card isn't it....
  • Maybe you should get a new phone. Primarily a cheap one like a Moto G or any other device that had NFC and supported by Chase. Yes it's terrible what going on but what's going on is greed and they can't sucker much from the Windows segment so they could careless about the platform. Sad reality. Windows is a beautiful platform. Unique in its own design Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They take care of the majority of their customers... The majority of their customers using smartphone apps (probably 99%) are iDroid users.... You can't please everyone, and I'd say that 99% is a very good track record...
    Seriously think of how small the WP user base is.. Less than 5% market share, and not everyone uses Chase... Seriously, probably 99% use iDroid..
    This sucks for us, but we gotta face the facts, and hold ourselves responsible for continuing to use WP.. That's our choice, and we know what our options are... Yet, some people get mad at Chase... Lol.
  • Well, that would be an argument if you didn't just make up numbers to get to the point. Chase has more than 100 branches, but even with 100, every branch represents "roughly" 1% of their customers.  So by that logic, no branches should exist.  Percentages are not the most important number. How many TOTAL USERS are they not servicing?  No one here knows.   I do get mad at Chase and I'm not even one of their customers. They are now pawns of Apple Pay and these actions are certainly suspect.   I'm not sure why "it's just business" when Chase makes a decision, but WP users are dumb for making their choices.  We certainly CAN be upset with Chase and we certainly CAN decide not to do business with them.  It's just business on our end, too.
  • I see your point........ But, we all know that the numbers I said are most likely close to accurate, and we all know that's most likely the best explanation for Chase not supporting WP....
    Yes, you have the right to be mad... Still doesn't help anything... Especially when "you" barley even exist... The fact remains that most developers do exactly what Chase does,, not support WP.... That alone makes Chases actions very normal... They aren't the exception, WP is the exception.... It's not like I like saying that about my favorite platform, but it's the truth, and it's time for some of you to stop making up excuse, after excuse...
    And, who said that WP users were dumb❓ I'm a WP user, and I don't think I'm dumb for using it.. That's my choice, and I have to deal with its shortcomings... Better to admit your shortcomings, than blame everyone else... Sorry, dude.. I don't agree with your attitude at all, and I don't think I ever will. It's ok, though.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  • European banks are there
    I'm with Santander. It's a big European bank based in Spain, working throughout Europe inc. UK and beyond (the Americas, Asia, Africa). It's the biggest bank in the Eurozone by market value, 43rd globally in the Forbes list of the 2000 biggest companies of any type. There is no WP app, and at this rate I doubt there ever will be. I don't want WP to fail, but this kind of thing is a problem. 
  • Lol well Fargo? The bank that rapes you with different types of bullshit fees?
  • Banking apps are meh, my bank doesnt even have an android app its a web wrapper. I won't leave my bank regardless their online site is amazing.
  • I agree completely. One of the reasons it is very difficult to leave Chase is that their website is pretty great. Coming from Citibank it was really a revelation just how far behind CB is. Especially their business banking site.
  • I think you are right. What can WP10 do? Is WP10 not a new version of the WP8 hope? That this time everybody will care? I am getting sick to see every small Store has an app for IOS and Android and what is with WP?
  • Market share... Market share is low.
  • Windows 10 is a free upgrade for nearly a billion computers. That's pretty substantial.
  • That's one thing im excited to see happen.
    But, MS is gonna have to market that shear fact alone... How is MS going to get the average consumer to hit the update button, and recognize the Windows Store❓ I think MS is gonna have to have ads telling people the benefits, it's free, and go do it now.
  • That process is clearly well under way already :)
  • That canary thing is funny..I bet most don't even get it.
  • it was supposed to end ... finally it did 
  • Shame for chase users.... So glad Danish banks are still fully supporting the platform
  • Yeah, pretty much all of them! It boggles the mind how huge US banks can't seem to allocate the resources to support WP apps when tiny, local Danish banks have no problems...
  • And not only the tiny ones! Danske Bank has great support, and it's available throughout Scandinavia and Finland, and MobilePay is even better on WP than on IOS!
  • They need another government buyout...
  • Glad that I switched to a different company as my primary credit card provider, but this is certainly not a good sign for Windows Phones in the US.
  • As a Chase Private Client, I will now be moving my money elsewhere.  Good Bye Chase.
  • Good! That's exactly how to handle this :)
  • Please tweet them that. I am doing the same and let them know.
  • Meh - I managed to do my banking for YEARS without a mobile banking app... somehow I'll find a way to continue doing so.  TWICE, that's the number of times I used the app to make a deposit in the last 2+years.  Relax people.  No great loss and it certainly doesn't spell "the end" for Windows on Phone.
  • I am, sadly, making the same change. How pitiful. This organization is one step below stupid. While share may not be there today, the investment cost to keep an app functional is very low. If they fundamentally change the way the code works and can't pipe in support, then yes, there's a bigger cost. However, until that time, anything short of reinstating the app in a fully functional manner is an egregious slap in the face to all Chase consumers.
  • You probably shouldn't switch if it will make you sad.  I for one am contemplating a switch to Wells Fargo.  This was something I've been thinking of doing for about a year now and the decision by Chase only made me get my butt off the couch to follow through.
  • I moved a crap-ton of money from my Chase Private Client account to Wells Fargo Friday because of this. The WF staff (who genuinely seemed to appreciate my business) knew exactly what I was talking about, and said they had picked up several new accounts at that branch because of Chase's decision.
  • Please let Chase know by sending a tweet, email and call.
  • don't get burned by Wells Fargo like my family did, they tried to tell us we had no accounts, we had all the books and it took ages to get all of our money out of there once they finally admitted that they really did have the accounts 
  • Good
  • "private client" just means they have more fees to do the same the same thing they do for a regular customer. Don't get wrapped up in their labels. All that matters in the end is how much of your money they can make you part with.
  • I would cancel my bank account in those banks cutting off support for Windows if I was their client.
  • We should all Microsoft Band together in protest.
  • lol, well done
  • Good one
  • I came but only 5 people showed up. I guess we're still out of stock :(
  • Pissed now
  • Banking is one of the few apps I use on my phone. Glad we seem to be seeing good support in the UK still,feel bad for those losing their access.
  • I understand that, bit chase announced it was closing 300 brick and mortar locations because people are banking via mobile more than walk in banking so this should not have been done mobile is mobile as a whole no matter what platform.
  • This was expected waiting for expected things. Windows 10 preview for phones second updates.
  • Now Wells Fargo is all we have. At least I still get to deposit on my phone. Btw Wells Fargo has a sign-up bonus promotion recently.
  • They also stated that they aren't dropping support for their app.
  • Actually, they stated they presently have no plans...preserving the possibility that they may.
  • They told me that they weren't stopping support at all.
  • Would switch if there was a Wells Fargo anywhere near me. Only banks near me are Chase, PNC, Key, Forum Credit Union, and some state wide bank no one uses.
  • Hell all thats near me is PNC and they'll never make a windows phone app
  • At least PNC's mobile site works well for my needs.
  • Yea if you never have to deposit a check
  • Works overrated...
  • Check out Usaa if you are eligible.  They have an app and they refund ATM fees from other banks so it doesn't matter as much whether you have a branch near you or not.
  • There's Ally Bank too. Their app is beautiful, easy, and Ally isn't getting rid of it
  • How good is ally I've noticed a bunch of comments about them i might switch from PNC
  • Amazing. Customer service is top notch, app features are equal to the ios and android apps, I've never paid a fee to them...I can't speak highly enough of them. The only downside is there is no way to deposit cash into any account
  • Well I might have to check them out
  • We still also have USAA which has a great banking app. I use it everyday :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I love USAA too. It's too bad that everyone can't qualify.
  • USAA banking is now open to everyone.
  • Untrue.  They had partial memberships for non-military related individuals at one time, but that is no longer the case. I believe non-members can get some investment and life insurance products from USAA, but no banking.
  • The only thing limited at USAA is the home and auto insurance portion.
  • I'm not sure where you're getting that info, but from what I read, banking is limited to qualified members.  ONLY investments and life insurance are open to the general public,
  • Don't forget about Ally Bank. I have had a savings account with them for about a year now and am quite happy. I was primarily a bofa customer but am now in the process of transferring all of my accounts over to Ally.
  • USAA also. Great app.
  • How much does it really cost banks to create and maintain these apps? They are making money hand over foot and can't spare a little bit of their cash horde to provide some customer service. Just plain greedy.
  • Exactly! It's a joke if any bank complains about maintenance costs for a WP app. Like seriously?? That bank is probably not healthy enough to hold depositors' money! Heck if only 50 customers use the app that's enough reason to keep it alive! To me it's more of some kind of sabotage against MS and WP! That's the only explanation I can give.
  • Nothing when you only update once a year or three times in five years..... Just bias because there IT staff used Android and IOS.... Bottom line
  • They probably saved 100K/yr laying off the developer and the beancounter who made the decision got a million dollar bonus for it
  • No, Microsoft provided developer and financial support to larger organization to produce these apps:
  • Its just business. As a software developer i can tell you that there is no point in keeping an app updated and bug free if only a small percentage of the mobile users are going to use it. Its usually about resources to, you can have developers focus on the WP app, or you can have them improve the Android  or iOS app (that is actually being used a lot more). This happens a lot where i work. It's about money, resources and the future support. 
  • .... Which goes back to my initial comment. Yes it is business. But these banks are profitable, very profitable. How much is it really going to cost them to maintain an app? Is it going to break the bank? (pun intended). Besides their remedial solution to use instead of the app is their mobile website which doesn't work either. What's up with that? Greedy! Just plain greedy!
  • It still works for me, I used to have a message that said it would no longer work after 3/22, that message is now removed with the app still functioning for me.
  • ......update it lets me login and look at my balances but that's it all functionality like quick pay and transferring balances no longer function. Time to switch banks!
  • I had a glimmer of hope when they said it would work until further notice. Bye Chase.
  • Bank of America leaving was really what pushed me to give the iPhone a shot after several years until W10 is out, I hope this doesn't prove true with others as well because of this. 
  • Well if you were weak, why wouldn't they be also"? ;) (kidding, kinda)
  • No that's true, don't take that back.
  • As much as I would miss my live tiles, I too might have to switch to a more supported platform. Sucks.
  • Really? All that did was pushed me to Wells Fargo...
  • A lot of people like to do all their banking with one bank.  Switching banks can be A LOT more of an issue than changing phones for some people.
  • I like to do all my banking with one bank.  Switching was VERY easy for me. Thing is I use my phone daily way more than I use my bank...
  • You chose to leave over a banking app; just be honest, you left because all your friends and family user iPhone and you wanted to feel like a part of something
  • Believe it or not, what is most important to you may not be what is most important to another person, and vice versa.
  • I personally last used it over 1.5 years ago so it doesn't o affect me personally but it's all the other people who do user it is why I'm upset. Also, chase had successfully cause at least Mr. Martinez to leave a perfectly good platform to go to a platform that those dance chase employees use and support! Their personal bias is ridiculous and their basically forcing people to switch. My money should be considered just as good as an iPhone user or Android user! If its point 5 million users for example, that's 5 million more users than you had before windows phone app
  • Lack of apps have got my family trying to jump ship to iOS. It's sad times indeed.
  • There is no lack of apps for me! The app gap is non existent ...... I mean, how many apps do we need?
  • Oh come on. That's a silly comment given the nature of the article!
    Banking apps are core services we all tend to use on our phones. Not having them on the platform demonstrates at least one serious app gap.
    There are plenty of others too.
  • I don't and I'm an IT manager. I keep my own digital spreadsheets of my accounts.
  • You do realise banking apps do far more than just provide an account balance?!
    My Barclays app allows me to generate secure codes to authorise payments. It also allows me to make direct/pre-authorised calls to the bank without having to go through any security. There's a myriad of other things too that simply aren't possible without this app.
  • I do have an app for my bank (USAA), but I'd still do most of what you describe on my laptop. My phone app use is mainly for mobile deposit and to check on transactions.
  • Yes, but the spreadsheet have graphs and charts, interest rates, etc. I'm really good! Besides, lack of taking care of your own finances have a lot of people including former athletes broke. It also dumbs a lot of people down. We're to dependant on apps, spell checkers and the like these days.
  • To say there is no app gap is just crazy. My brother doesn't like WP because of all the travel apps he used on his past iPhone that are not on WP.
  • You can use mint but it doesn't help with checks and such
  • Just another case of the smart rests abandoning a sinking ship. Well, not a ship, more like a medium sized boat. #failOS
  • Don't you have better things to do? Like a bridge to get under?
  • Lol
  • This reply is so ironic, it's positively Martian.
  • Chase leaving was actually great since it allowed me to discover Ally. It is amazing. Not only is the app fluid and easy, but just overall as a bank they are incomparable. Amazing service, amazing perks, and still supportive of WP. Go check em out!!
  • They're the best. Been a customer for years!!
  • I love them too. Transferring all of my bofa accounts over to them after the app closure
  • "Although many banks in Europe have been releasing apps for Windows Phone in the last few months, in the US, at least, the situation is much more dire. " That means we should move our money overseas. If its good enough for Citibank, its good enough for us.  
  • The only UK bank that has supported Windows Phone 8 from the start is Barclays, they have a decent app, note I said app and not crappy web wrapper, and a PingIt app for Windows Phone
  • Barklays?  I didn't know about them.  I just wonder what banks support this platform.  There should be a list of banks on this blog that lists banks that support Windows phone.
  • Is Natwest a web wrapper?! I seem to remember it being a great app....and was on the platform far sooner than Barclays.
  • Natwest is an app, and is pretty much identical to the iOS & Android app visually & functionally.
  • That may be the case but is the Natwest app a lazy port from iOS and Android or one designed specifically for Windows Phone? I only mentioned Barclays, I didn't mention any other banks by name!!!!
  • NatWest has a Windows Phone App for a long time since WP7
  • Key bank app works well.
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • At least the mobile site works for me, but I will still switch banks. They have been reducing support continuously. My local branch now has ATM style machines instead of tellers inside the branch. If they are going to reduce service, they need to at least allow decent ways to do my banking remotely. The website is ok, but I need the ability to deposit checks, which only an app provides.
  • I can't believe America still uses cheques! Such an archaic form of payment
  • You are mistaken. We use "checks"!
  • You sir, are mistaken...we use EBT...
  • Screw them.
  • That's fine. I have cut off my business from them so I guess that makes us even.
  • ID code isn't working for me
  • Why is this all happening?
  • Well...Son of a B!!!
  • Ive moved on to wells Fargo, no way a bank will dictate what devices I use
  • No surprise here, aren't the banks the ones that ran to big brother for a bailout, due to their superior decision making - RIGHT!
  • Good point.
  • *Slow Clap* for both your comment and your name :)
  • It's too late. I already got a Moto X and am loving it. I know I'm going to miss my tiles, but hey I still have Windows 8.1 on my desktop and my Stream 7.
  • Why are you in this forum is you've left? Should be of no concern to you now
  • Possibly the person still likes to keep updated in case of changes.
  • @OMG55. Well, it is called Windows Central :P.
  • Ugh. I can't just drop the 2 credit cards I have with them. I'll be sending them messages through their system every month from now on.
  • What a shame.I hope Chase account holders find a better bank or maybe change to a new platform..whatever makes them happy
  • Windows Phone users are used to of such things..
  • Damn, I used bank of America and chase, now I have to check my account with my prism app
  • Thinking about switching banks. This may be what finally does it
  • They will come back with windows 10.
  • We heard that same thing with windows 8...
  • Unless you work for them, don't speak for them because you don't know!
  • I'm beginning to like you...
  • Say it with me, "ALLY BANK"
  • If your code isn't working, here is the resolution:  (1) change the brower options so that you can access the desktop version of the chase site; (2) enter the code on the desktop version of the chase site; (3) change the options back so that you access the mobile version, and it should work fine.  This worked for me. 
  • The future doesn't seem to be bright with this platform, i wonder how much i have to wait to get the apps on par with other platforms both quality and quantity wise...sigh...
  • Lame...
  • I never use the mobile web sites they usually suck.
  • Chase sent me an email inviting me to take a survey. They didn't do well.
  • Pity, such surveys don't have minus score options :P.
  • I'd love to hear a real answer from one of these banks. "Not enough people use it" doesn't cut it for me as you're essentially telling your customers to go spend $600 on a new phone. I'd assume banks as big as these have in-house development and don't see how keeping a current app secure and functional would cost them much so I don't buy that it's too expensive to maintain either. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but it wouldn't surprise me if something was awry. Hi Google.
  • More likely ApplePay behind this. They are both the headline bank partners. Check the ApplePay site.
  • Switched banks when BofA dropped support. Not just because of it, but it certainly contributed to it. If a company decides not to fully support ALL their customers, I think it is just fair for a customer to chose not support that company. As funny as that sounds, my mobile platform is more integrated in my daily life than my bank, so I had no hesitation to find someone else to manage my money.
  • Fu******* chase if you read this
  • Well written...
  • And what's even more retarded is that I can't even log on to their mobile site now... It's saying my ID and/or password is incorrect. It isn't.... I've tried 10 times.
  • Same here. Sigh.
  • You need to set your browsing preference to desktop version instead of mobile... wont allow any WP users to sign in...
  • It seems WP is losing more apps than gaining smdh so depressing
  • They're the worst.
  • I think those that use Chase should start a campaign to send them an automatic email weekly to get them to support Windows phone. Send the email weekly to as many office managers you can weekly. Stay on this until they get to work.
  • Weekly is too lenient, since it is going to be automatic - send one every minute :P.
  • Yup wonder what other major apps will stop supporting WP . Lets see what WP 10 does
  • Two words: Wells Fargo
  • Funny bc after my Citibank account I needed a new bank. Loved the chase app on wp8.1 so I chose chase... That sorta backfired I guess haha... Ah well I use which is alright and I'm not in the position to be transferring too much money here and there anyways so I guess I'm just hurt. Doesn't inconvenience me that much
  • If you're a service member or vet, USAA is where it's at. Great bank, great app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You don't have to be a service member or vet to open an account in USAA. Anyone can!
  • Boneheads. InB4 apology and's coming.
  • Commonwealth bank App, over here in Aus is pretty darn good! Just saying, as I changed banks because they offered it ;)
  • and I have been happily with them for the past fifteen years and counting.
  • Hopefully if windows 10 universal apps works as good as Microsoft claims, the desktop version should be able to be used on the phone.
  • Same with BofA
  • Sucks that some bank apps are leaving . Bofa app is gone and I can't even check my account using the mobile site
  • I always thought 3rd place was excepted as one of the top 3, where is the logic in not developing for or supporting one the top phone OS's , its also much cheaper for me to switch banks, there are plenty Wells Fargo locations in my area.
  • Ally is a good alternative. Opened my account there when all this started
  • Lol
  • "Many banks in Europe" doesn't apply to Italy: here only 50% of banks have a dedicated app. The remaining 50% are mostly (mostly, not all) minor banks. I would say that's dire. Not to mention that loads of websites are just plain rubbish on my WP browser.. whether it's the developer's or MS' fault I really don't care: I want to be able to use websites.
  • Closing my account. Screw you Chase.
  • Indian bank HDFC has an amazing banking app! Its made my life so much more easier :)
  • Waiting for SBI to update their Freedom app. We still don't have ING Vysya, SBI Freedom Plus, KVB and HSBC.
  • Mobile does not work for me in IE, but it does in my Roboform app's browser. Go figure. Of course, I can no longer make remote deposits.
  • Time to chase a different bank.
  • Screw chase, I'm out!
  • These bastards will come bakc with Windows 10.
  • Great! What these Chase idiots are thinking. The bank for its customers supposed to provide an ultimate banking experience. Not referring people to the website. There is a reason why developers create apps, not referring people to the website!!!!!
  • If you are still having issues with the mobile code not taking, go to the browser settings on your WP and delete your browser history. I had the issue on my Lumia Icon until I did that.
  • Submitted my application this morning to open an account at Ally bank, I should've done this weeks ago. Sucks for us WP users, I got a feeling Chase will be back if Windows 10 takes off, but I certainly won't do business with them.
  • There are at least 15 Chase ATMs in the hospital I work. But when they announced to withdraw support, I changed to Capital one.
  • I'm not normally one to complain about this, as long as the site works.   BUT Theis site DOESN'T work on my 1520, or my 520, or my 635, which makes this COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE
  • I don't care at all. Because I only have Chase Mortgage account along with two credit card accounts with Chase. If Chase vanishes along with their app I will be very happy. LOL, just being sarcastic. I use Mint for all my account consolidation. No need to fret over Chase app.
  • All major banks in India have apps for Windows phone and Windows 8.1
  • Yeah. and all of them work pretty well ;)
  • ING Vysya, HSBC, KVB and many others still don't have WP apps.
  • HSBC have a windows phone app but its only available for accounts located in Australia for some reason.
  • All indian banks have WP app. Ahh working app ;)
  • Some of you really live in some alternate universe.  Why in the world would Chase or Bank of America give a crap about a universal app?  They make mobile apps. They are not putting an app on your desktop, that is called the web.  This has nothing to do with Windows 10, this has to do with a dead operating system in North America.  Universal apps will be great for services like Evernote or Wunderlist that have apps on all types of devices, banks don't do that.  There would also be no reason to pull an app now just because Windows 10 is coming.  Live in reality folks, it will make your life decisions a lot easier to handle.      I also would not reccomedn switching banks based on a Windows Phone app.  Many on here went to Chase after Bank of America left.  Wells Fargo is there for today, and they said no "present"  plans to cut ties.  No present plans can change quickly.        
  • Dude I love this comment totally agree, some ppl are in denial so bad and are hoping that they can change because a few thousand that use windows phone for banking with the two banks are going to matter
  • Cool rant, bro.  Now brush up, because your "banks don't do that" attempted lesson is flawed.  Developers, including banks, also make applications for these devices called tablets, you've probably seen the cool kids using them.  Since Windows 10 will allow basically the same code (with UI adjustments for varying screen sizes) on phones, tablets and the Metro/Modern side of PC's, that the userbase for one programming effort is instantly increased.   Hopefully, people aren't taking your recommendations because Wells Fargo is in a great position.  They are seeing an influx of customers and realize the benefit of serving a loyal customer base.  Of course, they said "no present plans".  They aren't going to box themselves into a corner.  I wouldn't expect them to say "No matter what happens, we'll keep developing the Windows Phone app. Microsoft could go out of business and we'll keep making the app. Truuuuust us."
    Like I said. Cool rant, though.
  • "Universal" apps are a joke.  Hate nearly everything Apple, but continuity makes more sense.  Palm had the vision in 2011, such a shame they were absorbed by HP.  At least they live on in the form of Televisions and poor branding decisions (LG, Alcatel respectively) Windows Phone?  Where is Windows Phone??  XD  Even the brand is gone.  Nokia+WP -> Microsoft Windows, and it is like nobody noticed.  Not even Microsoft has hopes for WP, they are hoping developers will put that little bit of extra effort in getting their UIs to scale on phones properly.  They are forcing app environments for small tablets mainly because of this. Universal apps are Windows Phones salvation and desmise.  What an ironic contradiction ;) Do not need a phone running Windows, need a Windows phone!  Big difference Microsoft!!
  • They might not care about universal apps but they should care about web apps. Win10 will let them publish their web site to the store and augment it with camera and other native functionality.
  • I called Wells Fargo and told they I was interested in switching my banking and credit card from Chase because of this issue. They were very eager to harvest my business, unlike Chase who couldn't give a damn. Easiest decision ever!
  • Good!!!
  • I know they will come back. But two things for certain, I will drop chase like a hot potato as soon as it is financial sound for me...And 2.....Fuck them.
  • This is really upsetting for me because I like to be able to check my bank account while on the road. Now, I'd have to go out of my way to find an atm to manage my account if I'm on the road. Either that, or get a different phone :-/
  • ...or switch to a more accommodating financial services provider...or use Mint to check balances and transactions.
  • Just use the mobile site, make a favorite on your browser.
  • They wont lose anything if they kept it working Shit
  • They could lose their exclusive Apple pay deal
  • BOOM! I'm glad that someone else is seeing that! 
  • Wells Fargo is an Apple Pay partner. USAA is an Apple Pay partner. According to other post, they still have windows phone apps. If Apple was behind this, NONE OF APPLE'S PARTNERS WOULD STILL HAVE A WINDOWS PHONE APP.  And what does Apple gain from doing something like this? Mild entertainment from watching for fanboys get angry on Windows Central? It's not like Apple is having any problems selling iPhones that is has to sabatoah a minor player in the smartphone market. Stop trying to deflect the fact that Chase is making a business decision not to support the platform.
  • Hopefully wells Fargo stays as will disappear soon judging from their website
  • Guess this is a good way to kill a format... Bravo Apple.
  • F Chase and Bank of America. I hate both of those institutions. I'm not being dramatic. I actually hate them and won't let anyone in my immediate family use either of them. Long story short. I could care less that they're gone. And I recommend anyone with accounts with either of them to dump them quickly. Btw, for those that care, I bank with Ally and they've been fantastic.
  • Rich bank can't support an app for wp... Forget about poor developers...
  • Just keep tweeting the company. Let me feel the wrath.
  • This is very bad attitude of the US Banks sucking the money form the customers with charging for unnecessary fees and showing some bullshit reasons not to support the apps for Cross platform also this shows how ignorant are the US Banks about the predicting the future of the technology.
  • Chase is an idiot like boa
  • That is the stupidest thing ever. Even if they don't update at least leave it to work.
  • If I get bored one of these Saturdays, I might walk into a Chase and ask about opening accounts and then say that I want to check the functionality of their app first. Ooops.  Seems like a waste of time, but it'll make a good blog entry. :)
  • haha...great idea!
  • Definitely do that.
  • Large banks are rolling in money, yet they can't see to the convenience of their customers. Local banks and credit union can't match such services, but on balance I'd rather bank locally.
  • Thanks for the CSS revision at the end (Windows 8.1 app) :)
  • I think Google is behind this, think about the time line of Google buying softcard and announcing they are going to integrate it to google wallet. Google probably told them if you want to be in the initial launch of Google wallet you need to drop your windows phone apps. 
  • Maybe Apple pay agreement.
  • If this was Apple Pay agreement than Wells Fargo wouldn't have confirmed they have no Plains to discontinue support for Windows Phone because they are an Apple Pay partner just like Bank of America and Chase Bank. And if Apple Pay is behind this, both Wells Fargo and USAA and what ever American banks are left on Windows Phone will be next to drop support of Windows Phone. 
  • I had a credit card with Chase, which I used exclusively for Softcard. With Softcard gone, there was no reason to keep the Chase card so I cancelled it. (I have one with Bank of America too which I will cancel once I pay off the balance and get a new card from someone else).  However, as much as I'd love to blame Google, the decision to discontinue WP app support for Chase had nothing to do with them. Their app had not been updated in quite some time and the decision to pull it was made before Google & Softcard were in the picture. I believe the decision was made because they want to add more advanced banking features to the app and just support the larger mobile OSs since that is what most of their customers use. The switch from Silverlight to WinRT apps and Windows 10 coming but no real gain in market share right now probably also influenced their decision as well. However, for an instituion as large as Chase or Bank of America, it's a shame that their greediness is more important than putting the customer first and supporting the small percentage of users who use Windows Phone. I do think they will eventually be back when they realize the number of combined users of Windows 10 for desktop, tablet, and phone, but they are unwilling to commit to do so right now and probably won't be for at least a year.
  • None of these banks care until a Windows user who has millions in one of these banks and decides to switch due to this reason
  • Fortunately, I don't have Chase account. LOL. Just trollin'.
  • In here finland we don't have worry about this. Many finnish companies use lumia phones (because of being home of nokia brand) and because of that we are getting everything for wp (sometimes even before android and iOS).
  • Well then, they should not ask me to opt out from snail mail & I will not.
  • Worth noting that two of the Seattle-area's largest employers - Chase and Starbucks - aren't interested in providing apps for Microsoft's phones. How much money does Microsoft and their employees bank and spend with Chase and Starbucks? 
  • Starbucks has a Band app. Phone not sure as I don't drink thier swill.
  • That just is ridiculous. No chase. No boa. No Santander. No hsbc. I live in the UK and travel alot. MSFT need to comment. They have to say something. This situation is getting ridiculous. There's no point saying the next is is going to be any better if they don't make a metro app. Really, msft should comment on this BlackBerry can at least use android apps half way decent. :/
  • I don't bank from my phone. Initially I thought this was no big deal. But asking around it seems a lot do.  in fact, virtually everyone under 25 seems to do almost ALL their banking from their phone.   To a segment of the population, this is like losing FaceBook.   Lets hope Microsoft can court them to come back because, unlike FB, the bank isn't going to let Microsoft right a banking portal app for them.  
  • Chase you suck!
  • If MS makes a browser that can run Android apps on it without any changes, that's enough to kill monopoly of Apple and Google.
  • I rather get the feeling they'll be regretting this in the coming months...
  • :(
  • I use the website on IE for WP and after the Denim Update Chase is giving WP users the same website as an iPhone user which is as feature rich as the original WP Chase app. I figured that after this changes I don't really need a banking app as long there is a great web app experience. I blame Apple for trading
    training people to think apps are everything.
  • As feature rich? You can deposit checks with it?"
  • ^ exactly. This is the main issue. I use Schwab. They have apps for ios & Android but not WP. Those apps allow you to take a pic of your check for easy deposit. I definitely can't do that through their mobile site. That is just one reason why this lack of U.S. banking apps is frustrating.
  • Here's what I find ironic. What OS do you think most of these banks use? The tellers, ATMs, security. Mostly Windows. I do agree that there is an investment element to backing mobile app development. You have to understand when it comes to big business the metrics are all that matters. Banking apps for Windows mobile would only help the banks, but they're so focused on the market value they're not concerned.
  • Wouldn't it seem a lawsuit is in order? Thus could prove dangerous. This isn't a news reader or television link suddenly not working. This could have real financial harm in some circumstances.
  • That'll be the funniest lawsuit ever filed, its not as if a mobile app is something a bank is obligated to supply. Good luck with that.
  • Why not? Handicapped or the visually impaired which actually make up a small percentage are given treatment such as automatic doors or voice feedback. Which I am glad they receive. You could argue effectively that your choice in a device was based on ease of use or just because you felt it was the right thing to do. You should not be punished for your choice. As a customer of Chase you have the right to continue to receive the same level of service as others.
  • Really? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can confirm, I work in the digital space at a popular regional bank and they will not support Windows Phone due to low market share. Sad state for Windows Phone...
  • That is stupid thinking. 3% means 3 in 100. The US population is something like 350 million, can you guess what number 3% of that is? How about 3% of 4.5 billion active cell phones... Market share is a ploy used by the lazy and uninformed. Namely Google and Apple.
  • Use the link to logon to the Chase mobile bank site.
  • So what is the real excuse for these large companies Google etc etc not supporting Windows Phone with proper apps?  Is it simply the market share, competition, laziness, or a mixture of all 3 ? Or something else? 
  • Yeah, I couldn't get into the mobile site either. You have to call them and have them create a ID code. Because of you have it texted and leave the app to see the code, it's like it resets when you go back to the app. Customer service feels like we do to though, many say it's dumb of them to do that with the app. Hope that helps
  • Wow, you really enjoy publishing this kind of news, don't you?
  • It's getting harder to ignore when this seems to happen every week. People probably send them tips on this type of news so there is an interest.
  • Maybe customers who use $70 phones unsubsidized are not their target market?
  • Mine was over $500... So yeah you must be right.
  • Thanks Microsoft
  • Thank Chase
  • Chase mobile site does not work on my WP either. I literally have no way of checking my balance from my phone at all. Sucks!
  • Try using the webapps app that is in the store. The boa and chase version still function on my 920.
  • I'm guessing their head of IT marketing is a snotty Apple fanboy.
  • Another MS fail. Bs report about windows phone growing are for the mindless that cant do their own research and rely on MS butt kissers to deliver them the supposed facts.
    Good job Natella
  • 750 million users is still a big number... Two times the population of the US. Market share does not mean a damn thing.
  • I still think that has something to do with Apple and their Apple Pay service. Seems awfully suspicious that within a week of announcing Apple Pay, we got multiple banks saying they were ending their WP app support.
  • Than why didn't all Apple Pay partner pull out? Why only two? Well Fargo is a major Apple Pay partner and they said they have no Plains the  drop support for Windows Phone. 
  • I laugh at those who say small marketshare. Especially with Windows 10 on the horizon. But I closed my Chase acct last week. They don't support me, I don't support them.
  • Did you tell them that?
  • Yep. Told them. They didn't seem to care. They didn't even try 'customer recovery' tactics like BofA did when i nixed them. Says a lot about Chase .
  • Google must store some of its evil money there.
  • I have the webapps app installed and both boa and chase webapps still work just fine on my 920.
  • I switched from Bank of America to Ally when BoA stopped supporting the WP app. I'm more than happy with my move. Actually stupid that I waited this long to switch. Now I have interest checking with no fees and a savings account that pays 1%. They are also supper helpful and friendly, I couldn't say the same about BoA. They always nickel and dimed you. And most importantly I'll save probably about $200 per year in fees and ATM charges.
  • #switchtonewbank who usesthe WindowsPhone potential Security and can finance apps
  • In a world now totally dominated by technology and information, not providing an app (or even a working mobile website) to its customers just because they are just a few millions, implies that this bank is a bit out of tune with the world. Not a good thing in this time and age.
  • I am going to Wells Fargo too. They have an account with a nice interest rate also.
  • Without support...seems faster
  • I don't get banks like Capital One and Chase who only offer image deposit on Android and IPhone. They won't even support it on their mobile web. Why?
  • Boooo
  • I left boa a long time ago because they are such rip offs. Same goes for chase. Who needs them, I know I don't!
  • I will never quite a platform because of some stupid bank that has get to pay back the money loan to them from our tax dollars. If you are one to do so them. Then you should be friends with every criminal on the planet.
  • Supply and demand still work in USA, economies of no scale at work! Where I live I use 3 banks and all use websites. They did not work in Windows Phone 10!
  • When it comes to banking and security, no app is better than an unsupported app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm sorry, but it's idiotic to switch banks because of the unavailability of an app. You switch phones to stay with the bank that benefits you the most financially. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have no loyalty to any bank and it is much easier for me to move my funds to wells fargo than it is to switch phones when I'm on a two year contract.
  • Fuck you Chase
  • Cue weeping and gnashing of teeth
  • Ally, here I come.
  • It seems banks in India is better in tech than banks in America... Except for Citibank, most popular private banks have one app. For all platforms. Even state bank of India, government based bank has one!!! My point to be precise is, can't a big bank that operates lots of ATMs, buildings can't afford to keep one app?
  • There is light at the end of tunnel. Good news for Windows Phone fans, as Microsoft will be adding more new features and improvements in the next version of its mobile operating system. See soon chase...Check video and read article...