Bank of America ends support for its Windows Phone and Windows apps

Bank of America has followed through with the removal of their app from the Windows Phone and Windows Stores. In addition, the app itself no longer functions, which is a departure from the route Chase Bank is taking.

Bank of America announced at the end of January that they were discontinuing support for their Windows and Windows Phone apps due to low market penetration. As an alternative, the company has told customers that they can use the online web version on their mobile site.

Bank of America no longer working

However, as a cruel twist in the matter, it appears that Bank of America's mobile website does not work with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phones. Entering in your username and tapping the 'Continue' button results in no action or access. Between the non-functioning app and a hobbled website, Bank of America customers with Windows Phones are truly sidelined.

There is no evidence that the bank has plans for a Windows 10 app for the fall, leveraging Microsoft's new universal development platform. Assuming market share grows for the Microsoft ecosystem, it is plausible that they company returns at a later time.

Even in a best case scenario, we are likely looking at a year or so before any Windows 10 app solution could be delivered. Alternatively, the bank may take advantage of Microsoft's forthcoming web-apps for Windows 10. That system delivers integrated web-apps through the Store that can use system resources like notifications, making them similar to native apps but without the development time.

For now, Bank of America customers will have to wait until the website gets a fix for Windows Phones or the easier solution: just switch banks (cough, Wells Fargo, cough).

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • It's sad.. They add one cool app in the WP store and remove 5.. There is a curse over MS :)
  • Actually, it's more like "add five and remove one". unfortunately sensationalists don't seem to be able to count.  
  • No, sladyrko was right the first time. The WP store is adding apps, but not "cool" ones.  The number of useful things you can do on a WP is getting smaller, fast.
  • That's incorrect as well, even more so than what sladyrko said. First off, this doesn't decrease the number of things that can be done on WP one bit. The same people who used the BoA app can get the same features plus more through Prism/Mint. And in case you haven't noticed, there's neat apps that extend the capability of the platform being released all the time. Many of which are reported here. People want to hang on to the loss of one bank app while plugging their fingers in their ears through the entire duration of app releases.
  • Same features through prism/mint? I can transfer money between my own accounts? Pay my credit card? I used the boa app a lot and it sucks to not have it anymore. It was actually a pretty well made app.
  • Glad I'm not in America, at least the Lloyds app in UK is working fine, lets me transfer money between accounts, pay credit card etc, even switch to desktop if required.
  • The RBS and Natwest apps are superb. And they just got a superb update, so they are clearly supporting us well.
  • You can deposit your BofA checks through Prism/Mint?  That's cool. I had a Windows Mobile Phone and think it has a lot of killer features.  But you're blind if you think the app support is on par with the other platforms.    
  • Windows Phone's app support is most defintely behind other platforms. I wouldn't dare deny that. People are; however, blowing the loss of this one app out of proportion.
  • 1) It is not this one app. 2) BoA and Chase are some of the largest consumer banks in the world.  If they don't have enough Windows Phone customers to warrant supporting one little app -- or even a mobile Web page that works on Windows Phone -- then no one does.  That's the problem.  It is indicative that WP is, for all intents and purposes, a dead platform.   How can we expect smaller companies with limited resources to support WP if great big ones with nearly limitless resources can't be bothered?
  • I never reply on here, but that is so wrong.  Banking is a huge part of life.  Losing the capabilities of the app and the mobile browser for BofA is massive and having Mint does nothing to close that gap.
  • "Banking is a huge part of life." for YOU!! not for everyone who uses a phone. it's not like your bank account can't be reached through other devices or even the web version. also it's your Bank who is ending support for an app they released, it's not Microsoft blocking them. so it is your Bank the one that doesn't care about YOU windows phone user. other banks have their apps, and they aren't ending support for them. You can say whatever you want, but not everone is under "huge part of life" (you are just talking about YOURSELF) and not everyone uses this Bank and they aren't saying "oh WIndows phone is more limited now" only because this bank is ending support.   I feel sorry for you if your life is about depositing money everyday and opening a bank life every 10 minutes.
  • Well said......its like "apps" are the meaning of life! Jeeeze
  • @_Emi_   Oh do get off your high horse.  Banking is a huge part of life.  If not for you, that's fine.  But for most, and thus, overall. And WP users are now well and truly screwed, at least in the USA, where the two big banks that make up a majority of personal checking accounts are disappearing from the platform. This means WP is essentially broken.  It is time to look for alternatives.  There is no longer any reasonable defense of this platform. There is no evidence things will get any better under W10.
  • No. If so, then GET A LIFE.
  • We all were able to do our banking long before mobile solutions. But it's so CONVENIENT and a huge time saver if I  don't have to make a separate trip to the bank. We're all busy these days, specifically because WE HAVE LIVES, and saving that trip frees us up to get on with our lives.  This is a very disturbing trend for WP users. You simply cannot spin it any other way, try as you might.
  • Your ate so wrong at saying my friend " get a life" in my particular case i do hace a life but every single Day i uused to login to BofA app to check my Money bc im Just a freak how much money I have and spending , that doesn't mean I dont have a life , this is my case isn't the case everyone else but like me maybe there's a bunch of ppl that do the same as me or in a less proportion.
  • I was a WP user since day 1 and bought the Samsung Focus for my first device. Ive owned the Lunia 900 cyan (loved it), Lumai 928, and 930. I had to leave WP a few weeks ago mainly becasue I wanted a ftness band with text, email, phone, etc notifications. I have been trying to buy the MS Band since day 2 it came out and always out of stock. Finally what broke the camel's back was this banking issue. I use Chase and Bank of America especially for check deposits. I am now using Android for all of what WP couldnt offer me. I will definatley come back to WP once these 2 things are fixed if ever. I love Windows Phone OS and it was veryu hard to go to Android.
  • Piss off. Of course it applies to him and many others. Deposit via the app was huge for people that lived far enough from a ATM that made it convenient. Drop the undying blind support. The removal of this app sucks for BoA customers and the ecosystem in general. I feel sorry that you're a d-bag that can't see the bigger picture.
  • I have a credit union (banks charge way too many fees for me) and they've never made an app for either of my phone (WP or BB10, they do have iOS and Android), but it doesn't really bother me. I have no need to "bank" through an app daily. My debit & credit card through my CU both work just fine without an app. My payroll check is deposited into my account every two weeks, no need to ever deposit a check. If I need to transfer money, I do it at work, on a PC like people have done for years before they had an app. I agree that it doesn't help the platform for BOA to drop support for their app and the web (still scratching my head on this one), but yell at them or change banks if you REALLY need an app in your life.
  • I agree with you. But here's the thing: MOST people WANT this. I don't shop at Wal-Mart either, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm the norm. We have to stop telling ourselves that it's OK for people to CONSTANTLY do workarounds to get things working on WP. I hate the app-centric way phones are, but that IS the way they are. I mean, saying "If I need to transfer money, I do it at work, on a PC like people have done for years before they had an app." is supposed to make someone want to buy a Windows Phone?? It's clear from Microsoft's failed attempt to change this that it will remain this way. So saying "we don't need banking apps" is fine - just don't expect the VAST majority of people to agree.
  • I said me, not we. I speak for no one else. I couldn't care less about any banking app and a personally don't care if anyone agrees with me. Just because people follow current, sad trends don't mean I have to. I was just stating that I don't need a baking app.
  • I don't need one either. Like I said, that's fine. But without banking apps, and other apps that people expect, the platform is dead. Just a fact, it's not about current trends.
  • Mobile banking is actually quite nice. I'd go as far as to support him in the notion that banking is a huge part of life. I'm constantly monitoring my expenses, spending, rewards and whatnot. And being able to pay my bill on the go is quite spectacular. I do not; however, agree that the loss of BofA's app takes that ability away. I'm currently with a couple different banks for different reasons... and while I have apps for Synchrony, US Bank, Paypal, Google Wallet and GE on my other devices, NOT A SINGLE ONE comes close to the convenience of Mint and Prism. Mint allows me to check the balance of everything all at once, and Prism goes above and beyond just letting me pay bills on my mobile - it's a quicker solution than the dedicated bank apps, offers a much more in-depth collaboration and gives me notifcations as my bills arrive and as they come close to their due date. This small handful of bank apps we lost don't come close to being anywhere near as good as the combination of Prism/Mint.
  • But don't you sill have to visit an atm or branch to deposit a check, dont u? all of these other services u listed above  are offered on the bfoa website, the one thing one looses with the app is mobile check deposit.
  • Agreed
  • I didn't realise that a lot of banks in Mexico have WP support until these 2 banks in USA started to remove their apps. Now, I'm forcing myself to use the WP apps to access my accounts.
  • Do any of the other browsers work?
  • Not that I have found. IE is so, so bad, and there really are no better alternatives. Life on WP is becoming unbearable.
  • Unbearable? That just flags you as a trolling fanboy. There are annoyances, but no more so than Android from my experience and the experience of many. We're looking for workarounds here. Hopefully 10 will make less annoyances than Android more obvious to more people, but we'll workaround issues until then.
  • Trolling fanboy?  Who am I trolling and of what am I a fan?  I want WP to have a good browser because my phone is a WP!!! Not having a single, even halfway decent Web browser is a pretty big deal.  It makes it really, really hard when I have access to neither apps nor mobile Web pages.  And IE is wretched!!!
  • Those of you that continue to say "IE is terrible" and "IE is wretched" clearly forget that it is the web developers that develop the websites, not Microsoft, and these developers only develop their websites for certain platforms. Developers are biased towards Chrome and Chrome alone. They abandoned the most universal browser for a new one and has been decreasing support for IE ever since an alternative was released back over a decade ago. Microsoft continues to change for developers and they still give Microsoft the cold shoulder - seemingly out of spite. As a competitor of Google, Microsoft is not going to allow Chrome on their devices, nor would Google want to put Chrome on WP devices. Stop complaining about it and switch to a different phone if it's that unbearable (just remember that after the constant whining and abandonment, the upcoming Spartan browser will have identical features and APIs with Chrome + more in W10)   Contrary to your complaints, I use my WP 8.1 IE browser to do everything and it works as one would expect a desktop browser to. Coming from the Chase perspective, as I do not have BoA, I can do everything in-browser perfectly fine EXCEPT depositing checks. Most of those in-browser features simply work better in Prism (Mobilligy), though, so why would I even open up the website? Depositing checks remotely? Sorry. It's the 21st century and it is extremely rare to even get a check these days, and even if you do, get off your lazy butt and drive to your bank to deposit it like a normal human being. If you can't go in-person to your bank, why are you banking there? Most people have direct deposit for payroll or can receive any payment through Billpay, Paypal, and countless other methods. The physical check is dying out. 
  • Dude, if you're a WP fan who speaks the truth, the reality, about the platform, and isn't a brainwashed sheep, then you're a trollllllll... Welcome to the club, Jack.
  • "We don't need any of the popular apps that people expect on their phones!! Besides, these popular apps (that we don't need) will come with Windows 10 for phones so people will buy the phones then (even though nobody needs these apps)!!" I think that's what the defense of the disastrous app gap comes down to these days.
  • That's what we all hope, but that doesn't mean that it will work that way.
    Personally, I think if Apple took over WP, and posed as MS, they could make it work... Nobody would know it's Apple.. Now, wouldn't that be interesting to see❓ Kind would make a cool reality show... Lol❗
  • They wouldn't make it work. Apple is an icon and a status symbol and nothing more. They have celebrities in their pocket, an entire generation of youth demanding their products because "everyone else has it". If it has a Windows logo it's already labeled as "uncool" "inferior" "your dad's boring device". It's trashy and entirely maniacal, but this is what has happened. Millions of people all over the world use WP. Microsoft has brought affordable devices to markets outside the US and have been very successful with these foreign markets. Why do you think a third of the apps in the store are in a language other than English? It's a global focus that Americans will get easily frustrated at as they aren't the prime audience MS has their sights on at this given moment. I mean what do you expect? BIG RED THEMSELVES completely screwed Microsoft and Nokia over by refusing to push Cyan and Denim properly. The biggest network in the country hates WP. So MS is thinking bigger and long term, creating a universal platform, not pinching pennies over the now, such as a new firmware update that will give users a tiny little feature like new colors for your glance screen. They have Windows 10 they're focused on, the future, not updates to past builds. 
  • And, your very comment is why I think that it would be interesting to see, at least for a year... That would be cool...
    IDK... I have to disagree.. I think they would apply some of what you said, very effectively, and make MS look like they don't know how to sell their own products.... My girl has a degree in marketing, and she said it yesterday..... Marketing is everything, all that matters, and you have to be constantly on your game, and evolve your shit... You have to predict the curve, and stay ahead of it..... Sounds a lot like Apple's marketing vision.
  • Yeah, I think you clearly don't know what you're talking about and neither does she. Marketing is important, of course, but no amount of marketing can overturn decades of hatred. People don't want to be associated with MS, they simply don't. Tell someone you have a Windows Phone and they'll laugh in your face. They'll ask, "haha you're joking, right?" People think it's an enigma, an elephant in the room, they won't EVER give it a chance because these generations have been engrained to hate anything that's productive, efficient, and simple. WP has an app for just about every single common and most uncommon things out there that someone would need or desire to do. Only incredibly niche things like wireless shutter remotes for a Fujifilm camera are missing from WP... and now some banking apps. I can do everything I could possibly want on my WP. Games, photos, video, video/photo editing, FB, Twitter, Netflix, Crunchyroll, MS exchange, Office 365, Skype, kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, like come on! Everything is there and more! Flawless GPS navigation for free! Foreign language education packages, you have it all! And I will show people that it has it all, I will show them the capabilities, the UI, the specs, the multitasking, the incredibly in-depth Cortana usage, and what is their response? "Well.. it doesn't have Google Play Store so none of my apps I bought would transfer over.. and besides my phone can do all that too, so why would I switch?" People simply do not want to deal with a 3rd OS. Blackberry? It has Android apps so it doesn't really count. WP is a third wheel for the general population and always will be no matter how great the marketing is. If Apple and Microsoft were reversed as far as market share and history? (aka Windows logos on laptops seen in every single Hollywood movie instead of an Apple logo, people using Zunes instead of iPods, etc) - if their roles/history were reversed? Apple could never make a come back using their current marketing vision. You cannot cause a revolution with a short-term marketing strategy. You can't tell people to fix something that isn't broken. You can't tell people to give up something in favor of something else when it's something they've confessed they can't live without.
  • "People think it's an enigma, an elephant in the room" Don't use words that are outside of your vocabulary. Just sayin'. ;) "WP has an app for just about every single common and most uncommon things out there that someone would need or desire to do. "
    Absolutely false. Ridiculous statement. "I can do everything I could possibly want on my WP."
    That just means you are CLEARLY not representative of the population at large. And there is NO Snapchat on WP. And Instagram (official) and other official apps lack many features of the other apps. Cortana is great though. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Stop denying that there is no app gap, and stop pretending that people can use WP the same they can iOS or Android. They simply can't.
  • Exactly... Very true.
  • Your trolling is real. Have you ever used a WP? Seen the marketplace? 6snap = WP Snapchat. And last I checked, it worked fantastic. If it's broken now because of SNAPCHAT's own policy changes, that is AGAIN, no fault of Microsoft. Entirely, completely, utterly Snapchat's fault. Stop blaming the operating system or Microsoft themselves for AAA companies not adopting a platform that reaches a market base of close to 100 million people everyday. " "I can do everything I could possibly want on my WP."
    That just means you are CLEARLY not representative of the population at large. And there is NO Snapchat on WP. And Instagram (official) and other official apps lack many features of the other apps." " 6tag has all features of Instagram that one can fathom, and of course, as written above, it is INSTAGRAM who controls their official app. It's not Microsoft's job to bring their app out of Beta. I challenge you to enlighten me here. Tell me what apps the population at large needs in their day-to-day life that cannot be found on WP. ( this would be actually productivity or networking, not games or entertainment )
  • Give it up. I've used WP for 3 years, I HAVE those third party apps. The FACT is that unless there are good first party apps, that RELIABLY will be on the OS, people won't want it. I'm sorry you can't understand that. Yes, it's Snapchat's policy that makes 6snap useless. So what? Do you think the prospective users give a damn who's fault it is? The fact is, Snapchat doesn't exist on WP. And if you use a third party app, you'll be banned. "Tell me what apps the population at large needs in their day-to-day life that cannot be found on WP. ( this would be actually productivity or networking, not games or entertainment )" LOL. The list would be too long (and surely, any appo I could name, you'd say that people don't NEED it, just like apparently you don't think they need banking apps). And funny how you only include "productivity or networking" as apps you deem worthy of people "needing". I guess only apps people NEED is what they should want on WP, huh? And you call ME a troll. Unbelievable.
  • Wrong attitude Mike... No negativity around here, please... You're ruining everyone's fun.
  • The real trolls are those claiming WP isn't a debacle. Those of us who use and suffer with the shortcomings every day know the truth. My Next18 contract on my One M8 is up in ~14 months. Windows 10 better be a game changer or there's no easy I'll be getting anther Windows Phone, which is sad, because a) I want there to be a third option but b) I see nothing particularly exciting in Windows 10.
  • Again, I've asked for you to tell me the shortcomings that impact you on a daily basis. I use my WP8.1 Nokia Lumia 928 every single day and have zero issues or complaints. Tetra Lockscreen, Exchange, Office, OneNote, Skype, Spotify, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Vine, GPS voice nav, Lync, Paypal, Prism, Soundrivin, Tether X, Fandango, a bundle of 5-10 separate Japanese language software packs... my calendars sync, my contacts sync, everything is connected. Everything works. Anything extra on top of this? Icing on the cake. WP is not a "debacle" when you can do all of these things and much, much, much more on it with ease. The only "debacle" is the waiting for their Windows 10 drop later this year. It makes sense why they are doing it - fall, near the holidays, being the newest, freshest thing on the market, etc. They might lose people in the meantime, but they will be the talk of the town this Christmas. Good thing my contract with Verizon is ending when WP10 drops so I can switch to whichever carrier has the flagship they keep promising.
  • How many times do I need to tell you that people want MORE than just the basics? Are you really not understanding that when people look at smart phones, the vast majority of them will be faces with two options, iOS and Android, that have ALL the apps they want (not just the ones they need), and one, WP, that has great basics and a great OS, but LOTS of the apps they WANT are not there? I went with WP because it was (and is) a great OS, it was a Nokia phone which I was nostalgic for and I love the UI. At the time, 3 years ago, there weren't that many exciting apps beyond what was built into the OS, and it looked as if WP would close the app gap. Today, the market share situation is identical, the gap in interesting app is still wide, and development for new and exciting apps that people want is with extremely few exceptions not happening on WP. It doesn't matter how much you or I are happy with just "the basics". It really doesn't. Look at what people use and want, and look at what WP offers. It makes zero difference that you think they SHOULD be happy with just the basic apps that happen to (in many cases in inferior versions, like Spotify, Instagram, Paypal, Vine, Office (YES, OFFICE IS BETTER ON IOS!!!) and until extremely recently Netflix, etc) be available on WP. People aren't paying hundreds of dollars just to be able to do the basics. It's the "Icing on the cake", that you dismiss, they pay the premiums for! I don't like it anymore than you do, but that's how it is. I don't have shortcomings on a "daily basis", but I sure do on a weekly basis. The bar I go to frequently has a cool jukebox system that only works on Android and iOS. The PAC-12 Network has live streaming apps only for Android and iOS. The mall I go to has an app that connects me automatically to their frww WiFi, on WP I have to enter my email EVERY TIME through the web browser. And so on, and so on. Literally, I can go on and on. You will say these things aren't essential, and I agree. But why would someone choose the OS where they run into these things ALL. THE. TIME. when they can choose one where they don't? I'm sticking with WP, because I'm used to it. But even a long time user like me is fed up soon.
  • Just agree to disagree with this dude.. He's too biased to let his mind see the reality of the situation.
  • Bias? No I' not biased in the least! I've only owned a Zune 30, Zune HD, Nokia N900, 5800, HTC Trophy as soon as WP7 came out, Lumia 822, Lumia 928, Surface Pro Original on release day. No not biased, just a loyal user. I'm the guy that does everything in Office and uses Outlook for email. What's Gmail? Come again? Yeah. Why am I like this? Because I've been forced to use Macs all my life in design labs all over the country and know how flawed they are inside and out. iOS is a disease, the definition of mainstream. I'm not so attached to my phone that I throw a fit because I go to a mall for an afternoon and have to enter in some login details for their WiFi. Heaven forbid it takes me 40 seconds to access free data!! What a decrepit entitlement attitude. Ever heard of "first world problems"? Guess what. You'd be featured on it.
  • Lol!!! 20-30 words were classic... Wow.
  • With an attitude that dismissive towards potential customers that want their phone to make things easier, I'm starting to think you're in charge of Microsoft's marketing :)
  • If you're referring to me.... It's all sarcasm on my part... This guy up here is brainwashed, or something.
  • No I meant mourouarts attitude :) basically he's saying that nobody should want anything besides the most basic and "productive" apps, and anyone that does doesn't deserve WP. :/
  • I know....
    See, most WP fans back in the day used to be humble, and accept the truth... Now, they are just as pretentious as those pretentious iDroid fans.... It's hard to address real issues now because people are to quick get defensive, stand up for MS, and make up any excuse they can..... This is why I hold my stance, and blame MS when necessary.... It's not my fault it's necessary a lot❗
  • I dunno why you guys keep slamming Microsoft's marketing, the marketing is not the issue. Their marketing team is doing incredible, virtually doing what Apple did when the iPod first came out. Comparing their products and showing why people should switch. They have a definite marketing presence - but it isn't FOCUSED on WP because WP10 isn't out yet. Why market old gen devices? You cannot possibly tell me that would be a good investment on their part right now. The Surface Pro 3 and tandem have been successful to the max - I watched at least three of my Apple sheep friends get a Surface Pro 3 over the holidays and swear by it. That's improvement. I think it will continue with the release of WP10 and a flagship.
  • You don't know why... Exactly... So, sorry. But, thanks for your opinion..
  • Yeah, no kidding. I love the WP OS, but the app situation is dire. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. I don't like it, but it's how it is.
  • Denial... That's gotta be my new go to word... Denial... That's exactly what this place has turned into... A bunch of sheep. Sorry, but it's true.
  • The app situation is dire!? DIRE!? Like "life or death" dire? Look at the words you are spewing. You make it sound like your smartphone is the be all / end all of life itself. The niche, underground apps that hardly anyone uses are that important to you? SWITCH. No one is stopping you. No one is putting a gun to your head to forcing you to use a Windows Phone. If it means that much to you, why are you here? You're a bundle of negativity instead of doing anything to change your problem. I'm the one over here happily using my WP and being productive as ever. You're the one hurting right now (or so it seems from the way you talk). OR.. you could do something to HELP the matter at hand? Maybe contact these foolish devs that make your niche apps and tell them to make it for WP? Maybe explain to them why it's SO DIRE? Because Microsoft is not at fault (again). Your blame is misplaced. Seriously. You sound like a whining child. This is how I imagine the exchange would go: haters: "Waaaaahhhhh MICROSOFFFFFFTTTT... I CAN'T SNAPCHAT MY FRIENDSSSS Q^Q!! Do something about it MICROSOFFTTTT!!!" MS: "Um, sorry, but Snapchat has put into place a privacy policy that limits users' access to 1st-Party Apps only. You will have to communicate your demand for a 1st-Party Snapchat App to the developers of Snapchat themselves." haters: "BUT MICROSOFTTTTTTTTTTTTT, YOU DO IT. OMGGGG like iOS and Android have it like OMG MICROSOFT WTFFF." MS: "We have no contro-" haters: "WAAAAAAHHHH!!! Q^Q!! MICROSOFT I HATE YOU! FCK YOU I'M SWITCHING." MS: "All because of a Snapchat App?" haters: "LIFE ISN'T WORTH LIVING WITHOUT SEEING SUPER SECRET PICS OF MY FRIENDS FOR A LIMITED TIME FRAME ON MY MOBILE DEVICE BEFORE THE PICS ARE DELETED FORRRRREVERRRR. DUH MICROSOFT!" MS: "Oh. Well... wow, okay. I'm sorry to hear that."
  • Not life or death like I will die.  But life or death like the platform has, for all intents and purposes, died.  Which is a shame, because those of us who are here are presumably so because we wanted to see a third option succeed and add competition to the marketplace. And yes, it is MS' fault.  The world has refocused on mobile while MS has diddled around the edges of WP, failing to improve the experience in any meaningful way since Mango!  (Sorry, but Cortana, while 'cute' doesn't really improve my life in any significant way, and also kinda gives me that Spywarey, Googley vibe.)  I'm also not blaming MS because developers didn't come, but it is their fault that they have failed to deliver a solid OS or quality versions of their very own apps.  Probably, the latter is largely because the former is simply not up to the job...that is, it is very, very hard to develop sophisticated, high quality WP apps due to the boneheaded decision to force developers to use the under-tooled WinRT instead of the established and robust .NET.  I'm not complaining about SnapChat because I don't use SnapChat and have no plans to.  But I: Would like to open and make quick edits to Office files (some of them binary) on my phone, on occasion, and I can't do it well (or at all). Frequently need to set my Exchange away-message status while on the move, and can't find any way to do it. Need to edit the contents of emails before forwarding them on to other people (because I work in a hospital and oftentimes it's the law that I do so) and I can't. Like to use Lync 2013 to communicate with colleagues, and would love to be able to join conversations from my phone , but I can't because the Lync 2013 app is nearly useless and never successfully joins conversations. Like to Skype with my friends and family, but struggle to do so from my phone because the video in the Skype app is always freezing up, even over WiFi connections that work perfectly from the Skype desktop app. Have become a devout user of the "Rooms" feature, and now that's going away with no replacement. Loved the Zune/WP Music experience, but now that's terrible. Find that many, if not most Web pages don't work well in IE Mobile, frequently having trouble with scrolling (they seem to "lock up"), failing to follow links, crashing when playing embedded video, etc.  Furthermore, neither of my Bank's mobile Web pages are accessible from WP, because IE is so, so crappy. And these are issues unrelated to the 3rd party app situation, which is essentially that there aren't any particularly good apps on WP.  There are many that are perfectly good, but none that are actually better than what is available on competing platforms.  None!  Thus, there is, unless you like not-so-Live tiles (making those things smarter is such a missed opportunity, it kills me!!!  How are they not interactive, yet!!!), literally not one single good thing about WP.  Not.  One.
  • Exactly..... And people get on me when I say "blame MS"...... SMDH
  • You bring up some points, but are very dismissive of arguments against yours simply for the fact most of them have to do with personal preference. For instance, WP music experience is phenomenal! You have tons of solid apps to choose from - Spotify, Soundrivin, Pandora, Music+ (Mixradio now?), Beats Music, and all of the others like Shazam, rDio, etc etc etc. I mean, I personally hate X-Box Music because I was a loyal Zune user and the rebrand turned me entirely away. But it still works like it should. You can still find songs in the marketplace via Cortana, everything works the same if not better, so other than the rebrand from years ago, I can't really follow that argument. Lync 2013 App does have serious issues, but I have found the way to fix them is you have to have Lync entirely loaded up and chillin' as a window on your multitask list to join conversations successfully (which is basically the same way it works on a Desktop. You can't join a convo unless the app is running already). Because of this workaround I've found through experimentation, I don't have any problems. Also, if I'm the initiator of the conversation and NOT signed in on any other device it works flawlessly. I get push notifications as I should and it works well. I use it at work everyday. Live Tiles aren't interactive because the POINT of Live Tiles are previews of notifications - not widgets. I would never want widgets on my start screen. Ew. (again this is a preference thing?). Can't even imagine how much overhauling the OS it would take to make Live Tiles interactive and then every app on the marketplace having to be overhauled too? You think it would be "better" because it's "more functionality", but that isn't necessarily going to be true. Same reason why there aren't interactive tiles in PC/Tablet Windows 8.1+ Better is such a subjective word, it's opinion based. My WP IS BETTER than iOS or Android, because it satisfies me as the customer by doing everything I need it to. I don't understand what you're trying to do in Office. I can open my files and edit them perfectly fine. I do this regularly in OneNote and Word. I'm not sure what "binary" versions of files mean in your particular instance, and you're talking to someone who's used computers all of their lives, built them, works everyday in a studio for interactive development. Whatever this fits into the category of "niche". "Find that many, if not most Web pages don't work well in IE Mobile, frequently having trouble with scrolling (they seem to "lock up"), failing to follow links, crashing when playing embedded video, etc.  Furthermore, neither of my Bank's mobile Web pages are accessible from WP, because IE is so, so crappy." AGAIN, I've explained to you why it is NOT IE, it's the development of those webpages. I have explained this in length and yet you dismiss it. I don't think you understand how interactive development works, man. I encourage you to educate yourself in order to stop sounding like a fool. IE in WP8.1 tells the websites that you're using that you're on an Android device using Chrome - you're getting the same experience as everyone else using the site. Case in point last night I fudged my password to my Gmail account while doing a popup authorization of access in IE on my HTC One M8 WP and since I fudged it 3 times I got an email in my inbox 10 seconds later saying that someone on an ANDROID MOBILE device using CHROME at my exact IP location in town was trying to access my account. Google's development of that authorization modul is not developed to recognize WP8.1 and its browser. It is no fault of IE (especially considering it works exactly as it should) but the way sites are developed. I LITERALLY WORK IN THE INTERACTIVE FIELD EVERY DAY. Sites are developed ONLY for Chrome and Chrome alone. If it works in Chrome, the attitude is every other browser needs to conform their APIs and data to match Chrome. It's not going to happen that way (considering Chrome has patents on all that shiz) so get used to inconsistencies. This happens on every project we get, all testing is done in Chrome and then the builds are pushed live without QA Testing in IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. When the complaints roll in, then the problems are addressed. That's just the way development works in the USA. Conform or suffer the consequences because we don't have the budget to develop for more than one browser.    
  • Also, just out of curiosity - do you think maybe your device is defective? I mean, I'm not having your problems and I was using my Nokia 928 and just yesterday switch to a HTC One M8.
  • Hey look, I'm responding on my WP using WiFi at Buffalo Wild Wings - I didn't have to enter in any info. Why? Because WiFi-Sense. I'm using my IE browser to access this site and login through popup redirection, Java, and what have you. This capability alone is something not done on iOS. I'd be directed to a mobile version and fumble around getting info entered and then when I finally go to dictate in the text box (if it even loaded) it would zoom all over the place. Browsing is terrible on iOS. Office is better on iOS? Are you kidding me? Just trying to use OneNote once was such a painful experience on the iPhone 6 HD+ that I would never be able to use the OS. You named two niche apps that are used by less than a few thousand people. You can't expect that on WP. You simply can't. You also can't get mad at WP for other developers not developing for it. Talk to the devs, complain, request, do anything you can to make it a better experience for you. I'm satisfied. I'm still finding new apps every week that make my life better on WP.
  • Hey, question... What device are you using right now❓
  • It's the niche apps that make or break an OS. As I said, I knew that whatever I mentioned you'd dismiss as unnecessary. You just don't get it.
  • True.. True.
  • No.... Tell someone you have a WP and they won't laugh because they won't know what you're talking about.... I speak for the US.
    No... I disagree... I'm standing by what I believe. That doesn't apply 100%, and seriously doesn't apply to the average consumer... Maybe some tech nerds have hatred for a software company, but the average consumer could care less... MS simply hasn't forced their products on consumers as well as the others....
    Thanks, for your opinion, but no thanks...
  • Really? Annoyances on Android? I can go on my Android and get the latest Instagram, can you?
  • Man! You are whiner. Is there a law somewhere that mandates you can't get a Droid or an iPhone?
  • Yes... Any more questions❓
  • Agree... Nothing special.. This must change❗
  • Stop being an apologist shill. There WP ecosystem is crippled and no self respecting professional would consider it. No number of new silly pic filter apps, flappy bird clones or social apps can compensate for that. Not having a fully functional banking app for one of the most popular banks in the USA is a disaster. I'm a physician and none of the must have professional apps are available like MKSAP, epocrates, medscape, or up-to-date. What is in WP for me or any of the vast multitude of medical professionals. The same goes for other industries. The sooner MS and it's fans realize it.... The better. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I don't disagree with your assertions, but I find it suspect that a physician has enough free time to troll the comments section of a windows phone web site in the middle of the day from his Android. Doesn't pass the smell test. Having said that, the core apps (Office) that run non-specialized businesses are present on WP
  • Or he could be a physician that's also a tech enthusiast.  
  • Office may well be present on my Lumia but it is not even close to the Office experience on my iPhone. I know it's coming but at present Excel is pretty much unusable on my WP (one of my spreadsheets opens for editing on my iPhone in cell A8345 where I saved it last on my PC; it opens in A1 and cannot be edited on my Lumia). And back to OP, there's more to it than just having an app. Many are doing a good job of keeping things current with regular updates but I invite all to look at their store downloads and check history. Many of the apps I rely on most haven't been touched since first installed and I've had my 920 since release more than two years ago (still waiting for something similar to replace it - soon please, MS).
  • Right, no physician ever takes lunch or has the day off, or ANY break in his schedule, right? :rolleyes:
  • Lol!! Well, they do get time off....
    By your comment I would be homeless.... Lol
  • No wonder I'm always sitting in the waiting room for an hour to see you and that's what you were doing on you Samsung phone when you were giving me a prostate exam. I assume you weren't checking with your fellow collogues on my symptoms, you were posting on this forum....
  • True... True dat.
  • I would hate to have you as physician. Posting from the Android app and being a condescending jerk. Calling people names and telling them they should dump their prefered platform because apps that might have nothing to do with what they do for a living aren't available. You seem real open minded. Seriously, I would hate to have you as a physician. 
  • He is talking about real apps...
  • It's not a curse... They just shoot themselves in the foot...
    But, as long as they do the right things to make W10 HUGE I have no doubt that every app, and more, will come back to Windows... They won't have any choice...
    The ball is in MS's court... Seriously❗
  • Exactly. Need more market share and all these apps will definitely come back without a doubt
  • Yep❗
  • I disagree. I'm not 100% sure, but looking at BoA's site, they still support Blackberry. They don't have an actual app, but all the features are supports through the mobile browser. My point here is, its not about market share, when BlackBerry is less than 1% market share. It's still about the mindset of many not liking Windows. Windows Phone 8.1 is not perfect, but far from bad. The biggest issue with people adopting WP is they want it to work and look like Android or iPhone. If it doesn't, it's not good. Windows Phone can serve the needs of most people, it's certain apps not being supported that keep more people from using WP. Just my two cents worth.
  • I agree.... But, market share is the first step in gaining more mindshare, and familiarity with the average consumer, and it's what developers are gonna have to have to invest in WP... OEM's as well... We just can't past get the fact that market share is what will drive success... That's why every aspect of marketing is critical.
  • In some countries Windows Phone Marketshare is bigger than iOS one, Developers still release Android and iPhone only apps. so how can you say "marketshare is the first step"?.... of course in United States the marketshare is different and WP is not so big, but you can't say Marketshare means something when the countries that are second place against iOS are still not getting apps like in Latinamerica, so yes, it's about "mindset" in most cases, not about Marketshare, some developers like Snapchat ignore WP and say it's not worth it, like if WP didn't have millions of users outside US. but maybe developers see US marketshare and number of users and think that's global thing? My point is, you can't say something if you don't know about it... you are not sue if WP had more marketshare in US, banks, or snapchat or other apps would be released.. no you don't. so no, Marketshare doesn't matter in many cases.
  • Because, like it, or not, US market share is really what's going to determine popularity..... Let me see if I can find some supporting evidence, and I'll get back to you.
  • How is WP "far from bad?"  It doesn't do anything well, anymore. It is years behind the competition, and falling further behind. Email is bad. Browsing is bad. Music playback is bad. Apps are bad. Everything on WP is bad.  And many things are getting worse and worse.
  • I know you're just trolling, but whatever.  Not sure if you've used any other phones recently, but besides the app selection, I fail to see how WP is bad compared to iOS and especially Android.  I've tried living with a Moto X for a month and it's just a horrible experience.  Even with Lollipop the past few weeks itis utter garbage.  No cosistency between functions, default mail is horrid, still has memory leak issues, etc.   As for iOS, it's as if someone regurgitated a bunch of apps on the screen ... terrible. Out of the box experience on WP is superior, not even close.
  • You speak the truth sir! Google and Apple have been terrible with their most recent software updates, while we have had no troubles updating to Denim.
  • Definitely not trolling.  I'm a real user and it is an incontrovertible fact that WP is bad. HTC One M8 user here.  Before that, L920 user.  Before that, HTC Arrive user. When I first got the Arrive, I was coming from another dead platform, webOS.  I immediately missed the power of webOS, since at that time WP couldn't do pretty much anything, like multitask at all.  But I loved the elegance of the interface and saw tremendous potential.  But, as I've upgraded through both software and hardware, I found that my experience keeps changing, sometimes for the better, but just as often for the worse, so that it is hard to say that WP 8.1 is really all that much better than WP7.5 was. Here's just a few of the things I have lost (some have come back, some are still gone), as I moved through devices: Wireless syncing A good music player FM Radio The ability to open Office binary files The choice of a hardware keyboard Rooms Hubs A one-large-tile-across home screen While I've gotten a few things that have made life much better, like a swipe keyboard, and some things that I can take or leave, like Cortana, it's hard to say that overall the WP experience is improving. Compare that to Android, which in the same time has gone from a clunky, slow, crashy mess to a stable, attractive piece of software that, in general, is much less laggy than WP.  And, now has more, and often better, apps than iOS. There was once an argument to be made that WP's future was bright.  There isn't anymore.  It's bad, and getting worse.   (And email on WP is the worst on any platform I have ever used, going back to text-based Elm on Unix.  The.  Worst.)
  • It is interesting to get a very different opinion, but appreicate the detailed response.  I've experienced almost the exact opposite.  For WP, I've had an HTC Titan, Lumia 800, 920, 930 and 1520.  For Android, Galaxy S2, Moto X 2nd Gen and then iPhone 3G and 4S. In terms of OS stability, performance and usability, I really found WP to be the most complete, default, vanilla experience.  Android gets better with some custom widget and/or ROMs.  Although not every Anroid device supports custom ROMs and I've found widgets to slow performance, cause crashes and drain battery.  Android remains the only phone where I've had the phone app crash ... makes the phone pretty useless ;) iOS is stable and quick, provided you don't OS upgrade.  But their layout and base functionality is really starting to age poorly. 
  • I respect your opinion. I've had the opportunity to play with the LG G3 for about a week. I will admit that the newest version of Android is much better than before. I will also admit that there are a few features I would like to see WP implement to give the OS a bit more customization options. However, to say that in the same time Android went from clunky to polished...well, I will take that as a complete untruth. Android has been around since 2007. Seven to eight years later, it finally improved in terms of stability. I know this, because my wife has been an Android user, since HTC Inspire. Yes, Android has improved, but not without many, many hiccups along the way. As for the functionality of the things you've mentioned, that's your experience and I will not argue those points. Everyone isn't going to have the same experiences. I cannot say my experience with those features or, lack of, has made me question whether or not to stay with WP. But hey, that's just me. As with anything, there is always room for improvement. I'm sure many people thought the same about Android in their early days, but during that time, you only had Blackberry, iPhone and Android, with BlackBerry being the top performer during the same time frame. Can you honestly say that everyone enjoyed every feature progress Android has made? Probably not, is my thought, and that is to be expected with any OS. Things change, sometime for the better, sometime not. The good thing is, MS is finally allowing more feedback to add more features most hardcore users and casual users would like to see. You say the future isn't bright, I think it is. But, we can argue points all day long. Lol
  • @madurro and @Cnvent McLaughlin There are a very few features that have come and gone from Android.  The one I can think off of the top of my head is the ability to (easily) run applications off of removable storage. Other than that, I am not aware of any feature on Windows Phone that is more functional than the equivalent feature on Android.  Esthetics aside, is there anything at all (and I do mean anything) that you can do on Windows Phone that you can't do on Android?!?  By the way, that includes MS' own products.  Office, Skype, Lync 2013...all are pretty much worthless on WP but run well on Android. I just don't see how anyone can seriously say that, in 2015, WP is even competitive in any way, shape or form with the alternatives.
  • I hear ya, and having used the Moto X for 30+ days I feel the extact same way about Android.   The Lumia camera is easily the best on the market ... still.  IMO the default email app in WP is far superior to Android, the stock Android app has horrid support for Exchange, multiple accounts and/or non-Gmail accounts.  1/2 the third party email apps capture and store login credentials (Blue Mail is the one I remember clearly).  Contacts don't crash daily on WP, the Andoird app does at least once a day and still cannot pull in pictures correctly from anything but Gmail contacts.  Tiles are much more useful and concise that any Android widget.  WP locksreen is more customizable and stable.  Battery life on Android is terrible.  The Moto X and Lumia 930 have similar enough batteries, but can't even get 24 hrs on Android before charging.  I can go 1.5 days on the Lumia with similar use.
  • My point was never really about what WP can do over Android. My point is that developers tend to favor iOS and Android that has nothing to do with overall function of the OS. Much of it is bias and not just about profit. Let me ask you this, and this is an honest question. Is there anything that iPhone can do better than Android or vise versa? If so, why would anyone ever think that the other can be a competitor in this market? My point here is, YES, there will be things that the other cannot do. However, to validate your point, I did like the additional editing features in Android's version of Office and One Note's ability to draw, write, scribble, or whatever. Despite that, these have not been make or break for me, and I don't find any real use at the moment to have full editing tools on my phone. Typically, I use it as a quick editing method to correct grammar or misspelled words in my papers for school. One Note has served its functions for me such as email and password keeper. Not the safest, but I keep my phone locked, anyway. Recently, I've been using it for work to keep track of pictures of people that have been arrested and or barred from areas I regularly work. So, it may not have all the bells and whistles, but it is very useful. Hopefully, with Windows 10 this will no longer be the case and everything will work the same, no matter the device. That is what MS is pushing for and I think it will happen.
  • Having Cortana read text messages out loud to me and choosing if it's all the time, over bluetooth or headset or both. I haven't found a way to duplicate this on my Note 4 without downloading some 3rd party app. Setup a tile just for a contact or a group of contacts and have that tile update with just info about that person or group. Once again haven't found a way to duplicate that on the Note 4. 
  • You're brainwashed.... With all due respect.. You need to sit back and think about that..
  • Totally agree with you @maduro666
  • I completely agree. Which is what makes the app situation feel even worse. I don't want to abandon a great OS for more apps. But I don't want to sit with a great OS and miss out on the apps either.
  • You're Michael Jacksons brother? :)
  • thank you, that was helpful. 
  • If you actually look at the site it seems like they have made a deal with Apple and go as far as on the mobile website to not even be able to recognize what device you're on and if you click on download app or get the app it redirects you to the iTunes store. I get that making a profit comes with a price, but when it comes to Apple it comes to more than that, and they build a $200 phone & on average make $400-$500 profit while pay a fraction of what they should be forced to pay in taxes in the US which American's have to make up for and see less money in their pay checks. Apple want's to control everything and companies are willing to pay them no matter the cost to do it.
  • its very less likely to happen ... problem with APP support on WP is use base is very small. 
  • Got to agree with Rod, I think 10 will bring many back.
  • But, only if there is a huge marketing campaign for years to come... Ill never leave that out.
  • Yeah, but honestly what's up with the banks ?? ..
  • 100% terrific question❗ True story... The banks especially....
    There's something going on that MS knows, but isn't telling us, and we want to find out..
    But, we'll never know because we don't ask MS... It's like I keep saying everyday... We need to be at MS's throats about this... So, now MS is sitting back hoping to avoid bad PR, while the banks take the rap, and I don't blame MS because they already have it tough as it is..... But, we need to know what's going on with our platform, so it would be in our best interest to start directing some of these tweets to MS for a whole lot more transparency on the situation... I mean, have we heard from them at all❓ Why don't we ask❓I'm gonna do my part.
  • You think Microsoft is conspiring against us?
  • Me❓ No. Not at all.
  • I fail to see how MS is the problem as you keep saying. I understand that if you are a business and don't want to spend money to CREATE an app for WP due to low marketshare then fine. But how do you explain WASTING all the money that Chase and BoA already spent on creating/maintaing a WP app? How is that MS' problem since they already felt that making an app was worthwhile? I don't see the logic in Fortune 100 companies spending money on an app only to piss that money away and remove/stop support for app. That is 100% on the Bank and not MS
  • So sick of trying to get you guys to understand that NO MATTER WHAT IT'S MS'S JOB TO FIX THE PROBLEM....
    You can cry about chase all day long, but chase won't care until MS gives them a reason to.. And, has MS given them a reason to❓ That's just how it is.. Doesn't matter if it's fair, or if you don't like it, or not..... Whatever the situation is with one of MS's products it's their job to correct it...
    So, you're saying it's Chase's job to solve MS's WP app problem❓ I don't understand. Just get me to understand how blaming Chase is gonna fix MS's issues. What, should Chase take over WP❓ It's not really about Chase... That's what some of you seem like you will never understand...
    Ok, dude.. To make you happy I will admit that MS didn't LITERALLY pull the plug on the Chase app.. Lol.... Sorry, Im not personally mad at you. I apologize... Just frustrated because it seems this will never vet worked out...
  • Bank apps don't make any money. They can't be monetized so let's not act like we are talking about a game leaving the store or something to that nature. It is Chase's job to maintain an application that they already paid to create and have been maintaing it for years and years. Hey if WP had only 1 chase user, Chase should consider themselves lucky to be able to serve a customer. In most cases about apps i agree with you but not with Banking. It is 100% in Chase's court imo.
  • Sorry you don't agree.
  • What will it actually take for you to not blame MS for this? Serious question as I appreciate your stance andthe fact that your opinion doesn't waver.   I for one am ok with where WP is at. There is nothing that MS could have done to get to 10% marketshare. They simply missed the boat. SImple as that. They can't mathematically catch up to Android within the next 10 years. It's actually impossible. I am ok with this since i knew it would be like this. I literally bought the first Android phone. From HTC via T-Mobile after owning many WM devices. I knew then that MS was doomed. I work in IT so i know how long it takes for things and i knew WM was years and years away and that MS had to start from scratch to gain any foothold. But starting from scratch meant that they gave away the most important years in Android's lifecycle. They have never recovered. So I'm ok with 3% because that is what i expected it would be years ago.
  • Guess MS employees don't have accounts with these banks so they are dropping the support. LOL
  • +640 XL that! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe Bill Gates switched from their banks and they decided to punish us huhu!
  • LOL! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let's all move over to Wells Fargo, everybody (in America)!
  • How are their perks? US Bank hasn't done me wrong or anything, but I hear perks are better elsewhere.
  • F### Bank of America
  • If the market share is that low they should just stop updating their apps instead of removing them altogether. Update once they gain their required amount of users. Removing the app makes no sense to me at all
  • Costs maybe?
  • No, it may be a security problem... Imagine if this app has a very hidden bug... Hidden, but it's there. Then, imagine if they stop the update. The bug is still here.
    So, if someone finds the bug, maybe he can gain access to your personal data (and even money!), so I don't think is really a cost issue, instead a security matter
  • U can't even access the BoA website using windows it's not about the app bug at all. They simply don't give a fuck
  • This really sucks. I've been banking with BofA since I opened my first account in junior high school. I'm on hold waiting for their mobile banking reps to pick up to give them a peice of my mind. Going to tell them they have until when Windows 10 is released to solve this and give me mobile access to my accounts; at least be able to open up the browser on my 1520 and log in to my accounts.
  • Just press the hamburger menu when you are on the BOA website, scroll down, then click the option to open the full desktop site.
    Works fine apparently.
    (More importantly though, don't just bend over and take it when a big bank like BOA dictates how you should bank with them. Vote with your feet....go to Wells Fargo! Remember, you owe BOA nothing - but they still owe all of America for their financial incompetence in '08)
  • I agree, vote with your feet. Leave the ones that don't support you.
  • I bank with Schwab. They have apps for Android & IOS but not for WP and it bothers me. In order for me to deposit checks, I have to call for them to send me deposit slips, & mailing envelopes + walk to the post office to send it. With the app, you could just take a pic and boom you're done. Infinitely easier. All the apologists on here taking about how it's not important or it doesn't matter or if you need those banking features you have no life: You're the problem. You're why we don't have the major, quality apps on WP or why the few we have aren't updated. ' it's not a big deal' ' there's no problem' 'we have enough apps'...apathy gets you nowhere
  • Applied for closure of my bank account with BoA. It is said somewhere " You can't argue with customers and win"
  • Kudos to you! I wish more would leave them.
  • When I try and sign in on the mobile site it tells me too many wrong attempted login's.
    and then go I go on my surface 2 to the regular site and try to sign in it make me choose a new site key then makes me redo my 3 security questions.
    Very dissapointed I love bank of America I have 5 Accts with them plus 2 credit cards.
    Hopefully they will wait for win 10 I'm tired of these company's thinking MSFT is dead. Remember Bill Gates is back to being the richest man in the world, Tim Cook can't say that, Apples not worthy of that title.
    Alls I can say is Bill Gates You Da Man :)
  • I honestly hope bofa execs all just spontaneously combust. And chase, too
  • +1
  • Fucking least there is Wells Fargo.
  • Wow pathetic
  • Daniel Typo 2nd Last Para
  • Thank you Bank of America, for screwing with us.
  • You mean Thanks for Screwing us.
  • You're late my friend. :D
  • Screw them, worst bank I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
  • Yeah, that's been my experience. They're the worst of the bunch.
  • wtf? what's really going on that has all these companies pulling out of Windows? smh sad... maybe I better join the other OS platforms so I don't feel deserted :/
  • Naaaa that's just giving up..
  • Same here. We are becoming like outcast, so sad
  • Deserted? My bank doesnt even have a android app, you guys are seriously wrong up stairs
  • Bank of America is a national bank though not some regional or local establishment.
  • My bank have the app in wp store. i have been using wp from 2010 but the quality of apps and games we get on windows store stands far behind when compared to play store. Seriously i love user interface of wp but still i think i should switch platform atleast for a year or two
  • My bank have the app in wp store. i have been using wp from 2010 but the quality of apps and games we get on windows store stands far behind when compared to play store. Seriously i love user interface of wp but still i think i should switch platform atleast for a year or two
  • yeah that's how I'm feeling, go another platform an return again at a later time. I'll just use my 1020 as my main camera which is another lure for me on Windows OS as I love the cameras... I also have almost everything I need apps wise but hate how its missing features when compared to the same app on rival OS's.... but I'm hanging in there, for now #tbc
  • That's the reason I use 2 phones. My android has latest and greatest games/all the local apps and some business related apps but I hate its user interface. My L920 is just there because I love WP interface and functioning. WP is way too lacking in features. Office is incomplete(from the owners of Office, what else to say?)/ Music is shambles/ IE is a shame(use Surfy)/ Apps and games(although not entirely MS fault). Dont know if I would be able to make WP as my main phone anytime soon. Been using WP since Focus days but like everyone else here waiting and waiting for the WP glory days. Also have a win PC and Asus t100 win hybrid and an Xbox. In case some1 calls me a troll.
  • No developers to support the app,cash which Microsoft paid to make app ran out that be my guess
  • Good thing I would never use any banking on something as vulnerable as a phone.
  • So tell us how you only carry cash and do tranactions at the bank counter.
  • Serious question, if he chooses to bank that way, what's wrong with it?
  • Making this kind of statement and assuming banking by phone is any less secure than using any internet connected medium, or assumes more risk than using any type of debit or credit card anywhere, especially when the transaction is done out of sight by another individual (restaurant for example), is pretty ignorant.  And who doesn't use some type of plastic to make transactions these days.  Really.
  • But he hasn't specified how he does his banking. You just went down a list of potential security flaws off of the statement that he feels phones are too vulnerable (which they can be, there is such a thing as NFC theft). No need to call him ignorant with such little information about his banking habits.
  • Thanks for providing a different point of view. I don't understand why they care so much what do I do. But thanks.
  • Wow, are we already living in a time period in which people don't have practical skills? I think the better question is what would you do if you lost your smartphone?
  • No different than losing your wallet.  "Practical skills" have nothing to do with it.
  • My bank doesn't have an app even for android. Oh no stone age. While apps are nice for me a bank app isn't a zomg feature
  • True but i bet your bank isn't actively blocking you from using your mobile phone's browser though?
  • You do banking as you want. I don't want to use my phone. Is that a problem for you?
  • apparently they have a problem with you and you should use your phone and Windows Phone sucks because an "amazing" Bank is ending support with a whatever excuse they had, and like if website of the bank stopped working right away, just like other phone features. I really don't even understand why you want a bank app on your phone anyway, do people really need that everyday? do they really can't do what they want somewhere else? it's not like you can't get in a computer or go to the bank itself and do what you want to do. people make it seem like they have to talk to the bank like if it was a messenger. it might be useful but sometimes it feels like or people live under banks accounts all day and they need an app to open every 10 minutes, or they are just one of those that think an app on their phone makes their life more easier and efficent and that makes them look like cool technology guys.   anyway, if you feel your matress is safer than a bank, it's not people's problem. that's true as well. people are just... ignorant because you don't use your phone like you want.
  • Sorry, I can't hear you because my tinfoil hat is on to tight
  • Lol
  • do they make tin foil phone cases too?
  • bruteech ... is there that many people out there hacking phones for people's financial stuff?  i am yet to hear of an actual case of that here locally.
  • Do you want to be the first case you hear about?
    Why do care so much about me not using my phone for banking?
    Does the fact that I don't want to use my phone for banking constitute a problem for your life? Please. You're so pathetic.
  • It's not that you don't user your phone for banking that is the reason people respond. It's that you said you don't use it because you believe it's a more vulnerable way of banking than other methods. Is mobile phone banking less safe than PC banking, or whatever method you favor?
  • Absolutely. There are many ways to get hacked or lose your phone. I don't want to use it. If people here want to, great. Each person decides what they want to use. Now stop going apeshit over nothing.
  • If you think a few responses equals going "apeshit", you are possibly the most thin skinned Internet user ever.
  • Everyone change to Wells Fargo!!!
  • Already done, since the first announcement of this happening even. And I'm glad I did because Wells seems to be a very nice bank that looks after its customers. Can't access my BofA account on the go anymore after today? No worries, I'm good! I'm fully switched over, as this article not too subtly suggests, lol! Good riddance, Boffa!
  • Here in India we have all the major bank apps for windows phone.
  • Sheesh.... This is an article about an American bank screwing wp users. Where does India figure in this??
  • India is a country like America. Bank of America is a Bank. In India also we call it Bank. An app is an app. Whether it be BoA or SBI. Calm your tits. ^^
  • Sim apps arnt real apps sorry
  • this is the only sight i ever hear people say "calm your tits" .. it amuses me :)
  • He is just pointing out the store condition of banks in India as opposed to the American situation
  • I know that.... Lucky for Indian users like us. But gloating over your good fortune when others are having it rough ain't good.
  • He's just pointing out that Bank Support for Windows is a non-issue in India....probably due to higher market share.
    I had already meet with WellsFargo in anticipation of Chase App closure. Now, I'm gonna wait and see.
  • I know.... I am an Indian too. But seriously, if BofA removes its app and stops support, where does India figure in it? Afaik, no one in India uses BofA. Enough of this "in India" business... Its not appropriate here. Every joke has its own place and time.
  • The question is, for how long?
  • The bank apps situation in India will remain good for the foreseeable future, as WP here has a ~15% market share here.
    For US? It could be worse.
    Market share is Important. Very Important.
  • I believe he was trying to express the condition in India and you're typing to prove you are right. Fine.
  • This is what HighDefEdition was saying.
  • Citi bank is a "Major" bank which most corporate employees have account in India. They dont have a windows phone app and neither have any plans to do so.
  • If Indians bank can provide apps for windows phone users then why not American banks????
  • Yes bank app says Hi. Not. :(
  • Which Lumia is this?
  • 1520
  • Which is why I switched all banking over to my Credit Union.  I told BofA it was because of this situation.  They probably couldn't care less but it's about the principle.
  • Does it work with opera mini?
  • Would be weird since Opera uses IE rendering engine on WP as well (and the same goes for the js engine, I guess) :-)
  • No, Opera mini doesn't use IE rendering engine
  • I'm using this  for Twitter Bank Of America: @BofA_Help Well, If the your Bank doesn't want Windows Phone users, Windows Phone users doesn't want your Bank! Hastag BofAWPUsers
  • Besides the incorrect, wrong message.
  • Yeah, B of A will lose dozens and dozens of customers over this :p
  • Burning platform... We're talking a 5 yr period where WP market share has gone from 5% to 3%. You can't really blame companies for deciding to focus their resources on the 2 platforms that comprise 97% of their users.
  • Just waiting for the memo from Elop..... :)
  • Regardless, the number of WP users have grown by about 12 Million people in the past year, to about 85 million in total.  Three percent marketshare may look bad but 85 million people is still a ton a potential customers.  Also, Windows 8/8.1 is about 14% of the total desktop share.  So they're pulling that app too because of low usage??  BS.  There's something else going on.
  • No that's the total amount of devices shipped not,all are active.
  • I get the sense that a lot of people on Windows 8/8.1 don't use Store apps. Hell, I'm as big a fan of Windows 8 as anyone, but, admittedly, I just use IE 11 for everything. I have the Twitter app, I have the Facebook app, I had the Bank of America app, but I almost never used them (mostly because the website was better). So, I'm guessing they thought it didn't make sense to maintain the Windows 8 app if no one was using it. That said, I used the Windows Phone app quite a bit, so this is very vexing.
  • I also feels the same way. I remember, whenever i use the website for any transaction, an SMS from the bank reminds me of the application that i can use in mobile. This means, banks are monitoring the way you transact, wheter you are using wesite or application with which they can decide to continue support the aplication or not.
  • Probably true. Most Windows 8 apps are so bad that I almost always use the website.
  • Same here. I can't think of a single reason to use an app on a PC when the websites are usually a lot better. Let's face it, most Win 8 Store apps really, really stink.
  • Definitely get your point and its absolutely valid. However, I think Chase & BofA were very shortsighted considering they already had a published app that worked fine for users. I highly doubt the "maintenance" cost of these apps outweights whatever business they lose from WP users (despite WP's market share). I myself switched from Chase to Wells Fargo due to their lack of support and let the banker know why. Even the banker was surprised that Chase would do that... anyway I suggest people let Chase & BofA know their displeasure by changing to a bank that does support all of its customers like Wells Fargo (#1 banking brand by the way and now I see why).
  • Burning platform is the unfortunate truth. I have been a Windows Phone user for 4+ years because the tile interface is miles ahead of Android and IOS. I even got my wife to switch over two years ago, but she is leaving because of losing the Chase app and I am leaving because Microsoft doesn't support its own apps on the platform, the entire social gaming scene is pretty much closed to us, and the Windows Phone 10 preview showed me that Microsoft thinks making the phone more Android-like is the best play right now (it isn't).
  • What's the best way to complain to BofA?
  • Twitter
  • A hand written note, some string and a hefty brick.
  • Hahahahahahahaha and a windowpane near the manager of bank is sitting XD
  • Windowpane?? Wait, how bout a windowsPHONE, tied to the brick with the string, and thrown through the window of the CEO of BofA... Now THERE'S a lucid message...
  • +640 xl that! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol!!!
  • Note: "You don't repect my Windows, so here is a present for YOUR window"
  • Twitter, do it on all 3 of their twitter names.
  • Close your account and they get the point.
  • Which Lumia is this?
  • If you're talking about the one in the picture, I'd say a green 1520.
  • Well I'm on PNC and they never bothered to make an app period. But took at it from bright side. No banking crap on your phone, no problems if you lose the phone
  • Man, I love PNC, but it does get annoying. Thankfully the mobile site works flawlessly, and they are supposedly working on a Windows app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah the rummor of them working on one go back to windows phone 7, would be nice and all but I think ill still use mobile site, I don't want any money related info on my cell.
  • I wonder, if Bill Gates/Steve Ballmer banked with them (or someone else who is a billionaire windows phone user), would these banks instantly dedicate a team to windows app development if the billionaire windows phone user threatens to leave the bank due to a lack of support? :P
  • Short answer, no they wont.
  • I too wonder the same... If Bill Gates deposit his 1% of money to the bank maybe they would not drop the app. Hehe
  • this is why windows phone grow up slowly....the companies doesnt put effort on apps to all users even on windows phone platform.
  • Well apparently this is all part of Microsoft's "long term strategy" so I guess when we're all old men and women things will improve......
  • I wonder if I can live to see the day Windows Phone dominates the market. :p
  • It's definitely possible I mean there are a few people from the 19th century still around.
  • Works on UC BROWSER
  • The browser from china... Dangerous
  • Good! I hope they completely go under. What a sh'tty bank.
  • Despicable
  • Me: Minion.... ​
  • support dropped for that too. :|
  • ... Rush.
  • ;)
  • Who's next wells Fargo?? , wow I thought this app problem for windows phone was over!!! It seems like its just started again with a new CEO!! I hate all the banks in this country so didn't really give a sheet!!!
    I told my wife to stick with an IPHONE BECAUSE OF THIS ONLY REASON APPS!!
  • Wells Fargo said they would continue to support us.
  • Yea one reason....
  • I understand the anger, however, Windows Phone doesn't have enough market share in the U.S. to maintain the application. I understand the anger, but I also get why they won't support the application. I hope Windows 10 changes things.
  • This is a legitimate reason for most businesses with less money. But, Banks? They are made of money.
  • Doesn't mean they should throw it away though, does it?
  • Yeah. All of the few days it takes to make an app. And the day or so every few months to update. Serious, their dev departments ARE NOT overworked. Mostly maintenance of internal tools. Any company can find the time to maintain an extra platform app.
  • i bet they spend more money yearly on business meals and toilet paper in their offices  few thousand bucks for an app too much to ask?
  • Rudy would do it and make fun of their incompetent dev team
  • Then explain to me how every Dutch bank over here in the Netherlands, a tiny country of just 16 milion people, has a Windows Phone app and some even have Windows Store pc apps.
  • Difference in attitude maybe? Who knows.
  • Exactly and our WP market share is about as low as in US, maybe lower. I say it is an Apple (Pay) conspiracy. It is probably in their contracts...
  • Wow, crazy, BofA, not a fan!
  • I'm going to wells Fargo ASAP Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yay!
  • The app shortage has finally done me in. Samsung S6 edge is on the way.
  • Google bought em.. Lol
  • I don't get why companies keep revoking support, or refuse to support Windows. It literally only costs $100 to develop for the platform and that's NOTHING compared to the amount of money these companies have. They make the usual "nobody uses the platform" excuse, but our 3%+ market share contradicts that. It may be small, but its something that isn't nothing. Besides, it doesn't matter if little people use the platform, it matters that the customers that do use it are satisfied with the company's services and efforts; it shows they're cared for.
  • You should ask Microsoft this exact question after years of their apps bring superior on competing platforms.....
  • You make a good point, but since Windows 10 is in the making, why would Microsoft (or any developer) work hard to improve their apps when they're already working on overhauling them? The good news is that their apps work and we know they'll be better, but most of the apps developed by other companies for us barely work (if at all).
  • You make a lot of assumptions about development. $100? Absolutely not. Making and supporting an app for a service like banking would cost far more than that and Bank of America likely just doesn't consider WP to be worth the expense no matter how little it costs them overall. 3% is statistically insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
  • I may have missed some stuff since I'm only a intermediate solo developer. If BoA has (a) centralized server(s) that process banking requests, wouldn't those costs be piled on top of their yearly iPhone developer bill (w/ the one-time Android and Windows fees already paid and their other expenses), or would they have to have a group of servers for each platform and pay for each of then separately? I'm not a web developer, so I'm not totally sure about how all of this works.
  • heck, even if it is 50.00, it is peanuts for a bank!
  • So why my bank in italy refuse to build a WP app??? Here market share of WP is about 13%
    I'm SURE some banking employee is taking gifts and money from ?pple
    But in US?
    I guess noone is using modern UI apps maybe... Dunno
  • I so hope there is mass exodus from this bank and maybe they will learn that by pulling service from their customers is a complete no-no.  
  • Mass exodus? WP market share isn't that big XD.
  • Well according to Kantar windows phone has 4.3% in Jan 2015 and there is give or take 321,362,789 ( people in terms of population size for the US.
    Which equates roughly to 13,818,600 wp users, which is still a massive number. I'm aware that is not accurate, an accurate picture can be obtained from the total number smartphone users / 4.3%, which is still result in a fairly large number.
  • Please tell me those numbers are meant as a joke. Because I can't imagine that you really think 4.1% market share means 4.1% of the entire population, or that they all are B of A customers.
  • Lol, yeah it is I just wanted to see what people's response were. Bored out of my mind here :p.
  • I gather some of these companies have not crasped the fact that MS is going for a unified platform and a store. I mean how bad can their PR departments be to use language such "low market penetration" without AT LEAST adding some BS like "We are contiously evaluation how to best support the wide Windows community and remain committed to delivering a great user experience to all our valued customers; please provide your feedback through this link: XXXXX" (and then have that link deliver all feedback to the paper shredder)? :D
  • Again!
  • Another reason I am sticking with Wells Fargo.  They have a great app and it is still around.
  • They must work for Google...
  • It is not only this that disappoints me about the apps on the platform but also when new apps are advertised for say a store I frequent or almost anything at all, there is the app store and google play logo and that's it.
    very tempted to get a S6 edge. I have a few phone upgrades available on my account because Microsoft is taking so long to get to the next flagship
  • This bothers the heck out of me at 7-Eleven. Their in-store ads for their app show Apple and Android but make no mention that it's on Windows Phone too. I complained within the app through the feedback about it. They sent me a free Big Gulp.
  • hey, at least you got a free big gulp!
  • Lmfao
  • Haha...
  • Everything is awesome!!
  • Everything is cool
  • I don't know but I had some problems like this with chase and I changed the settings to desktop version and it works now...maybe it might work for bofa too
  • This is getting ridiculous
  • The yearly runner up in the Worst Company in America poll. Really folks, join a credit union instead.
  • Haters Gonna Hate. Wait till MS pulls the steak from Windows 10. _|_ WindowsTilliDie FTW(Fu*k The World).
  • I don't get banks. PNC is another one. They have a Windows 8 app but not Windows Phone. Why? Hello universal apps anyone?!
  • Problem is the dev tools they use are different
  • This is the biggest reason i will be leaving windows phone
  • And this certainly won't help the app situation.
  • Glad I use Ally. Not the best app, but at least it is there.
  • I was thinking about switching to Ally. What's wrong with their app?
  • One of the few with echeck deposit on mp
  • Sad but...$#&@ them then! Lol
  • Meh. My bank, by way of 4 mergers, is Wells Fargo. Yay, I guess.
  • What the hell is wrong with these banks! God I hope win10 becomes so big these freaks come running like crazy.
  • There are no customers with WP, and MS is only targetting potential customers that won't have anything in their bank accounts.  why would they support it? 
  • WTF
  • It's hard to support Windows these days, Daniel! Lets see how Windows 10 will be... Universial Apps are a really good idea and I believe it can change the Market, but we really dont know how Devs will support it... I dont see any excitment ... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Universal app will do nothing for apps , windows 10 need to increase market share. Universal app are still 2 projects phone and PC exported differently,
  • I don't see universal apps making any difference for application developement either. Other than the traditional desktop application developers like Adobe, AutoCAD and all the professional software, anything mobile related will still be iOS first, Android second, Windows (10) last if ever. The reason it won't work is, nobody uses mobile apps on the desktop, where most people just use a browser like Chrome or Firefox, while on a mobile device, an app will tie into the Bluetooth, GPS, camera and other functions. Universal apps, is Microsoft's Hail Mary pass, to try to become relevant in mobile.  It's a legit effort, but I don't think it'll work by spurring mobile app development, at all.
  • I am just very upset the website doesn't even work!!!
  • Yep.. Soon it will come Microsoft to end support for wp
  • wp cannot be ended bcause it will be windows 10 and windows 10 is also around on desktops, laptops and it will be everywhere. so it is really easy for MS to continue WP because it is ONE OS. if MS would end it there would be no more Windows lol
  • I don't literally mean end but the app gap is just increasing instead of decreasing.. Unless w10 becomes a success, I wont say anything good about it.
  • More like SKANK of America. I'm glad I closed my accounts long ago with this terrible bank.
  • Booooo
  • I work at a smaller bank. ACI Worldwide provides Online & Mobile Banking services for many medium and small banks. My bank currently offers apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. Windows Phone, Windows, and Kindle apps are in their roadmap for "TBA 2015" Guys... The bank apps are coming.
  • Such a shame
  • They are losing more apps than gaining this is sad!
  • Soooo angry with Bank of America.
  • That won't help if you're still sticking around with them my friend.
  • We're begining to see more of the "app-gap" trend with these app cancelations. Don't you think you're gonna lose windows phone users by following this trend? WTF MS!!!
  • Yup, true.
  • I think that as mobile web continues to get better we might actually see this type of thing on other platforms also in the not-too-distant future.
  • Yeah, they lost me already, im leaving wp in the next few weeks, i love the OS but at this point its not worth it...     
  • Yea I always feel that I have to compromise something with Windows Phone and Im almost fed up with it at this point. This may be the final straw for me
  • I think I'll be leaving once my upgrade comes near the end of march. I was playing around with the Note 4 in the store and I really liked it. I like the WP OS, but constantly getting left out on apps for two years did me in.
  • Wp apps are decreasing day by day.So irritating.
  • I just can't believe that they blocked the mobile web site. Taking away the app, ok, fine. But to actually go as far as to block the WP browser from working almost seems spiteful.
  • If you go to their supported devices page, big windows logo along with the rest. Click on it and you get.... Text Banking. Exact same thing that is listed under the "other devices" tab.
  • Good riddance...why support a bank that won't support its customers the way they should, no matter how small the group of Windows phone users is compared to iOS or Android?
  • this
  • Well done! Less banks better for the whole world!
  • This
  • "discontinuing support for their Windows and Windows Phone apps due to low market penetration" Too bad Windows has such "low market penetration"... I call bullshit.  Windows 8.1 is growing more everyday.
  • Just off the phone with BoA mobile support. I called them about status of a fix for the mobile browser problem. Amazing news: CSR said the bank "decommissioned" both the app and WP browser! Thus no fix planned.
  • Ok now this is starting to get plain stupid. What kind of company, especially a bank, is going to purposefully block their customers from using their banks website. That has to be the dumbest ass thing I've ever heard. Will enjoy switching banks to one with common sense and one that isn't shoved up Apple/Google's ass.
  • Decommissioned the WP browser? LOL I guess the management are busy clucking away on their chicken feed... brainless numpties
  • The App and now their web page don't work on windows phone!!!!!!! Even if you switch to desktop mode! It's like they are specifically attacking the platform.
  • I heard UC Browser is working. I dont have acc there in order to test
  • Well I'm glad I already had Wells Fargo. Funny they said low market penetration for Windows. I'm betting its because they never advertised the app and most Windows users stuck to the old method if accessing the website because they didn't know any better. I've seen several companies that have a Windows Phone app or Windows even but only advertise Android and iOS apps making people think they don't have one. Makes sense it won't get used much.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this were all driven by Apple, given how heavily Bank of America has been promoting Apple Pay. Bank of America is a miserable bank anyway.
  • Who wants to bet that a Google or an Apple isn't behind the scenes pulling the strings. Very anticompetitive and completely in their wheelhouse. Both of these banks announcements at the same time, conveniently after Apple Pay got off the ground and right before we see Google Pay. Makes you wonder.
  • Unfortunately most people will most likely switch phones
  • Their app specifically stated to use the web page instead of their app after support ends. Now they stopped supporting both!!! They lied! They discontinued support of IE on Windows Phone with ZERO notice!!!!! I am furious and will be switching to a bank that is more committed to online and apps. I will open an account with Ally tonight.
  • The problem with their online program is it does not support check deposits like the WP app did
  • Ally Bank here I come!!!!
  • @Daniel_Rubino you seriously need cough syrup
  • Just closed a savings account at BOA and in the process of closing my checking account there. I've been a BOA customer for over 20 years.
  • is it easy to switch banks in america?
  • It takes about a half a day. Doing it for checking, savings, and credit card accounts is easy. The problem is mortgages, car loans, etc.
  • Well I have Chase and they will be gone on March 22, 2015. Chase does work in IE 11 so I can still do what I need to. If I couldn't use Chase on IE 11 I would definitely change banks.
  • its only the us facing this bad behaviour wrt wp..thankfully most publishers here(in india) support wp...   and i say this as an android user..the duopoly has to stop..
  • I agree with you, (From India )
  • Though over all local app support is better here. My Yes Bank disagrees with you.
  • W10 is so far away, I wonder if we will survive. Gonna be a tough year for WP.
  • Microsoft needs to grow a pair and sign an agreement with the banks like Apple does. I mean, all banks use Windows anyway.
  • I agree you
  • Exactly I hate to say it but this support competing open ecosystem bs is just pushing us further out of sight like bb
  • BofA has never been a bank that services the average Joe. I will be leaving them soon, after over twenty years of banking with them, I've told them this is the last straw. However, until I do, I intend to bug the shit out of them by calling every day at least once and talking to a rep directly about my balance. They don't want to provide me with easy access to my money? Fuck them, make them work for it then.
  • please also whine about wp with every call :)
  • After 20+ years, I've plenty to 'whine' about with bofa. It's not whining she your intent is to annoy.
  • Low market penetration?  For Windows Phone and Windows on the desktop?  That bank must be in worse shape than we know.
  • Maybe the taxpayers can bail them out again.
  • Opened a Wells Fargo account just yesterday, the customer service was excellent during the process and the app works for what I need.
  • I don't know about BofA, but so many mobile experiences are becoming so good on the web that a native app really isn't needed for each company. It's too bad that they hold so much mindshare.  I do hear that I'm missing photographic check deposits with my bank though. So--I guess I don't miss it if I never had it. An app is good to have for some things. Hope they'll come back sometime.
  • The problem is the mobile site support for Windows Phone was discontinued today as well so I can't even access my account from my Windows smartphone
  • I'm sure this is all about maintenance. BofA doesn't want to spend the resources on updating their WP app, and they don't want the liability of not doing so, either. Sad, and shortsighted of Bank of America.
  • It might be time for Microsoft to sue Bank of America, or get the Federal Trade Commission involved.  It is one thing for the Bank to say "we will not develop an app specifically for windows phone," It is an entirely a different thing for the app to block all access to via the mobile browser in Windows phones specifically.  This seems like the bank is using its relationship with Apple to promote illegal anti-competitive practices.  
  • totally agree! i thought the same thing. MS should sue them. google and apple are doing a lot of illegal anti-competitive practices
  • that isn't the case here though ... the mobile version of the BoA site doesn't load well most of the time but the full desktop version runs flawlessly
  • fuck em, guys, lets fuck em hard
  • Just transfer your bank accounts.. Haha.. No problem .. No support. Then transfer.
  • so web developer who made BoA's website doesn't know how to make proper websites or let's say doesn't follow Web Standards.....
  • "Even in a best case scenario, we are likely looking at a year or so before any Windows 10 app solution could be delivered" Why, exactly, is the best-case scenario (a Windows 10 app) going to take a year? If they already have a Windows 8.1 app written, surely it cannot take a year to port that to Windows 10, right? I assume Windows 10 is still launching late summer / earl autumn 2015.
  • Heres a laugh the td web app/site for wp is just bb code missing nfc support
  • I am having Intuition that MS is asking these big companies to end their support and work on w10 apps
  • Nah
  • Pissed off customers should end their support of Bank of America if Bank of America deems customers who uses Windows mobile platform as unimportant - I know I am.
  • they will come back with windows 10
  • I will be moving to Wells Fargo, screw BofA
  • Time to move on to WFB after 28 years of being with BofA. I encourage all BofA customers with WP do the same to protest this unnecessary, unfair, stupid action...
  • Thanks, Bank of Unamerica.
  • Hey all, took some effort to find the mobile site address on BOA, but here it is. I confirmed it works on L1020 running 8.1 and IE in desktop mode. I cant get the device auth to stick w/o having to enter the code sent to my phone each time... But it works as a mobile site...
  • Heh, hamburger menu. That'll go over well with the guys on this site.  
  • BoA is one of the worst banks anyway. Not sure why anyone does business with them.
  • Selfish BOA
  • I'm glad we don't have this issue in the UK, all but one major bank supports windows :)
  • This does feel a little bit like Crackberry when Blackberry got the hard news that hardly anyone wanted to give their phones a try
  • Don't worry they'll be back...... They always come back...... Mwhahaha
  • I was one of the few people that used their dial-up platform back in the late 90's, I still have the package containing about six 3.5 floppy disks that were used to install the banking software on Windows 3.11 which would then use the modem to dialup and transmit.
  • That's it I'm switching all my accounts too wells Fargo and mean everything credit cards business accounts car loan..... F%&k BofA nothing but bad publicity from me!!!!
  • I know how to fix this problem! I'll switch may bank account!
  • Theese are criminals, this is a case for the antitrust
  • Daniel sir.. There's a typo 'Widows 10' in the second last paragraph.
  • i was full of nerd rage when they announced this a month ago ... i was going to just leave windows phone because of this app and the social apps are so much better on android ... after i discovered i can just use the normal full BofA website i decided i am staying for now ... i like the UI so much i can deal with moderatly bad apps.
  • I really don't care. I still Remember 2008. Plus they still haven't paid back the money that they borrowed from us in the first place. For all I care Boa can die. Thieves
  • I must say I'm baffled by the actions of US banks... I'd guess the Windows Phone market share of the US and Denmark are roughly the same, percentage wise, but large US banks with customers numbering in the tens or even hundreds of millions can't manage to keep a WP app functioning, while every major and lots of minor banks in Denmark, total population just short of 6 million, have no problem sending WP apps on the market and keeping them functioning. Clearly it's NOT an economic problem for the US banks, so what's dictating their actions...?
  • How many apps have been removed until now?
  • Thumbs down
  • Maybe they're just mad that MS dropped support for XP which is what their machines run on. I think MS should stop supporting this bank entirely to get their point across.
  • I attribute the issue to all of the "sheeple" CEOs, CIOs IT, Devs that use Apple and Android devices. They just haven't wanted to support or develop software for Windows Phones so they try support for it and then drop it. Hopefully the interest will increase with the changes Microsoft is making with Windows 10.
  • Relax guys its just a banking app
  • The only workaround currently is when you get to the mobile site, hit the hamburger menu, scroll down to bottom, and hit Full Site. Then you can log in. Thanks Bank of America for being a PITA.
  • Excellent! That worked, thanks! Saved it to my favorites and it goes there with no problem! Still going to drop bofa next month, hell with them.
  • Discontinuation of this app constitutes a big hit towards my support of WP. I can put up with missing apps in the entertainment/social realm, but banking apps are necessary IMO to remain productive. This was one of my must have apps and now it's gone. I think I'm still onboard with buying a Lumia 640 short term and seeing if this situation gets reversed or I switch banks. But I'm likely going to jump ship to Android within the next year if Windows 10 doesn't turn things around and platform support keeps dwindling.
  • I agree.. I can't swap my financial institution of 20 years because of a cell phone thats been losing apps non stop
  • I can...gladly.
  • You do realise that simply accepting BOA's diktat is helping create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Ask you want to be forced into Google's arms?! (Because there's nowhere else you can turn given how cheap the 640 is, and how expensive iPhone's are!).
    Just switch to a better bank. What has BOA done for anyone anyway?! They certainly did a good job of screwing the financial system back in '07, so I don't know why you show them any allegiance.
  • You're missing the point here - platform support is the concern, not the policies of the institutions in question. You do realize people switched from Chase Bank to BoA after the announced deprecation of their app, only to have BoA announce they were doing the same literally days later? It's not tenable to expect people to switch financial institutions and go through turmoil everytime these apps get deprecated. Especially since there's no guarantee that those other institutions will maintain support for WP going forward either. I may well switch banks (I have no love of BoA beieve me). But the onus is on Microsoft to improve the viability of the WP platform ASAP. Otherwise, we may find that no banking apps are available a year from now.
  • You are delusional if you don't think all banks have issues. And yes if you are rocking a Lumia 530 or even 640 and probably want to keep the cheap phone going compared to the Iphone so you will go to Google. Personally I do not likee Google and tat is why I have been holding on to WP for so long. Bottom line though for people out there with multiple bank accounts, stocks, CD's etc... just up and switching a bank because your phone OS no longer has its support is not a trivial thing to do.
  • Looks like my wife is going to jump ship as well.  I have Wells so I am OK.  This is sad though.  Maybe there will be a fix come Windows 10.  Only time will tell
  • Does wells Fargo have free online checking with free atm withdrawal? I'm in the Midwest and have no branches anywhere near me... Or maybe I should go USAA or Ally? Suggestions? Any bank needs mobile deposit, preferably with an option for PC scanner deposit...
  • I am a BofA customer for 15 years and used the WP app extensively. I am planning to switch to Wells Fargo over the next 6 months or so. Meanwhile, the website works in desktop version on IE for WP.
  • Ally bank has my business now. Good app!
  • Meanwhile Apple is on a roll. The juggernaut keeps getting bigger. Microsoft has lot of catching up to do.
  • Has anyone thought that maybe the conspiracy behind some of the bank defections could be Apple Pay? Daniel, what do you think?  You have much more insight than us...
  • Even if people could sign in, how the fuck are they supposed to deposit checks on the mobile web page, these banks are completely useless, everyone who has a windows phone needs to show them and leave their bank and tell them its cause u don't support windows not everyone is a droid bot, or isheep.
  • RT @BofA_Help @matthewmspace they're a large criminal organization. #switchtonewbank #scandal
  • Ummmm..... The easier solution is to dump the phone until there is some sort of direction or at least a feeling that apps are going to come back and/or a workaround is in place. I ca. Live with losing my AA app but my bank is a whole different story. I have been on windows phone for over three years and I really like the OS. But if we keep losing real apps, I feel I have to jump ship. Its sad because the phone is amazing, L920 to a L1520. WP users have been patient, even the flagship ones that have waited to long for a replacement...
  • What you're doing by taking that course is letting your bank dictate personal decisions in your life that has absolutely nothing to do with your economic situation. Is that a situation you're comfortable with? Do you owe your bank any allegiance? Chances are you'll actually be getting a better overall deal by switching bank anyway, and you'll be teaching BOA something about customer support in the process...
  • I think the point he is making is that if he were on another platform he wouldn't be dealing with this problem in the first place. To some switching banks is as easy as 1 2 3, but that's a big deal to me. It seems Windows Phone users always get 2nd hand treatment
  • Exactly @ImSoWade...   There are people out there with multiuple accounts besides just one checking and a savings account. Switching banks, although a lot of people on here would make you think it is easy, is not for a lot of people. And to your point about making the Bank dictate which phone you are using, how about the fact that you are letting a phone dictate where you bank, how you can pay, what apps you are allowed to use and so on and so forth. It goes both ways man....
  • OT: Apple Store down worldwide
  • Ouch
  • Seems to me all that Microsoft would have to do to rectify the situation is demand an audit of BoA's MSFT licensing. I seriously doubt they are in compliance. However, if I understand the way Windows 10 works, BoA would be stupid to block Windows 10 Phone once it ships and customers start upgrading.
  • I agree. This app cannot be replaced with a usable third party app. This will force many people to drop their bank or phone. Opening an account with a bank online is cheap and easy, so I suspect most will do that, but many will leave the Windows platform and it's hard to blame them.
  • I think they sold the soul to Apple in the Apple pay deal....
  • This has become a crusade for me for various personal reasons and I normally am not very vocal on situations like this, but this is a big deal especially for people who depend on this app to cash their checks like my son does.  But, I'm typing up a letter to the CEO as I type this comment I was on the phone with customer service first thing this morning for about 1 1/2 hours (customer service first to file a complaint, then he transferred me to technical support).  Once with technical support I explained to them that the webapp doesn’t work and will LOCK you out of your account if you're not careful (it locked me out after 3 attempts of trying to connect using the webapp).  The kind lady said there wasn’t anything she could do but offered to allow me to speak with the department manager.  The gentleman was kind and totally sided with me on the issue.  And suggested i file a letter with the CEO and gave me all the contact information to do so. My argument and point through this whole thing is they spent considerable money to develop the app, why pull it if it works?  I mean even if one person used it (we have 3 family members that do) just leave the app in the store. Don’t update it or whatever (or just apply security fixes as needed).  Stop supporting because of lack of market penetration is NOT the right customer service answer. A good example of this is Chase's announcement today of letting the app "work until further notice".  Why can't BOA do the same?  We want answers as to why!  I mean they're supporting Blackberry?  Really?  Windows Phone has more market penetration than Blackberry now! 
  • My bank doesn't currently have a WP app. Strongly considering Ally Bank. Use any ATM with no fees and supports WP? Yes please!
  • You get charged fees for using an ATM?! Wow....that's really unfair!
  • Ok, Bankofamerica customers: Just install Firefox, or opera to go to their mobile site. No big deal, except for those that want apps for everything. A lot of apps make me dizzy as to how lousy the are. And a lot of web sites don't like explorer 10 because the are written for 8, or 9 and the companies do not or aren't smart enough to fix their code. $$$$ is what it is all about. Question is: Just hoe much does it really cost to maintain a banking app? Most if the code is the same for all the os's. Must be Android Fanboys ate in charge, and management is out plating golf.
  • Just opened an ally bank account a few moments ago. You can say goodbye to my credit card purchases (over 60k in the last 4 years) as well as 10s of thousands in my other accounts. This is NOT how you do business. Will be closing in the coming months as I change all the autopays for my loans and cards.
  • You guys and girls in the US are unlucky.
    In the UK, we have a bank switching guarantee. The bank changes all of our direct debits for us...and insure us against losses if anything goes wrong in the process.
    All or this gets done within 7 days :).
    (I switched from Halifax to Barclays simply because of the Windows Phone app. I'm glad you are doing the same, especially since the barriers to change are that much higher!)
    Anyway, make sure you tell BOA why you left (ideally telling higher management in their PR division).
  • Will definitely look into Barclays as I might be making the journey across the pond for a 3 year stint due to work, next year. Fingers crossed.
  • Barclays currently has a 4.7/5 rating from 9,000 reviews (almost 8000 more reviews than the next best banking app; Natwest!).
    I can definitely recommend them...especially as they are actually providing ongoing support for the app.
    (Good luck with the job)
  • Agree, the UK Barclays WP app is very good and much easier/more convenient to use for most banking needs than the on-line browser access.
    On a side note the BBC iPlayer catchup TV service recently stopped support for older smart TV's, wii & Blue-Ray players and used almost identical 'market penetration' reasons for denying millions of consumers access to the new service. Sadly this reflects the culture of organisations having scant regard for maintaining apps or products for more than a year or so. This is the mobile phone culture. Device is obsolete as soon as the next model is released. Absurd.
  • Agreed - the Barclays app is a highlight. Santander and hsbc are Mia. Considering both banks are bigger than Barclays, well I'm at a loss to explain their thinking. That said, you must really like banking online because Halifax offer better rates and deals, especially on treasury and trust accounts. I don't have a mortgage, but their deals are better too ;) That said, I'm sure you have your reasons - moving banks just because they don't support your mobile ecosystem seems odd, to me - especially given the financial implications. But then hsbc and Santander don't have a wp clue... It's 2015. Good grief!
  • My investments and savings/ISA's are scattered across a number of small providers which have high yields (and which don't have apps on any smartphone platform to the best or my knowledge)
    My Barclays app keeps me informed about day to day stuff on my current account...which I never keep above £1,500 anyway (I just transfer the money directly to my savings).
    So yes, Barclays suits me well. It's also helpful to have my Barclaycard details included on the app (though ironically, I actually use a Halifax Clarity card for most things as it is the most cost effective card when travelling!).
  • Good diversification ;) I'm hoping people come on board, with windows 10. Owning properties in the UK, eu and the us having easy access to finances is a must, for me. I pay fees. I want apps lol
  • I really dislike this autocorrect crap.
  • Did google buy this bank or something?
  • Probably.. Lol
  • It is like Youtube!!!!! We have app for Android and IOS but WP needs to use HTML5 because it is our standard... BULLLLLSH!#####
  • So, an honest question. If all functionalities are available through a mobile site, whats wrong with using that? I know iOS doesnt allow you to "pin" IE pages on the there home screen, not sure about Android, but WP does. We can essentially pin every single Bank mobile website and use it. Also, I am assuming mobile site will give you more functionality then apps (without a fancier page transition I guess) Basically, what I am proposing is "F**K the apps!" campaign for MS. Companies have no choice to build mobile sites for other OSes. MS can leverage that as a benefit for themselves. May be even make it simpler to pin sites as apps on the main page or even app list. Eliminate the difference between Apps and sites. Needless to say, this is going to work in favor of universal apps as well for desktop OSes. 
  • Thats the problem, the mobile site doesnt work either!
  • Exactly - as highlighted in the article itself. Ie11 doesn't work correctly, in this instance (there are many others) and so this is an issue.
  • The mobile site does not allow you to deposit a check
  • You clearly don't use a banking app...
    The Barclays app in the UK allows us to generate a secure code that would otherwise require the use of a separate code generating calculator.
    Native apps are also MUCH easier to use mobile websites (you are only loading the data, rather than the whole HTML interface).
    Also, mobile apps allow you to sign in with just one password instead of going through a multi-step authentication process.
    Finally, my Barclays app allows me to call them directly, with the app itself 'authenticating' my identity (saving me waiting on the phone for the various security questions!).
    A good banking app is invaluable. So choose your bank wisely, and support the banks that support this platform :)
  • Already switched to wells fargo. Just waiting for my refinance to go through and I'm gone for good. I was a bofa customer for 17 years.
  • Make sure you tell BOA why you left...
    & make it clear to them that you won't return until they reinstate the app (even if you don't actually intend on returning :)!
  • Microsoft needs to open their own bank so we can get a proper bank app. Lol! Hey that'd be great wouldn't it? I opened a Wells Fargo account because my local banks have no apps for windows phone. Bank apps are just more convenient.
  • What's wrong with windows?? :(
  • No worry.....i m an indian....
  • This was the nail in the coffin for me... with Bank of America, not Windows Phone. I have closed my BoA credit card and opened one with another bank. That's a few $k per month for which they're no longer getting their 2% on each transaction. I think it's attrocious and unforgiveable customer service to do this to customers, many of whom are Windows Phone users. And for those blaming MS for this -- the only company who had a say in this outcome was Bank of America. They could have at least left the existing app running, they could have continued to support it until Windows 10, but instead they did the most heinous thing of all -- they just turned it off with no pathway for us as users. A business that does that should be punished by its customers. I realize a lot of people probably can't just change banks like I did, but if you want to ensure good customer service (not just Windows Phone support), vote with your business and switch to a bank that looks out for its customers first and foremost.
  • Make sure you inform someone at BOA as to why you left them. Ideally, those of you leaving BOA because of this should use some kind of twitter hashtag, and ding your tweets at BOA's twitter account.
    Money talks :)
  • Correct. Vote with your wallets and your feet!
  • This is actually not a bad idea at all. We need a hashtag for everyone who leaves the platform (Looking at you now, my beloved Chase Bank). That way, at least there is a unified voice.
  • No problem. Business decisions are business decisions. Which leads me to the following: I am announcing that I will be ending my support for BofA due to low customer experience by the ned of this month. So long BofA. Wells Fargo, here I come.
  • YOU SUCK, BOA!!!
  • Daniel...not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but for now they can go to click "Full Site" on the bottom and pin the full site page (or even better, use the link with Skinery Themes). Full site works fine.
  • that sucks
  • anotherone bite the dust... Windows Phone = Blackberry, I have been saying it for months, WP is going down the same path Blackberry did, it is no longer relevant. There are no even new flagship phones been released, windows 10 for phone is just catching up still.  It was a nice ride,,, back to what really works and have app support from everybody...
  • Funny people here are changing banks for phone OS or app. Microsoft would have given money for making app now that money ran out, its simply an accounting decision. I be very interested to see usage stats on app . As business if less that x people or 1-2 % of their user base are on WP it make no sense to support on going costs n development , simple fact is its hard to get developers to make apps for WP.
  • Business accounting decision!!!! BofA has so much money that running this app would be peanuts to them!!!
  • Fellow WP users.... Bank of America sucks Elephant spheres for this move.... They WILL come back, it is inevitable...BUT in the meantime, use this link together with WebApps and it makes a pretty decent substitute for the meantime. Use the URL when you create the webapp and you will be good to go for now (or until we ALL switch banks) but for the time being it gives you a decent experience.
  • The irony is I imagine B of A uses Windows in some capacity on their back end systems. Does this mean many people are using their banking apps away from home and their desktop computers? I don't think I've ever had the desire to do that. Or is it the deposit feature that phones/tablets with cameras provide that's the pull to a mobile app? Just curious.
  • I dont have Bank of America accounts, so I care not.
  • BOA sucks for this. Especially knowing there website is garbage when accessed through IE11 at the moment. My bank has a terrific mobile site. It plays great with IE. If organizations developed their mobile sites well enough, apps wouldn't be needed, at least for banks. This clearly would substantially reduce everyone's development strains. I do think there is some under lining conspiracy not to develop MS apps. The market share excuse doesn't really make sense anymore but that's what they all say. High market share or not, Windows (Phone) has a substantial user base. I'm hoping the web apps under development provide the bridge needed to circumvent this app debacle. I'm sure at this point MS is adamant to resolve this conflict even though they haven't let the cat out of the bag. Allot is riding on W10. Despite all the naysayers, as more details are announced, W10 sounds like it's going to generate a huge leap in market share. However, I also agree with others who say mind share is the bigger issue. All platforms have their shortcomings. Windows Phone and soon Windows for Phones, is capable of doing most, if not all of the tasks that the majority of users need. I was at an ATT store where we were having a friendly debate comparing iOS, Android and of course Windows. One of the sales reps claimed to own a Windows Phone for a brief stint but says she hated it. I have no idea how long she actually used it but she claimed it was too difficult to call and text. ??? She also said Windows Phones have too many features. ??? I was just baffled by her statements. 1. Windows isn't anymore difficult at performing basic tasks as any of the other platform. 2. If those are the only features she intended to use, they could easily have been customized on the start screen. 3. I sarcastically asked why she even uses a smartphone if she doesn't use it for anything else but I gave her some credit since we know the texting experience on a smartphone is much better than traditional mobile phones. 4. This was the first anyone told me they felt Windows Phones had too many features. I purchased a couple of Windows Phones for loved ones who probably would never have bought any smartphone on their own and converted a couple of Android users. Everyone I've consulted with has praised Windows Phone for it's ease of use. Hopefully MS is working as diligently to address mind share. If not already, they should be offering easy, informative training to the people supposedly selling the products. They need to offer substantial discounts to schools, including the elementary level, so MS/Windows remains in the conversation of our future developers and users. Every challenge is an opportunity and MS certainly needs to stay the course. Variety is a good thing. The MS hate is just played out.... in my humble opinion.
  • I'm switching tomorrow, when I get off work!! This is CRAZY!
  • Nothing unusual. This is old news and there are more to come rather go unless the OS is marketed better to attract more consumers. Either way, since Windows 10 is so great why is Microsoft not doing a better job of getting the word out? The Cortana commercials are stale! On a side note, dropping apps is dumb! First of all, it is never a good situation when you drop support for some users no matter what the numbers, there are Windows Phone users who were relying on the app too.
  • I just don't get why people just go for iOS or Android and not giving Windows Phone a try! Its utterly disgraceful and appalling.
  • It actually works on my 1520. I tried is in desktop mode and it works. Also for all the apps that doesn't work you can try webapps. It is a good solution for this kind of websites
  • Nobody's going to pull their accounts and switch banks over a phone app. They're much more likely to get a different phone.
  • I wouldn't switch banks over an app either (and I'm with Bank of America), but apparently a lot of people who commented on this article already pulled their accounts because of it. Too each its own I guess
  • Here's where I'm sending my letter, I encourage everyone in here to do the same if you have a complaint about this issue: Bank of America Attn: Resolution services
    FL1-002 -01-31 PO Box 25118 Tampa Fl, 33622  
  • This is google/apple paying them to steal valuable 2% market share. I'll switch banks and move all of my money to another bnak (which is unlikely to have an app) before I leave a phone OS that caters exclusively to low end device buyers. I'll just carry cash/I don't bank using modern technology. Just use the web page. Now more than ever we must support our religion/phone OS. But when this incredibly useful convenient app leaves, we actually gain five more apps that are knock offs, or useless web wrappers (e.g., Instagrim, Yo-Tube, Snipchit). Hurry up and make up something positive for us fearless leader. Have I missed anything out of the hive mind yet?  The rudderless ship be sinking and MS doesn't care.  Their garbage phone in every hand (outside of the United States, some restrictions may apply) strategy is failing.  An OS without a flagship and a never ending, confusing, carrier exclusive, region specific, derivative, stable of low end junk phones for feature phone converts isn't winning over customers with disposable income.  The end is nigh.  Would anyone really be surprised if they cancelled the WP experiment and started making Android handsets?    
  • Sorry but since Microsoft is not taking care the Windows phone application and instead of that they give more attention on iOS and Android OS, it is completely normal to see these results :( I am very disappointed when I see these results. Microsoft deserves more on mobile. They need better marketing and people who care on the company.
  • Come on everyone take to twitter and Facebook, let them know we are pissed
  • Déjà Vu
  • Bah.. BOA sucks anyway.... Give users another reason to switch to a small credit union where they treat you like an actual person.
  • Time to switch bank
  • Nothing Will Save Windows Phone Now, Its Dead..
  • Total ass-tastic move. Especially when we have no workaround. Lame too that the app directed users to use the mobile browser. "Le-Sigh"
  • If the BoA ban Windows users. Why not all users of Windows phone, tablet, desktop, server ban BoA. After all their market share is not that big compare to all users of any Windows flavor. Actually I think Microsoft should not support them either and remove their server from them. It will be interesting.
    At the end I think that Microsoft should be much more aggressive on marketing, and partnership.
  • Nobody is banning anyone.
  • That bank sucks anyway :P
  • Screw them twice with a baseball bat lol.
  • Really feel sorry for the ones affected by this. Glad that we are spoilt for choices with banking apps here in India. BoA truly sucks.
  • Hopefully the website will be fixed. Citi also had a website that didn't work in IE, but they fixed it and their site now works great in the browser. Much better than an app (except for check deposits).
  • Wow, THAT escalated quickly (This thread)! Anyone see a trident go wizzing by? Yes, people user their banking apps. People get upset when they get pulled because, like me with my Chase app, I use it every day several times a day for personal and business banking. The Quick Deposit saves me countless hours and gas in a month. It's a big deal that the platform needs to address in a swift way. I just filled out a survey that Chase sent me, where I informed them that my personal accounts AND my business accounts will be leaving them after 20 years based on them pulling the app from Windows Phone. Told them that I otherwise loved their bank but this one decision to stop supporting my platform was ending our relationship. I am just one, but together we are many.
  • I tweeted them and got the same boiler-plate garbage answer. I asked for Cooperate Complaints. Waiting to hear back. If not I'll just tweet the CEO and write a snail mail. I mean, for heavens same, their a freaking bank; they should have a little money floating around.
  • Had to use wife's iPhone tonight to deposit horrible experience. The window phone app was much better...waiting on universal app!
  • I don't think developers are giving WP users the finger without pressure from Apple and Google. Chase's service emails now contain Apple product references/promotions. They are definitely in bed with Apple, but it's WP users that are getting screwed. Banks are whores.
  • This sucks balls
  • Just absolutely pathetic and unreal. Can't believe they had the nerve to remove even the ability to go on the mobile site via a Windows Phone. How despicable. I'm glad I've never used Bank of American. Screw 'em.
  • So I recently was deciding where to move investment funds.  Etrade has an app for windows phone BOA/Merrill doesn't "anymore".  Guess who won my business?  It's very simple.  If you think the practice stinks, move your money.  Their bank machines are still using Windows XP for Pete's sake.  The CTO should probably be fired for this whole fiasco, but it's probably not his fault they never assign any budget to infrastructure.  Cut cut cut.  Cutting is fine.  We can do it too.  Just did in fact.  Sorry BOA.
  • Well I could make them the app for 2000 USD and support it for 500 bucks per month...
  • Btw , Daniel Rubino I'm able to login in to my account and transfer money from my Lumia 1520 on Bank of America online , like I would do from a laptop ( that I do have because I don't have wifi at home ) so all my operations has been always from my Lumia and never had a problem .
  • Time to vote with your wallets, and I don't mean Windows Phone. Apparently, you are a lower class customer. And it is horribly disingenuous to claim originally that access could be made through the browser, then yank even that support depending upon device. Why would anyone give them their business when they are reducing services?   Granted. I am not a financial advisor. I just play one in my fertile mind.
  • Ally Bank (an internet only bank for personal savings and checking) has a great windows phone app, no service fee check deposits no ATM transaction fees and you can transfer funds between BOA and Ally Bank. So you can use Ally as the gateway and transfer deposited, etc. to BOA (if required).
  • Being able to deposit checks using your phone was a great time saving feature, especially for a small business. Any other banks still offer that on WP? Time to think of leaving BoFA after 30 years.
  • This article brings up another good point, IE on WP is like two years behind chrome and mobile safari. Hopefully the Spartan mobile browser changes this. The android user agent string in the developer preview was an awesome work around, but MS absolutely has to execute when it comes to Spartan.
  • Most comments here are like "it's not MS fault if people code websites that such or if companies cease to support an app/don't have an app".. I personally don't give a f**k who's to blame, I just want to be able to use my WP. And the trend seems to be that WP support from everywhere is going down. I think the trolls here are those who take out their sword and act like the Knights of the Mighty WP Legacy.
  • My bank Nationwide has is flatly refusing to create an app for windows phone so I can feel your pain
  • So anyway, I'm trying Ally now. So far I like them. They have an app and real people answer the phone rather quickly. They refund all my atm fees regardless of the bank. Also, my checking account draws interest. You folks give them a look.
  • No worries.  At least Windows phone still has plenty of fart apps.
  • I think BOA are a bunch of AHoles. I don't think changing bank will solve the problem cuz they obviously don't care i mean they already know the number of people that access to their bank account from a windows phone. For now ill just pretend that we are on the 90's where nothing of this BS exist. I wish that Microsoft arm their balls and say that they are not supporting their system anymore and in a period of a month they wont be able to login to their computer and servers witch probably are running windows too.
  • I used this app, I liked this app. How difficult would it have been to keep it in the store and update it occasionally?
  • Per Bank of America Tech Team they are dropping support for Windows Phone completely, including the browser support. It is specifically blocked on any Windows Phone device. If you want to continue to use it, you have to use a third-party browser, or use the desktop website. They currently have no plans for any support on the device in the future.
  • Switchng from BoA to Ally for sure, BoA suck...
  • I knew as soon as I saw bank of America was already working on apple pay support before the iPhone 6 dropped that something like this would happen. I think Chase bank was an original Apple pay partner too
  • I wanna close down BOA, but I just realized I opened a merrils edge accnd they're linked together.
  • I am disappointed seeing what seems like a rash of apps leaving the WP behind. But...the mobile sites still work for me. Maybe this is part of the decision behind some of these vendors? I know, I know, BofA doesn't support IE 11 but you don't have to use IE 11, who doesn't have atleast one backup browser?
  • Hahaha LoL.
    I dont know what "American" Bank think about how to make Bank Apps easily and long life forever. Just use STK as basic authentification and apps could run. At least 3+ Bank in my country had WP instead of old Blackberry 10 platform.
  • Ok, so if you run the "user agent" app from the store to go to, it works (as Firefox on PC). This, to me, is even worse. This shows that there is NO TECHNICAL REASON to the lack of web page support. It is another case of platform bigotry. You see, when you visit a web page, you browser reports the screen resolution, browser engine, and other details to allow the web page to be tailored and customized to improve the experience. What is stunning is that Bank of America is using this information, not to improve the quality of the content, but to BLOCK the platform from functioning. I now have proof of this because using the "user agent" app simply lies to the server about what browser you are running and that works. I'm actually thinking that this may be (or should be) a net neutrality violation. This kind of thing cannot be tolerated. It is truly a form of bigotry.
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  • This is absolutely devastating for the platform, so much so in my opinion, that MSFT, should have offered to pay for the app maintenance. How much could this has cost them?
    It is also surprising that BOA will take this action now when the small-form -factor windows tablets are picking up and now when the two OSs are about to be unified. Are BOA and Chace abandoning all Windows development?
    This could be the beginning of the for Windows (period) not just windows on phones.
  • It seems accessing BofA from a Windows Phone 8 via IE is working least for me. Not as slick as the app but still functional.