Check out another glimpse at what Pokémon Go on HoloLens could look like

The second Pokémon Go hit the scene, fans of the series have imagined what it might look like running in augmented reality on the Microsoft HoloLens. We got our first glimpse at what that might look like with concept video, and now another prototype from Koder offers a look at the possibilities.

According to the video's description, the experience was built in two days. While a little rough around the edges, the footage from the prototype is pretty compelling, and it certainly makes the possibility of a completely polished experience even more compelling.

What are your thoughts? Would you be all over a Pokémon Go experience on the HoloLens? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Ahhh I wish they actually had it for Hololens
  • THAT looks amazing! =D I hope they bring it to windows 10 for some sweet hololens stuff!
  • I'm surprised someone hasn't simulated what it would look like on a WinMo phone.. Lol
  • Because it would be exactly the same as on an Android or iOS phone?
  • No, no no.. You totally miss the idea.. It's called A JOKE.
  • With all the time spent on hololens simulations, we could have had an app!
  • We all get it. It was a bad joke. Not funny.
  • The question is:will google allow niantic to release pokemon go on hololens when they have strong rapour with magic leap?
  • Niantic is no longer owned by Google so really it's up to them if they bring it or not Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Google has absoutely 0 control over a game that they neither developed nor published. Nintendo/The Pokemon COmpany own the rights to it. Niantic, an independent, third-party developer, dreated it. If anyone's to keep it from MS devices, it's Nintendo, who competes with MS in the console space. However, this isn't a game for consoles, so the presence of Xbox shouldn't matter. What WOULD matter is the lack of quantity in the W10M space, and the inability for non-mobile PCs (the bulk of the W10 marketshare) to play a game based on GPS and moving about in the world.
  • Google is an investor, and the app hooks into Google services to operate. There is some likelihood that Google has influence towards the games direction.
  • No moreseo than if someone accessed any other API, and it's not as if Niantic couldn't just patch in code to replace Google's mapping with the Microsoft offering. That's a big part of what you'd get out of the app porting process Microsoft's pushed with Islandwood--swapping other proprietary pieces with Microsoft's.
  • It will be very difficult for them to release a windows mobile will do anything to make it impossible.
  • What would evil google do to stop them?
  • Google doesn't give a crap about Windows phones, it not even worth their effort to try and block anything.
  • Google should sometimes rethink where they would be without the gazillion searches from all the windows devices since their existence... And yes this is completely off topic. Oh and I still think Pokémon is childish as hell so I don't care whether or not it comes to Windows 10.
  • Stay salty grandpa.
    [Goes off to catch a Pidgey] Posted from my Note5
  • If you think this is an age thing, you're wrong spazzmeister (wonder where you got that name). Don't blame me for not liking or joining the hype. If you like it, good. I don't.
  • If I had a HoloLens unit and it had Pokémon, I'd probably play it far more than is healthy.
  • When you get one, we'll send you the prototype to check it out. :)
  • Well the guys who make this on hololens (i dont think its niantic they have too many problems to play with this:P) if they get it a bit better and have it released in they future they will be milioners :P
  • If they get approval from The Pokémon Company, sure
  • Thanks @Panos, we'll definitely work on making it better. Not sure about the rest. 
  • Sick of hearing and seeing this game.
  • Lol. Right.
  • Cannot wait for the Surface Phone to Launch
  • Thank you❗
  • There is the REAL JOKE!
  • raises a good tech point. Will hololens be aware of lighting positions and apply suitable lighting to the graphics? thats going to make a huge difference in the quality of what's seen.
  • Check out a glimpse of something that will never happen, and even if it did, you'd never use because you don't have a Hololens!
  • Ok, it migt be a good platform for the game, but seriously, that's enough with mockups.
  • Just Stop.  This game never coming to any device made by Microsoft.
  • Looks neat, but we all know it's not going to happen.
  • Thanks, appreciate the feedback @kreblon.
  • How did they work up the courage to take a HoloLens near water??
  • I'm the guy in the video near the water. The goal was to capture some good footage by any means necessary and that's all I was thinking at the time. :) I will admit though, the tides were high and the HoloLens got wet, but it was well worth it. :) Thanks for watching. 
  • This prototype was built in 2 days by Paul Nguyen and Elmer Moralas, coders at Koder.
    I wish we could get them on the forum and talk with them.
    Very interesting.
  • The game?! I could care less, not to mention the security issues...What really is interesting is that people took to AR so readily and that AR can break through barriers via social interaction with complete stranger's. I witnessed this first hand, and I believe there is more than meets the eye here
  • This would be so much better on HoloLens than on a phone, apart from the battery life that is lol. And thinking about it, seen as the HoloLens runs Win10, I wonder if it'd be possible to run Go on it via an Android emulator (which has already been done on PC), although you'd need to tether your phone for a GPS signal. The only other issue might be the amount of RAM in the current iteration, which might cause it to not run very well.
  • But I don't care about Pokémon on HoloLens I just want it on my phone so I can play with my friends :(
  • Pokémon is a nice game however I believe playing some holographic card game like Yu Gi Yo might turn out to be more exciting.
  • That is a good idea.
  • Well, what about battery life?
  • With no cellular or GPS it does not matter, one may keep it connected to main all the time.
  • You can connect it to your phone
  • They aren't going to release a consumer app for a platform that "requires tethering with mobile GPS-enabled device to function."
  • I will prefer to have an AR or non AR yugioh than pokemon for mobil or pc.
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. Glad you liked it and feel free to ask questions to my team and I, either here, YouTube or on Twitter (@trykoder). 
  • OMG you don't know how much I want to be a Hololens developer. Perfect reasons for me. 1. I've been waiting for virtual reality my whole life 2. I've also been waiting for triggers to exist 3. I so want to help create Pokemon go and other Holographic games 4. I LOVE PROGRAMMING/learning more languages and making new things I so want to help make pokemon GO