Check out this detailed overview of Microsoft Teams

If you're curious about getting a more in-depth look at Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has released video overview at the app's setup process and features. While Microsoft already gave us brief quick look at some of Microsoft Teams' features on stage at its unveiling, the video overview from Microsoft Mechanics offers a sort of FAQ-like take on the app that should answer any lingering questions.

As a reminder, the Microsoft Teams Preview has kicked off in 181 countries, and is available as part of Office 365 Business and Enterprise suites. The service is expected to launch into general availability in the first quarter of 2017.

What do you think of Microsoft's new Slack competitor? Let us know in the comments!

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  • So curious. Thanks MS
  • Please do the following a) Make a mobile app b) make it cross platform c) make it super easy to integrate to CI/CD pipeline tools (e.g. jira, jenkins, gitlab, TFS) d) Make the data secure or allow an onsite hosting option We use HipChat at work and that is the only way we can finally get rid of HipChat -- which we hate
  • Well a and b are done. No idea about the rest but I would hope Microsoft has a feedback section for these features.
  • I would kill for a gitlab integration, it could be done so well. Pretty much could get rid of the need ever go on the gitlab page if you can use the tabs in MSteams effectively.
  • TFS is coming November 9th per article on MSPoweruser.
  • Jira was shown as a connection in the video
  • Microsoft Teams looks sweet! It wont be avaliable to the general public probably because of the microsoft for business requirement. So general people that use slack for hobby groups and whatnot wont get to use it I guess. But its still sweet! Looks great.
  • microsoft for business requirement?
  • Its enabled for office 365. so it depends on which office 365 subscription you have.
  • This is the frustrating part for me. There are a heap of things I'd use personally or in hobby groups that are only available with Office 365. Even at my work place we use an onsite exchange server and not Office 365 so we can't switch to Microsoft Teams (currently on HipChat, probably moving to Slack)
  • Tried slack. Doesn't work for me. I think Microsoft teams will be the same.
  • Yeah, should be pretty much exactly the same in terms of interface. Slack is very usable and not broken; in this case it doesn't make sense to do something totally different.
  • The sheep riding pic is so cute hehehe! :-)
  • @NutmegState, a, b, and (it appears) c are already there. They also touted various compliance to security protocols like EU and HIPPAA. Regarding scabrat's mention about amateur teams, it raises a question I had (it may be answered in the video)--can you invite people outside your organization (and therefore not having a O365 business license) into your teams? If you can't, then I'm afraid this will be very limited in its appeal.
  • I don't see any reason why you can't have an Office 365 subscription for your amateur team. It's only $60/user/yr.
  • Would be cool if there actually was a tile for the Teams, but theres not.. 
  • Shouldn't be business use only, maintain the dual use strategy please!