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Simon Sage
  • Erm..... There ain't a Nokia in the pic
  • Today I put my Nokia on the same table with my colleagues iPhone 6. I was ashamed. I love windows phone but sometimes I regret choosing Microsoft ecosystem. Lack of apps and native os functions. We are like 3 years behind the rest.
  • Lack of apps??? Limited OS functions??? Seriously, please elaborate. Guess you enjoying your three year old technology iPhone 6 ​
  • I have an surface pro 3, surface 2 and and surface pro 2. I own Lumia 1020, HTC 8x and now my daily driver is Lumia 930. I do have apple iPad and my girlfriend uses iPhone 5s. My point being: I love windows and Microsoft but since I have the opportunity to use Android and IOS. I see clearly the lack of apps. If you don't see that then your are being a dump fan boy and YOU should be ashamed.Have you seen how fast the camera app loads in iphone? Have you missed how all the thousands of apps that exist in app store? Stop being naive wake up!
  • As someone who hates everything Apple does, you're so ignorant to the matter I almost want to laugh. You seriously think that Apple's iPhone 6 tech is 3 years old? A 64-bit ARM chip with a quality GPU is something Qualcomm won't even have until 2015, yet Apple pulled it off in 2013 and 2014, so that's flat-out wrong right there. They've almsot done more with NFC (which they WERE way late to) in a few months than Microsoft managed in 2 years, thanks to Apple Pay or whatever. The camera's not Lumia 1020-quality, but it likely matches up with that disgusting abomination known as the "affordable flagship" pretty well. As for the apps--yes, there is a lack of apps. Anyone with a brain can admit it, even if you don't use the apps. Epocrates is still missing, as is most anything a med student (like my brother-in-law) would want. Trillian isn't there, if you like that for using multiple chat clients within one app (like I do). IT apps like LogMeIn aren't here. My sister still can't use the FitBit app becuase Microsoft has so little influence over carriers (in this case, Verizon), meaning Cyan isn't available on all carrier/device combinations. Several "hip" games are missing, many of which just never make it or come so late that they're not even relevant to the masses any longer (like how late Temple Run was or how Candy Crush showed up as competing platforms got its drink-based successor). I'd love to see you come back and talk up what 3-year-old tech Apple is missing that Microsoft isn't, beyond wireless charging (which I love, but certainly isn't a platform-selling thing).
  • I agree!
  • Windows phone developer, windows fan and I agree. It's the lack of apps and lack of features in apps that windows phone lacks. I have all 3 platforms, but still choose to put my sim in my WP phone however there are apps on other platforms that I need in my daily life - WeMo, SigFig, Cartwheel, Cub Foods, Ifttt, just to name a few off the top of my head. I know not everyone has a need for these apps however I do and I'm sure I'm not alone. We needs top 50 in every category, and not a limited functionality app - full featured. Web apps are a nice alternative however those sites are created by the same team of people who aren't targeting WP which means IE usually isn't on their radar either and the site is pretty much useless. I still love my WP but TBH the app selection and quality of ones that exist are making it feel dated.
  • I bought Sony MW1 Bluetooth Headset and was frustrated to know that the notifications work with an app which WP doesn't have
  • We don't even have the latest office but Android and IOS got!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Things that iPhone is missing are a High Quality Camera, Bluetooth Sharing, Budget Price, 2GB RAM, 1.7 Ghz Processor... Also apple is not providing support to iPhone 4 or 4s The phones which are still the highest sold mobile phones by Apple.. Just take a look at Lumia 520 it was a dirt cheap mobile but still Microsoft has provided it  with the Lumia Denim Update. On the other hand iPhone 4 isn't going to get even iOS 8 ever and iPhone 4s will never get iOS 9. So, rather than buying an iPhone 6 i'd like (no not like i'd love to) to go for a lumia 1520, 930. You can see the benchmarks too if you doubt that iPhone is good in performance as compared to a lumia. Compare an iPhone 5 with a Lumia 535 and see what you get... Compare an iPhone 6 with a Lumia 930... And we have the Beast of all camera smartphones ..... THE LUMIA 1020!!!! That too is a windows phone. So, what are you gonna say now?
  • Well, I see your comments reek of ignorance, so I'll respond, even though coming back 9 months to post something is asinine. "Things that iPhone is missing are a High Quality Camera, Bluetooth Sharing, Budget Price, 2GB RAM, 1.7 Ghz Processor..." Camera: The iPhone's camera isn't bad at all. It might not be the best in the world, but it's a respectable optical device. Bluetooth Sharing: I wouldn't know, as I haven't tried to share anything over Bluetooth in, like, 10 years. Does my Lumia 920 have it? I honestly don't know, nor can I prove or disprove your iPhone comment. Budget Price: You get what you pay for. The 950 and 950 XL won't have budget prices. Does that make them bad devices? I mean, come on, troll harder. RAM: This isn't really a big deal. iOS runs well on 1 GB of RAM, we've seen it for YEARS. It's the same response WP fans gave when Android people laughed that WP devices didn't have 2 GB of RAM, and that some had as little as 512 MB of RAM. RAM isn't some end-all, be-all piece of hardware. GHz: This (along with the RAM thing) tell me you don't actually know anything about computer hardware. GHz doesn't mean jack on its own, things like core count and architecture are a big deal. If you think GHz = good, then you go buy an AMD FX-8350 (4.0 GHz), and I'll stick with my Intel i5-4670K (3.4 GHz), which outperforms the power-hungry, inefficient Piledriver architecure. Apple's silicon has known for two good things over the years: quality graphics processors and a smart chip design. "Also apple is not providing support to iPhone 4 or 4s The phones which are still the highest sold mobile phones by Apple.." The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus also just broke sales records. You're complaining about support on devices launched in 2010 and 2011. They're older than WP8 itself. None of the pre-WP8 devices are getting crap for support now, as those who bought devices from 2010 to mid-2012 were left out in the cold, since there was a kernel change. Oh, and remember that Apple's bypassed carriers in updates, and they get their updates to everyone at once, for the most part. Meanwhile, WP (and Android) updates are at the mercy of carriers, which is why so many firmware updates lagged behind for MONTHS. Apple's the very best at device support, for this reason alone, and if you think that not providing support 4-5 years later is bad, well, get ready for W10M, which will abandon devices newer than the iPhone 4 and 4S, because they don't have the required 8 GB of internal storage. Oh, and we also don't know about updates for other devices because, again, we're at the mercy of the carriers. The Lumia 710 got NO support from T-Mobile. Remember that the promised length of support with WP is 3 years, and you're complaining about Apple's 4- and 5-year-old devices. "So, rather than buying an iPhone 6 i'd like (no not like i'd love to) to go for a lumia 1520, 930." OK, enjoy outdated hardware from 1-2 years ago. "You can see the benchmarks too if you doubt that iPhone is good in performance as compared to a lumia." Post 'em. "Compare an iPhone 5 with a Lumia 535 and see what you get... Compare an iPhone 6 with a Lumia 930..." I don't have to. "And we have the Beast of all camera smartphones ..... THE LUMIA 1020!!!! That too is a windows phone." Which has no impending successor, only has 1 GB of RAM (remember when you were JUST railing on Apple over 1 GB of RAM?), and no guaranteed W10M update. "So, what are you gonna say now?" Well, to sum up: --You know nothing about internal hardware. --You can say "benchmarks," but until you post them, I don't want to hear it. --You get what you pay for; that's why iPhones aren't cheap (it's also why other flagships aren't). --You're an idiot for reviving this 9-month-old article.
  • I use all ONES for computers, phones, and tablets, and i switched back to the iPhone 6 after being behind in features and apps the iPhone has. I felt it was the perfect time to switch because I wanted a big iPhone. Glad I switched. Windows phone is still very behind, and i think it will always be one or two steps behind iPhone and Android in certain aspects. Fanboy attack now? Lol
  • Ashamed? You have issues.
  • Seriously if you don't understand the fact that you are paying same amount of money for an wpPhone as for Android and missing out all the functions that Android has that WP don't, all the apps that exist in play store...then you are just dump.
  • The only "dump" person here is the one who doesn't understand that not everyone wants an iPhone or Android phone and that maybe WP fulfils their needs. The grass is always greener on the other side but if WP isn't fulfilling your needs, then go where they are being met instead of trying to turn WP into Android, things are different for a reason.
  • I never said that i wanted wp to become an android. What I am saying is that sometimes when I get a chance to see or uses IOS or android I clearly see how far behind WP is and if you don't see that yourself the please get a brain.
  • First, chill on the insults as it makes it harder to take what you say seriously. Second, I know the differences between the systems well enough to know that my needs are being admirably met by WP. I wanted an OS that is stable regardless of hardware, does not run like trash after six months, and makes it easy for me to modify its settings. WP fits those needs. Could it use more apps? Of course. Are the number of apps growing? Yes, very quickly. Are the apps the same as on other much older platforms? Of course not. Does that mean WP is automatically junk? No, it means it's a young player. Apps can always come in time but you will be far more effective at bringing them to WP if you contact the developers versus complaining about what you are missing in the comments here.
  • I dare you to use iPhone 6 and then tell me what you think. Sometimes one does not know what you are missing unless you try it out. It's easy to be satisfied when you dont know what you are missing.
  • I have played around with the iPhone 6 and it is not different enough for me to shell out cash for it. Kindly respect the fact that what I like and need is different from what you like and need.
  • Good for you.
  • Iphone has better apps but the OS is blah. It looks the same as a 10 year old Windows Mobile phone icon grid layout only with the latest version dropping the 3d glass icons. I use my wifes iphone occasionally and am always left with the same feeling, boring, static icons. From a company that is suppose to inpire all this creativity I find the phone stale. But yes they have better apps.
  • I get to use the 6 daily as my job requires me to. I still went out and bought a Nokia 930 for 400 vs the 800 I would need to pay for the iPhone. It has nothing i would need. For others sure, I can see it and know it, but for me the 930 was the clear winner.
  • Yes ashamed ,the function of WP is lack behind IOS and Android Android phone introduce NFC Microsoft became the follower and IOS use it smarter way . NFC in WP has been useless until 8.1 update however IOS which implemented nfc after a few year make a big change on nfc. Apple has more creative than Microsoft,Android also but Microsoft lagging behind copy other platforms functionality shame on you Microsoft and fansboy!
  • The only thing that you should be ashamed of, is yourself.
  • Please grow up or just shut up.
  • Obviously, you need to grow up. Only a fool will feel inadequate about a freaking cellular device that you willingly bought.
  • I buy whatever I want to buy and feel however I feel after comparing them with current competitors. I will also write and say it. Some ppl buy cars, others like fishing and I like phones. It has nothing to do with med feeling inadequate. Since I buy almost every high end WP phones I have some "demand" or "requirement" on Microsoft. And right now they are not even meeting the consumers demands in any way.
  • then you should have done your research first before buying the device.  All it takes is a little research to find out your needs as a customer.
  • i know i am very late, but here is my point, if you had done RnD before buying Win phone you wouldnt be so trashing , i mean i did investigate few issues (lack of apps etc etc ) that current users had and when i found out i was pretty OK with those problems i bought L1520, and its still working for me. Glad you are happy with iphone 6 but doing some research beforehand bears fruit for sure and helps to keep you close with reality !!!
  • Yeah. I'm not ashamed. But I do agree that WP has a long, long ways to go. Don't get me wrong. I love WP and the direction it is going, but whenever I play around on my Xperia, I am always amazed at how advanced that ecosystem is. Now, I know that Android has developed issues over the years, but it really is a well developed, fluid environment. I've never used Apple, so I can't comment, but from what I've seen, it too appears very nice. I'm staying with my 1520 and WP though. :)
  • Android didn't get there overnight and Windows phone won't either. People keep forgetting that things take time. Android didn't have the "rich" ecosystem it has now five or so years ago.
  • I agree, kjnoel, but MS began the new WP journey after observing and learning from years of advancements by Android and Apple. During that time, they instilled deep seated expectations from smartphone users about what functions an OS should have. Did MS not look around in 2009/10 and say to themselves, "Ok. We have to at least be able to do (insert function) when we release this thing."? If I were going to release a product and had the money and resources that MS has, it would be as good or better than my competitors' product....not two years behind.
  • I agree with you science guy..... According to you jolla is an example with there sailfish OS or the new BlackBerry OS.... But all of them are grabbing the tail of android for the huge market Android has..... But think about Windows it is a standalone OS growing and emerging fast to cope up.... And I think it's great enough for a younger OS to be this far in such a short time.....
  • Thing about it is, none of us are privy to what goes on at Microsoft and for all we know, putting more into the OS from the get-go might have pushed back the release of Windows Phone initially. People here tell me WP is missing functions and I have to ask, what functions that the average (and I stress the word "average") person uses are missing? More is nice but can the people complaining about what WP lacks really say with a straight face that regular people use even half of the functions of their phone on iOS or (dear lord) Android? MS has been working for years to grab onto first-time smartphone buyers who don't want to shell out for iPhones or are confused by the in-your-face wall of options on Android.
  • Fair enough. Good point, ladydias.
  • Thank you and I do understand where you are coming from. I just know that for me, personally, I got over having a phone that can do everything because I know firsthand how much of my time it eats up. I'd rather save the heavy duty options for my PC or tablet versus my phone.
  • Missing functions:able too answer directly to notification instead of launching the app. I want to use quite hours but I can't since its integrated with Cortana. I want to call someone and start writing name or number and the phonebook finds the contact. All the thousands of apps.
  • .@Scienceguy, you make some valid points (:
    I really really hope Microsoft does well with Windows 10 for phones. Microsoft should consider speeding up OS dev for phones and its underlying apps because there hasn't been any major updates to stock apps like email since the launch of Windows Phone
  • @kjnoel Thanks.
    Ha ha...I hadn't even thought about the mail app not being updated. I'm hoping Windows 10 really has some cool things in store for us. I'm sure it will be pretty outstanding. Will it level the playing field? I'm not sure. Regardless, I love my Windows Phone and my other Microsoft products. Aside from an official app from my bank, all of my needs are pretty much met. I'm not switching to any other OS any time soon. :)
  • Could not have said it better myself. I agree. I mean we pay same amount of money for wpphone that ppl pay for high end Android phone. Why should we then get less in form of apps? Os functions? So tired of all the promises. If windows 10 does not have something revolutionary..then I am leaving WP for iPhone or android. At least I dont have to wait months for the apps to launch.
  • Innovation might step up next couple of years for Microsoft with new CEO
  • I couldn't agree more. Windows fan boy, but I recently caved in and got an android tablet, and wow. The vast majority of more and better apps is apparent immediately. The OS itself isn't that far behind in windows, and I do like how aesthetically appealing it is, but overall, windows and years behind and im afraid too far behind to ever catch up.
  • Do you ever compared the performance of Android vs Windows in the low or mid range phones..... I bet u never..... Then you must have agreed about the simplicity and hassel free performance Windows delevers even in the low memory devices....
  • I don't think they will ever catch tired of all the promises and waiting. Microsoft won't even launch Windows 10 until late 2015 meaning no windows flagship until that and meanwhile apple will launch apple watch or a new iPhone. And lets not talk about all the android phones.
  • I don't even know what the point of your argument is. If you really feel like Windows Phone doesn't match your needs then kindly find something that does. And for comparisons sake, you're wrong when you complain that you pay the same for a high end phone. Wrong. You can buy a 930/1520 for at least $300 less compared to a HTC One M8 or Samsung Note 4. Obviously, they're newer models but not by much. As for the lack of apps - that's a very valid point. However, I'm not so sure I've ever felt the NEED to switch phones over an app. Windows' core experience and solid integration with my PC and Xbox keep my happy. Apps are nice to have but most I install, I never really use anyways. Obviously, those are my own personal needs. If yours are different then I can definitely understand your frustration. Lastly, in terms of features, I'd argue it's a hit and miss for all theee OSes. One is better at things than the other (Cortana has been noticeably quicker for me at times than Siri) so you just have to stick with whatever you like. Personally, I don't see a compelling need to switch over to an iPhone or a Galaxy S5. That kinda makes it obvious that WP isn't "light years" behind.
  • And what version of Lumia do you have???
  • I think the issues is u don't know how to use ur phone & the setting at it best. Even my friend that using Android phone say WP UI looks very smart compared to them.
  • Some guy asked to use my phone at the laundromat once. Commented how fast and easy it was to use compared to ios at the time, and that was on WP7.5 by the way.
  • Native OS functions? Like what? As far as I'm concerned 8.1 has brought WP on par with the other two. If you were talking about WP7 2010 then yeah WP was 3 years behind...
  • What model? A 520? I would be embarrassed too.
  • And Microsoft!
  • Best Verizon phones LOL
  • Lovely ad for Android <3
  • No Windows phone on the picture.... Is this Windows central?
  • The site must've been hacked by Android central
  • LOL. They changed the header picture, but still forgot to put the wp up front and center
  • Don't want to sift through this trash. Wmpoweruser needs an app.
  • It probably is a good idea for Windows Central to start leading viewers towards other platforms for their next phone as there are no Window flagships sailing our way anytime soon.
  • That's asinine. You do realize that flagship phones make up a fraction of smartphone sales regardless of OS right?
  • You're right, I guess iPhone must be a loser for apple because everyone just buys the old phones when the new one comes out, and nobody buys a Samsung because they can just get an LG..
  • And this invalidates what I said because...? You just told the people who run the site to inform their readers to jump ship because a high-end phone (which would be bought by a fraction of the people here) has not been announced.
  • Because the third world is not going to lead sales..low margin phones do very little other than bolster Units sold figures. Do you think Microsoft is raking it in by selling Lumia 520s for 40 dollars? VS apple and Samsung selling phones for 2-400?
  • And that still doesn't invalidate what I said. However, I'll humor you and agree that cheap phones don't net as much money for MS on the hardware side of things, however, they've worked wonders for increasing marketshare and bringing on more developers. We started getting a whole lot more apps after the 520 and the users have increased because it allows them to try WP out for cheap and then upgrade to the higher-end WP phones when they find the OS to their liking.
  • Corporations are out to make money, shocking I know. So market share is meaningless if they aren't making money, and you don't make much money off giving away cheap phones. It may help bring on developers but also a mute point if there is no money being brought in. There is no high end WP to upgrade to as you say so that is stupid logic. Cheap people buy cheap phones, I'm guessing they don't care about OS as much as not having to pay much. The marketshare increase has been negligible at best anyways, no real gains have been made. Windows mobile used to have a strong marketshare, then came the high end iPhone and everyhting was crushed by it. You don't win by being Daewoo against BMW.
  • You are correct, you don't make money off of giving hardware away, you make it off of the software in your store like every other company not named Apple does. This means getting it in as many hands as possible. Windows Mobile lost market share because it was expensive and not user friendly in the least. As for phones that are an upgrade, for someone coming off of the the 520 they have the 1520 (yes it's older but still top dog in the WP system specs wise), the 830, and the HTC M8. Complain all you want about them but they are solid phones and a good upgrade for anyone who started at the bottom. I'll not argue with you on this further but I will say one thing, car analogies are pointless when talking about phones as not only are the two unrelated but I can guarantee that BMW would love to sell as many cars as cheaper company.
  • He still has a valid point. Premium phones like the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Note 4 etc have been selling very well and make a good chunk of the market here in North America. If they're at all serious about establishing a mind share (and consequently, market share) then they need to keep launching high end devices. The lower end successes you quote are mainly in emerging markets. That's very important too but they can't afford to sit idly back home. That 830, for example, is a complete abomination. Right away they're saying "unless you're on a budget carrier with a tight budget, don't come to us". It is a very materialistic society, like it or not. Apple sells a new phone to millions of people every year because the display is slightly more rich than the last one - Microsoft needs to be doing this. And don't tell me that it can't be done, just look at Samsung. I'm actually sorely disappointed that they haven't launched a single premium phone this year. I'd have paid for it if they had. That automatically tells you something.
  • I don't think BMW would love to sell as many cars as a cheaper company if they were doing it for very little margin. It sullies the brand and then they would be the junk company that nobody wants. That is called race to the bottom. Apple makes money on Hardware and Software through profit sharing of the App store. Analogies are just that, regardless of the industry, if you want a tech analogy Microsoft is being like eMachines against Dell in the late 90s. It is a strategy for marketshare but no profits and eventually getting crushed by putting out crap, so unless there strategy is like that, to get marketshare and then have the division just get acquired, it is not going to be real competition for Apple and Android.  Anything is a step up from the 520, but poor people in emerging markets aren't going to buy the 1520 in mass. I doubt that Software sales from Apps in these markets are high enough to support giving away hardware anyways.
  • i dont see how this is relevant to windows in any way shape or form, theres only 1 windows phone and its not even a newer one... simon maybe you should be working at android central instead of Windows Central -.-
  • This is just something that gets posted to all Mobile Nations sites, calm down.
  • So if HTC One (M8) Android version stands out as being in the top tier, why is the HTC One (M8) Windows not on the lists for the three major carriers who have it??? Did Windows Phone 8.1 somehow make it less? I'm not sure what the point of this becomes as a link at THIS Mobile Nation other than to rankle.
  • One thing is clear, that we are innovating and leading to the direction of productivity lifestyle with mobility. Our ecosystem seams to mature! Kudos to Microsoft for such miles to achievement. Best will reveal it self.
  • The only phone that I saw is the 928.  How old is that device?  The 1520 should make an appearance on the AT&T page and the Icon (despite it's update complications) should be on the Verizon page.  But not the 928, great phone I am sure, but way too old, might as well put the 920 on the AT&T page if you are going to have the 928.
  • Eh the Icon is already EOL at Verizon for some stupid reason, but that alone should DQ it from being mentioned imo.
  • These pages seem to be just a one page summary if a particular one. Best pre paid phone for ATT? HTC M8. No reason why it is the best prepaid as opposed to the best overall. And why isn't it the best on TMobile compared to the Note 4 which one that achievement for TMobile and Sprint? No idea.
  • Today I put my windows phone next to my colleagues iPhone6 and I was delighted - work folders pinned to start screen, seamless outlook integration,live tiles delivering updates and cortana...believe me they all regretted the two year contracts they had signed up to ..
  • We don't care what's crossing the front page of Android Central, this is not Android. Come on, WCentral. You can do better than this.
  • HTC M8 Android is on another level compared to the WP Version. Android is years ahead of WP, fan boys need to stop making the stupid comments about how Android is lacking. The HTC is in fact the only currently available flagship WP device. And is also the best WP ever made.
  • How the heck can the only Windows Phone mentioned in this entire article be the Lumia 928??? Where is the 1520 or 925? Where's the HTC One M8 for Windows? This is just shameful...
  • Oh to have back that money MS could have spent far more wisely to move the WP platform forward powerfully than to have wasted it on buying out Nokia.
  • The iphone 6 are crap why would they be in the best category when they are also rumoured to bend the same way as a few of the 6 plus'
  • This article is pointless. There are no Windows Phones worth considering on ATT? I call BS. If Android Central needs the dollars from people buying phones via their click thru list keep the money raising where it belongs.
  • Does anyone not understand that these are different operating systems. My 1520 suits my needs and if people really kept it real they would admit that the majority of apps on their devices just take up space and are barely used anyhow. Stop crying about what WP doesn't have, if a million redundant apps get you off then change operating systems. I'll put my 1520 proudly on the table against a y phone on the market and not one phone will put it to shame or do what I want done better
  • Someone who gets it.
  • Lol. I think some people are not happy until they have it all. No matter which OS you choose you will lose something. I could not live with the security issues with Android, I didn't want to live with the lack of freedom of IOS, but not having the 5000 @ apps to assist me in wiping my ass I could do without. So it was a simple choice for me. That's what this is about at the end of the day. Choice
  • I agree however there are still local apps missing which would be useful for me.
  • I have a 6 inch device and prefer the web site to the limited functionality of an app. Pin the website and keep it moving
  • I can't pay public transport with a website. Android and iOS have apps for that, in the city I live. TV shows use apps as a voting system not available on Windows Phone, I don't care about that but these are programs young people watch.
  • Laughable. Where are the $50-200 options for the prepaid guide? They say "You’ll pay a big up-front cost with prepaid phones..." without bothering to find excellent examples that are $200-400 less. How about a Lumia 635 or Motorola Moto G? Those are the best prepaid AT&T phones for people who care about... not wasting money (you know, the kind of people that choose prepaid/no-contract MVNO carriers.)
  • The conversation in this post is hilarious! The new WP OS is meh in a way behind for apps but features I could compare more pros for WP than cons compared to the other two. OS is a personal preference and that's why consumers have choice. I personally prefer my L1520 over my backup iPhone 5s, which is for sale, as my daily driver. For a person who uses my phone more for production versus play, the Windows phone OS is and will be a better choice present to future!
  • Couldn't find a Windows Phone in any of these lists.
    Windows Central, can you please stop this annoying cross-site-spam?!
    The ad-"articles" and the fact I can't filter articles concerning Microsoft-products I don't care about are annoying enough!
  • I'm a dual user with a Oneplus One and N7 (2013) and access to a Z Ultra on the Android side and a Lumia 1520.3 and a Asus T100 on the Windows side. As much as I like the aesthetics of WP, Android has gotten to me more functional in the areas important to me. So I'll still be around, but for folks to blindly bash Android and iOS shows serious shortsightedness on their parts.
  • I read the comments here and feel I must share.... Yesterday my friend showed up with his new Adidas and I was ashamed of my Converse. Adidas has done more for shoelace eyelets in the last year than converse has done I the last 50! I've owned both so I'm no fan boy.
  • Windows phones is going to take over all competitors eventually. I love my Lumia 1520 and it is the best phone to date for my other than the androids and iPhones. Everyday the app store for windows expands eventually it will catch up and slapp all others on the face. Win phones are the best money can buy. Specially a 1520 Lumia
  • This will be a good reference for me to use when considering a WP alternative. I'm curious what other WP users who have or are considering jumping ship are considering or using and why; iOS or Android.