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Xbox LIVE - Chillingo's Roll in the Hole has rolled onto Windows Phone this week

While last week’s Xbox Live release Shoot 1UP is pretty easy as shoot-em-ups go, the frenetic, bullet-filled gameplay may still have been too much for some gamers. This week we get a much more leisurely paced style of game: a physics puzzler. I speak of Roll in the Hole from Electronic Art’s Chillingo label.

Roll in the Hole stars a panda named PoPo who loves ice cream way too much, just like me. A gorilla named Uggi has selfishly stolen the life-giving desserts, much as I’d do if I saw you had ice cream. Each level holds three ice creams and an exit hole. PoPo must try to collect all three treats and reach the exit in order to win. Simple, right?

Complicating matters a bit is the fact that (unlike yours truly) PoPo is tucked up in a ball and can only move by rolling around. Rather than tilting the phone to move the black and white bear, you’ll use touch screen controls to roll him left and right. The longer you hold your finger against the screen, the faster he rolls. By many accounts it’s a confusing control system, but the official description claims that the controls are ‘a breeze’ and that ‘anyone can have a go.’ After playing for a bit, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Roll in the Hole features a whopping 72 levels of puzzling gameplay. Figuring out the best route that allows PoPo to snag all three ice creams and reach the exit, and then successfully navigating that route should prove quite a challenge. This game comes as a surprise release that wasn’t preceded by its Achievements being discovered, but we can safely bet there will be some Achievements for the optional goal of collecting all the ice creams.

The best news about Roll in the Hole is its price: just 99 cents. If you’ll remember, Chillingo’s last game Little Acorns debuted at $2.99 (three times the price of the iOS version), so it’s good to see the publisher return to a more equitable price for this release. What's more, the game's download link has turned up a bit early. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • This sounds so dirty... I'm sorry lol
  • Hooray for $.99 games!
    I'm in for any Live game at that price point.
  • +1
  • Agreed
  • Looks hard, like all Chillingo games. Either way not a fan of puzzle physics, but that's ok I don't have to get every week's Live game and last game was one of my favourites WP games so far.
  • Also, you can switch to tilt controls.  There's a toggle on the "Help & Options" menu.
    Edit: I see now, you can switch back and forth from the pause menu as well.
  • From hardcore to family...looks like I'll play my 3DS instead.
  • -1
  • Ooooh, you're really mature, you must be almost 16 yo, I presume.
  • Troll!
  • what is funny is you mention a 3ds, the epitome of "family", not hardcore. I will be playing my 3ds too, only because the new Mario just arrived from amazon!
  • Yea, I gota pick that one up....maybe next week...
  • Games are coming for Windows Phone really fast now :D
  • Sweet, haven't bought a game in almost a month.  I'll still support all the $0.99 games though!
  • Where is CUT THE ROPE Chillingo?????????? I wanna this in my Windows Phone 7.5, not just in WP8!!! Pleaseeee!
  • Agree!!
    We need for sure:
    1)Cut the rope
    2)Where's my water
    3)Temple run
  • I hear the cut  the rope on windows 8 is going to be live enabled same with fruit ninja (meaning for people with all 3 veirsons are live enabled)
  • I know it's a little off topic but, if they release a Fruit Ninja for WP8, will current owners have to buy it again ? Or will we get a free upgrade ?
  • That's a good question. I've spent a lot on apps & games. I don't want to have to pay for the games/apps again when I get a WP8 device.
  • Well, 7.5 apps will run on WP8 according to the "Dev conference" so you dont HAVE to re-buy but, just wondering if they upgrade it to a WP8" version will it be a free upgrade or a new program. That might be different.
  • Bought it in case they decide to raise the price later lol... Thanks Paul!
  • Haha ya that helped to spur my purchase as well.
  • Exactly! Lol. First, it is a dollar and second the increase on fling weeks after release made me buy it just in case
  • +1
    I can very happily buy all the 0.99$ games to support them.
    0.99$ is the price that almost all mobile phone games worth (except few).
    Hope to see more games from chillingo in the same price and have them always up to date. (For example Feed me oil is already updated in iOS with new levels)
    P.S lower the prices of the games a.s.a.p it's a shame see a masterpiece like little acorns 2.99$ in WP and 0.99$ in iOS
  • Good, but...they give it for free on Android :(
  • Without Xbox live or achievement points. So really all that for only .99¢ is a great deal. Or you could just get an android device.
  • No one buys games in Android anyway, it's anarchy land, piracy is rampant, same as insecurity, it doesn't really matter if devs ask money (which everyone deserves for their work) since their products are going to be stolen anyway.
  • Cant wait to see what Deal of the Week is.............ohhhhh
  • It actually says Xbox for Windows Phone! Not Xbox Live anymore? How come nobody mentions that???
  • They did last week in the shoot 1up review.
  • Oops :D
  • Funny thing is, after I dl'd it and played it, the logo reverted to the old style. Weird.
  • Where is the DOTW?!?!
  • It's supposedly coming back next month.
  • Way too many whiners on these games articles.
  • It's the "entitled generation", lol.
  • Guess so jaja
  • Seriously. I think it's understandable to be disappointed when you don't get what you want...but if you're not being put at any sort of disadvantage or inconvenience, there's no point in bitching about it.
  • To pay 2.99$ for games without updates that in iTunes they cost 0.99$ and are always up to date with a huge variety i think that this is a HUGE disadvantage and inconvenience.
    I like my WP (HTC RADAR) the OS is amazing!!But MS can't play with peoples money!!
  • The game costs .99. It's a fortune. Keep that comment for next week.
    I don't really like the genre, so not going to get it, tbh, and like I said I don't think I have the entitlement to think every game must please me. And between .99 and 2.99, and since I don't buy every single game, I don't care.
  • ,agreed, it is everywhere you go now.
  • OBJECTION!! It says that PoPo is collecting ice cream, but the screenshots clearly show ice lollies: no dairy whatsoever! Fix, please! As for the game itself, it looks pretty good, and it isn't more than thrice the price of its iOS counterpart. *cough*LittleAcorns*cough* Also, I notice it has the Xbox WP banner rather than Xbox Live; the first app to do so if I'm not mistaken.
  • You're mistaken.
  • EA just released Little Acorns in July and now this. These games aren't even in Android yet. Can't wait for WP8 to take off. I bet EA is tired of the crashes on Android like I do.
  • Game is fun so far. Appears to work well with the tilt option. Yeah for .99 cent titles!
  • Slayer makes a valid point. Also the idea all these games are free on android are more often than not, not purchased through the android marketplace but elsewhere. Most of the deals I get are via amazon for android, or it is pirated. Run the risk of viruses trying to save a dollar. Is it worth it?
  • Games are "free" (ad-supported an not free really) on Android, because noone buys them anyway. Although the more savy users install ad-blocks on their phones, so that the ads in Angry Birds don't drain their batteries and bandwidth. Even if the games are sold for $1 people still steal them, just because it's easy and they don't risk any liability. Those kind of people think that people paying for software are suckers and the thieves are the smart ones. Unfortunately, the android user base is so huge, that it stil pays off to relaase ad-supported games on that rotten market.
    Also, not sure where you got the 72 levels from, but there are actually 120 (24 levels per world x 5 worlds).
    Also, the "All lollipops" achievement requires you to collect 363 lollipops, but there is only 360 unique lollipops in the game. A work-a-round is mentioned in the achievement guide above.
    Was this game developed in the UK, because here in America we do not call those things being collected "lollipops", we call them "ice cream bars" or "popsicles."
    Thoughts on the game itself:  I completed the entire game (got all achievements) in about 2 hours. Most of the levels are mind numbingly easy. That's my one problem with the game. Some levels are ridiculously easy, while others (very few) offer up extreme precision and timing (especially those with balloons). Some are so linear and layed out that you just have to move you guy one direction at any speed for two seconds to beat it.
    I used the touch controls for the entire game, except on level, I forget which, that was impossible to complete using them. I couldnt get the panda to go fast enough. I switched briefly to tilt controls and turned my phone sideways. You get way more power this way.
  • thanks, I will check the guide especially for the lollipops-bars to see the workaround
  • dotw is back! Sally salon 2.99 down from 4.99! Unless it is a price drop, I doubt.
  • Thanks for the early announcement on the game.  Glad to see another .99 cent title hit the marketplace.  The game is alot of fun as well with reasonable achievements.  
  • This game is fun. This is what Super Monkey Ball on mobile platforms SHOULD have been like.
  • I tried the demo...yea, I spent the money.... WTF... they keep dragging me in...
    I'm the one who said "No more 7.5 apps or games till Windows Phone 8" and I just fell for the 0.99 xbox live title...
  • Ohh Yeah £0.79 is a great price, especially with these kind of games! GREAT GAME!!!