Chime in: Are you still using a Windows phone?

Windows phones and Windows 10 Mobile is effectively dead, no longer receiving support from Microsoft in terms of features or apps. It's set to receive security tweaks and minor bug fixes, for the time being, buoyed by the occasional UWP app update and a smattering of progressive web apps (PWA) hitting the store. For the most part, sadly, it's a goner. But that doesn't mean it's unusable.

Although practically all Windows Central staff have moved over to Android, at least one of us is still rocking his Windows phone, and we'd like to hear if (and why) you are too.

Why Windows phone? I've always loved the idea of having a PC in my pocket, and the evolution of Windows on phone, from Windows Mobile, to Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile has embodied that for me to varying degrees over the years. Beginning in 2006 with the Cingular 2125 running Windows Mobile 5.0 (my first smartphone), my Windows phone journey has ridden the spectacular crests and...

Jason Ward

Personally, it was a combination of my Lumia 950 XL's battery going flat, my HP Elite x3's camera being godawful, and Twitter being completely unstable that forced me off Windows 10 Mobile. I since moved to a BlackBerry KEYone, and now BlackBerry KEY2, and haven't looked back. Despite being messy and Google-y, Android provides a far better mobile experience than Windows 10 Mobile ever did, for me, thanks to its offering of well-supported apps, more than anything.

Microsoft's services also function really well on Android, which allows you to change all the default systems over to Microsoft's own, effectively making it a Windows phone in all but name. That said I do miss real live tiles, system-wide color customization and dark theming, and some of the UWP apps that were actually better than the real thing, such as MyTube and Readit. Maybe Surface Andromeda will save us all. Maybe not.

In any case, if you're still rocking Windows 10 Mobile (or even if you're not), drop in the forum thread above and let us know why.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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