Chime in: Is the Cortana Android app or Cortana in Microsoft Launcher better?

Microsoft gives you two ways to access Cortana on Android, in her own dedicated app and as part of the Microsoft Launcher. Both methods have pros and cons, but the implementation on the Microsoft Launcher is new, and quite awesome.

There's a discussion taking place on our forums right now about whether its best to simply use Cortana as part of her app, or as part of the Microsoft Launcher. And we'd like your thoughts.

Who should be the default assistant? Offhand, I know Launcher-Cortana can't do navigation, but app-Cortana can. Are there any other differences that give one an advantage over the other as being more suitable as the default assistant on Android? PS: sorry for posting an Android question here as opposed to Android Central. Just feel like more Cortana users would be here. I swear I'm a Windows...


I primarily use Cortana as an app, as she can more directly integrate with Android itself, replacing Google's own assistive features. Over time, though, I can see Cortana for the Microsoft Launcher developing into a system that might replace the separate app. If you only use Cortana lightly, it might be more efficient for you to use her as part of the Microsoft Launcher only.

But what do you think? Let us know in our forums.

From the forums: Cortana App vs MS Launcher Cortana on Android

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