Chime in: Did Build 2018 live up to your expectations?

Build 2018

Microsoft didn't announce Andromeda or the Surface Phone. Instafail.

OK, that's just being silly, but on a more serious note, did the company have enough good new stuff to keep the fans and more importantly, the developers excited at Build 2018. That's what we're talking about in the Windows Central Forums now the dust has settled.

I am curious about what do you think of Build 2018? Did it live up to the expectations?

Vishvjeet Arya

It's important to keep in mind exactly what Build is: A developer conference. Sure, there's some neat consumer stuff to talk about, this year seemingly how your Android or iOS device will soon become closer than ever to your Windows PC. But the conference wasn't really for me, or you, at least, unless you're a developer.

So, while it might grab headlines if there was new hardware or some major new Windows feature to talk about, headlines don't ultimately make better products for you or me to enjoy. So, personally, I'm happy enough to call Build a success assuming the developer community got a lot from it and will go forward and build new experiences for us all.

But what about you. Maybe you're a developer and can offer some thoughts on how good Build was for its real purpose. Maybe just a fan who followed everything as it happened and love/hate what you heard? Drop by the forums thread below and let us know.

Views about Build 2018!

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