Chime in: Will you upgrade from Surface Book to Surface Book 2?

The Surface Book 2 is Microsoft's latest Surface, and it's packing a whole bunch of new changes and improvements over the original Surface Book line. While there's a new 15-inch variant, the Surface Book 2 on the outside is actually pretty similar to the first Surface Book; there are no real design changes. So it begs the question, will you be upgrading from the original Surface Book to the new one?

Of course, depending on what you need from an upgrade, the answer will vary. If you need the extra horsepower or a USB-C port, the upgrade is a no-brainer. If you need a bigger Surface Book, then the Surface Book 2 is for you. However, if you're OK with the current specifications of the original Surface Book, perhaps an upgrade isn't as justified. There's a related conversation going on in our forums right now.

Considering that the Surface Book 2 now has a USB-C port, will you be upgrading? If so, please share why? If not, why not?


What do you think? Will you be trading in your current Surface book for the new model? Hit the link below and chime in on the conversation.

Surface Book owners: Are you upgrading to the Surface Book 2?

Zac Bowden
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