Chime in: Does the Surface Pro need a better camera?

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The latest Surface Pro from Microsoft is a stellar 2-in-1 device, offering up performance hardware, a beautiful touch display with 3:2 aspect ratio, and Surface Pen compatibility. It also has two 1080p cameras, one front-facing (5.0MP) and one rear-facing (8.0MP).

These cameras capture decent quality images when it comes to stills and video conferencing — as well as allowing you to sign in with Windows Hello facial recognition — but for some they're not enough.

Windows Central forum member Isaiah Heart recently created a thread asking whether or not the camera should be the focus (pun intended?) of the next Surface Pro.

In my book, the only thing which is Missing in the Surface Pro 2017 is a good camera not that it's bad.It's there though I wish they could bring the pureview tech, Zeiss lens, tri-led flash, 4k video recording and more. What do you think?

Isaiah Heart

Isaiah Heart mentions that the current Surface Pro has "a good camera" but goes on to mention a wish-list of PureView tech, Zeiss lenses, tri-LED flash, and 4K capabilities.

Do you think Microsoft should focus more on the camera in the next Surface Pro? Would you rather see a better front-facing or a better rear-facing camera? Drop by our forum and join the discussion.

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