Chime in: Does the Surface Pro need a better camera?

The latest Surface Pro from Microsoft is a stellar 2-in-1 device, offering up performance hardware, a beautiful touch display with 3:2 aspect ratio, and Surface Pen compatibility. It also has two 1080p cameras, one front-facing (5.0MP) and one rear-facing (8.0MP).

These cameras capture decent quality images when it comes to stills and video conferencing — as well as allowing you to sign in with Windows Hello facial recognition — but for some they're not enough.

Windows Central forum member Isaiah Heart recently created a thread asking whether or not the camera should be the focus (pun intended?) of the next Surface Pro.

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Isaiah Heart
Isaiah Heart

In my book, the only thing which is Missing in the Surface Pro 2017 is a good camera not that it's bad.It's there though I wish they could bring the pureview tech, Zeiss lens, tri-led flash, 4k video recording and more. What do you think?


Isaiah Heart mentions that the current Surface Pro has "a good camera" but goes on to mention a wish-list of PureView tech, Zeiss lenses, tri-LED flash, and 4K capabilities.

Do you think Microsoft should focus more on the camera in the next Surface Pro? Would you rather see a better front-facing or a better rear-facing camera? Drop by our forum and join the discussion.

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