Like all things Surface, Microsoft's Pro Type Covers can be quite pricey, especially the ones covered in Alcantara fabric. It's tough to find an official Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover for less than $100. And $100 is not chump change. Thankfully, a group of third-party manufacturers stepped in to offer some more wallet-friendly options. That means you can get a decent keyboard cover for your 2-in-1 that's much more affordable, whether it's the new Surface Pro 7 or a Pro from a few years ago. These are our favorite Pro keyboard alternatives to Microsoft's Type Covers. (Note: The Surface Pro keyboards featured here will not work with the new Surface Pro X.)

Multicolor backlit keys: Fintie Backlit Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

Staff pick

Fintie's version of the Surface Pro Type Cover has backlit keys that light up in seven different colors and at two brightness levels. It packs a built-in 750 mAh battery to help support the backlight and Bluetooth, and the layout of the keyboard is designed to be a bit more spaced out than Microsoft's keyboard, according to the manufacturer. It also connects via Bluetooth wirelessly, so it doesn't have to connect physically to your Surface Pro.

$80 at Amazon

Money-back guarantee: Tomsenn Lightweight Surface Pro Type Cover

Best budget pick

This keyboard is one of the more affordable options with backlit keys featured here, though it comes in two models: one with lit keys and one without, and you'll pay $5 extra for the LEDs. It has a built-in battery, supports Bluetooth, and it comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, something no other product here offers. Unfortunately, this keyboard has the odd upward charging port that some users dislike.

From $48 at Amazon

USB-C and mechanical keys: FERRISA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Type Cover

The most affordable Surface Pro keyboard in this roundup, FERRISA's option, boasts most of the same features as the others and few unique ones. It has a built-in battery (350mAh) to support Bluetooth wireless, which lets you use it when not physically connected to your Surface, it charges via USB-C, and it has mechanical keys for a better typing experience. Plus, it has an 18-month warranty.

$49 at Amazon

Affordable and functional: MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

MoKo's keyboard is backlit, which should help when using it in dim or dark environments. Because of that backlight, which comes in seven colors and two brightness levels, the keyboard has a built-in battery (750 mAh) that charges via Micro-USB.

$70 at Amazon

Keyboard case combo: Chesona Surface Pro Case with Keyboard

This case-and-keyboard combination features a removable Bluetooth keyboard and costs about the same amount as the other keyboards featured here. The case can also be set to position your Surface Pro at three different viewing or working angles, and it's made of PU leather with a microfiber interior. However, this keyboard does not have a trackpad, so it's best paired with an external mouse.

$76 at Amazon

Made of metal: Brydge 12.3 Bluetooth Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro

Unlike Microsoft's Type Cover and any of the other keyboards in this roundup, this one is made of aluminum and uses a hinge to balance your Pro's display instead of a kickstand. It also has backlit keys and a built-in battery. The trackpad is made of glass, and it connects via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it's also quite pricey and only costs about $10 less than Microsoft's official Signature Type Cover.

From $144 at Amazon

If we had to pick ...

Even though Microsoft's Signature Type Cover costs $160 and its regular Type Cover costs $130, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent keyboard for your Surface Pro. Every keyboard cover in this post is significantly cheaper than Microsoft's official offerings, and most offer similar functionality. That includes a quality typing experience, some protection when closed, backlit keys (except for the second Fintie option), and general good looks.

But if we had to pick just one, we'd go with Fintie's Backlit Surface Pro keyboard because it's reasonably priced, mostly matches the quality and features of the others, looks beautiful, and has an excellent rating on Amazon based on hundreds of customer reviews.

If money is your main concern, the Tomsenn Lightweight Type Cover or FERRISA Surface Pro keyboard could be for you. It's worth noting the FERRISA option has an excellent user rating on Amazon.

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