The best Surface Pro keyboards that cost less than Microsoft's Type Covers

The Surface Type Cover is an almost must-have for any Surface Pro user, but like all things Surface, Microsoft's Type Covers can be very pricey — especially if they're covered in Alcantara fabric and include charging for the Surface Slim Pen, something you might not even be planning to use. 

It's tough to find an official Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover for less than $100, and $100 is not chump change. Thankfully, a group of third-party manufacturers have stepped up to offer some more wallet-friendly options. 

That means you can get one of the best Surface Pro keyboards for your 2-in-1 that's much more affordable, whether it's the new Surface Pro 9 or a model from a few years ago. These are our favorite Surface Pro keyboard alternatives to Microsoft's Type Covers.

If we had to pick ...

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Even though Microsoft's Signature Type Cover costs more than $150 these days, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent keyboard for your Surface Pro. Every keyboard cover featured in this list is significantly cheaper than Microsoft's official offerings, and most have similar functionality. That includes a quality typing experience, some protection when closed, backlit keys, and general good looks.

If we had to choose only one from our list, we think the Fintie's Backlit Keyboard for Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Pro X is an excellent choice. It's reasonably priced, features a great design, and has a high rating on Amazon! You can use it while it's detached from the Surface Pro too, and that included backlight means you can even use it in the dark. Brydge's SP+ Surface Pro 8/X board is also a fantastic option if you plan to use your Surface Pro 8 or Surface Pro X in a clamshell-style configuration.

If you're using a Surface Pro with the classic design, featuring on Surface Pro 7+ and older, the best choice for you is the FERRISA keyboard which features great feeling mechanical keys, and can also be used when detached from the Surface Pro thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, there's also the CHESONA case and keyboard combo that provides you with a stylish PU leather case and a magnetic Type Cover keyboard in one value-packed package.

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