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Best Surface Pro 8 accessories in 2022

Surface Pro 8 Egpu Razer Gaming
Surface Pro 8 Egpu Razer Gaming (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

So, you got a brand-new Surface Pro 8 and now need to complete it with some accessories? Being an entirely new redesign, we're expecting more customized gear for Surface Pro 8 over the coming months, but right now, there are already quite a few that will make your Surface Pro 8 experience that much better. Here are some of the top accessories we recommend if you want to maximize Surface Pro 8.

If we're making some suggestions

Whether you require protection, a different way to control the Pro, some new style, or extra ports, these accessories will allow your Surface Pro 8 to be more flexible, usable, and universal.

If we had to pick the most important, we'd go for the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2. Look, you're buying a tablet PC with one of the best inking experiences around, thanks to that new haptics and 120Hz display — put it all to use!

Why not make it your full-time and only PC? Do it with that Kensington SD5750T Thunderbolt Dock, something we use ourselves. One cable and you're connected to an external display (or two), keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam, etc. Then grab Surface Pro 8 when you head off to the coffee shop or class. It's awesome.

On the cheaper side, that NOVOO travel hub is enticing if you plan to work mobile but need more flexibility.

Are you looking to add an external monitor to your setup? Be sure to have a look at our collection of the best external monitors for Surface Pro to ensure you get the best option.

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