Chime in: Is the entry level Surface Book 2 worth it over a Surface Pro?

Best Microsoft Surface Book Accessories of 2017
Best Microsoft Surface Book Accessories of 2017 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Surface Pro and Surface Book 2, in particular, are similar products while still being different in their own rights. Both have a tablet with pen support, but in the case of the Surface Pro, the keyboard is entirely optional.

Both are capable PCs, but choosing between the two can be tricky. And that's the latest topic of conversation in the Windows Central forums.

I'm in the market for a new laptop and an heavily considering a Surface device. Build quality, looks and, hopefully, durability. Also great screens. I don't do anything crazy with it. Work (browser based), email, Spotify, calendar and a bunch of tabs open. Watch videos (local and streaming). I don't really need the whole pen thing, but I love the "on the couch" form factor of the SP tablet. ...


Let's look at pricing first: The cheapest i5 Surface Pro is $799, while the cheapest currently in stock is $999. The Surface Book 2 entry level 13-inch model (which is also out of stock right now) is $1,199 with similar specs of a Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage.

Even accounting for the Type Cover, the Surface Pro is better value at this kind of price point. You're getting similar hardware and saving at least a hundred bucks, without considering that the Surface Pro is more portable than any Surface Book.

It's never that black and white though, as we explored when considering which of the two you should buy. Nevertheless, there will be those that always prefer the laptop form factor of the Surface Book 2.

But which do you think is the better purchase? Drop by the forums thread below and share your wisdom with us!

Entry-level SB2 worth it?

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