Chime in: How can you replace iTunes when moving from Mac to Windows?

On the Mac it's really easy to use iTunes to manage your music because it's just there. Like Groove comes preinstalled on Windows 10, iTunes is the Mac default.

But if you're moving from Mac to Windows and have no real attachment to the iTunes content ecosystem, there are some great alternatives. And one Windows Central community member is looking for your help finding one.

i am moving from mac to windows 10 and i want to know what music manager should i use since i will leaving itunes. i know there is an itunes for windows but is there better.


Windows has a number of apps worth a look, and if you're just managing your own music, Groove should be one of the first to check out. It's already installed, it's a really nicely done application and you can play music from the cloud if you use OneDrive.

Depending on the features you're looking for, though, there's a solid shout to look at something like VLC or Foobar2000. There's nothing if not the choice.

If you have a particular recommendation you feel strongly about, drop by the forums and let us know the what and the why!

Moving from Mac, replacing iTunes in Windows 10?

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