Chime in: Should you hold off on Android with 'Andromeda' on the horizon?

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Microsoft's Andromeda project is a software and hardware collaboration aimed to bring Windows 10 to a whole new class of mobile devices. While it isn't quite a phone and it isn't quite a PC, it is definitely expected to be a step forward by Microsoft, back into the mobile market.

Windows Central forum member Robewms recently created a thread asking whether or not it's worth holding out on an Android device to see exactly what Andromeda entails.

Is it smart to buy an Android phone now that Microsoft's new device is around the corner? Especially if you're a Windows mobile phone fan. Why would you get an Android phone now've stuck in there this long what's a few more months. If the device is canceled or delayed indefinitely I'm sure your current phone will still be just as usable in a few months as it is today.. Just asking


Robewms has faith that the Andromeda device will drop within the next few months (although no exact release date has been set), and believes it might be worth sticking with an older Windows phone until then.

What do you think? Do you still rely on your Windows phone on a daily basis? In that case, what are a few more months? There are already plenty of replies to the original post, with a few people pointing out that the wait time for Andromeda could be a lot longer than a few months.

If you'd like to share your opinion — especially if you're holding out on Android to see what Andromeda entails — drop by the forum and have your say!

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