Chime in: If you have Office 365 at work, should you bother paying for a personal account?

Laptop with Office 365
Laptop with Office 365 (Image credit: Windows Central)

That's the latest topic of discussion in the Windows Central Forums and it raises an interesting question. After all, many of the benefits to Office 365 are the same whether you're getting it through work or your own subscription.

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My work gives me Office 365, do I still need to buy my own? I just thought about this and mad that I never thought of this before.


The point to consider is what you use most in Office 365, and whether or not it's just you using it. Office 365 Home allows you to set up a single subscription that will allow everyone in your household access to the Office apps and the added benefits such as the 1TB of OneDrive storage.

If it's only you using Office in your household, your work account will probably suffice, likewise if you're not using the cloud benefits or need access on additional mobile devices. The important thing to remember with a corporate account though is it's not yours. If you leave your job anything you have stored there could disappear.

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It's an interesting conundrum, though. Office 365 is great value and it isn't that expensive for what you get. But it's still an expense and maybe one that you don't need to make.

Either way, if you've some wisdom to share, hit the forums thread below and join the discussion.

Do I STILL need to buy my own Office Suite?

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