Chime in: Is Surface Go destined to fail?

Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft Surface Go

If you've checked out our Surface Go review (and if you haven't you really should), you'll know that we're pretty fond of it. It's not perfect, but as far as small Windows machines go, it's one of the best we've seen in a long old time.

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But not everyone is convinced, as the latest thread in the Windows Central forums points out.

I agree that the Microsoft Go will be a No Go. The tablet alone is expensive and when you add in the accessories it will make the price out of reach. Microsoft is way too late to make inroads versus chrome books and now iPads.

Chuck H2

Much of this is subjective. Sure, the price for the 128GB model can get fairly high, especially if you factor in the keyboard and the pen. But Surface has also never been about producing "cheap" products. The Surface Go is merely the most affordable part of the family, and potentially something to reinvigorate the tablet market.

The Surface Go will inevitably be compared to the iPad and Chromebooks, because those are similarly priced and have similar users in mind in many cases. Education and casual PC are but two use cases, and while all have their advantages, Surface Go has the strength of also being a Windows 10 PC.

But just because a bunch of people on the internet love it, that doesn't necessarily spell success. What do you think of the Go so far? Is it destined for failure, or for success? Hit the forums thread below and join the conversation.

Surface Go or no go?

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