Chime in: Is there a difference in battery life between Windows 10 S and Pro?

Windows 10 S is Microsoft's streamlined version of Windows 10, introduced in tandem with the Surface Laptop. It's built with security and performance in mind; only apps downloaded through the Windows Store can be installed. But Windows 10 S can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for anyone who needs a bit more freedom.

An anonymous poster on the Windows Central forum recently asked how much of hit a laptop's battery life takes when upgrading to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S.

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Windows Central Question
Windows Central Question

I have a Surface Laptop and I am contemplating moving to 10 Pro. The only programs I would install are Google Chrome, Google Allo, and Maybe MightyText which is an extension for Chrome. Should I expect to see a hit on my battery life and if so, by how much?


The anonymous poster went on to say that the only apps they use are Google Chrome, Google Allo, and an extension for Chrome.

Do you have first-hand experience with the difference in battery life between the two versions of Windows 10? If so, visit the thread and deliver some knowledge!

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