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The desktop PC is the traditional personal computer, but times have changed and so has the way we interact with apps and the world. With the developments made in the tablet and notebook space, it's becoming more viable to rely on mobile PCs if you're not handling intense workloads.

So, is it time to ditch the desktop in your home?

Laptop vs. desktop

Desktop computing is fantastic. You have so much power to work with, whether you're a creative individual, a gamer, or someone who enjoys browsing websites while sitting in the world's most comfortable chair. That said, the desktop isn't for everyone. Take, for example, someone who values the space taken up by their old tower and display setup. Is it worth upgrading, or it is time to scrap it?

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Surface Pro 2017

Then there's the case of cable management, which can be a royal pain in the rear end at the best of times. Also, should you (or family members) already own laptops or tablets and don't find the need to use the desktop PC, it'll be collecting dust more than anything. Throw an Xbox One into the mix and you have even less free time.

Community forum member Bobvfr kicked off a discussion over on our community forum asking about the whole laptop-versus-desktop thing:


I have a "Workstation" desk, with a nice leather chair that houses my PC, if I am typing, skyping or generally web surfing, I tend to sit here. Underneath the desk I have a desktop, it's nothing special, an HP with an AMD A8 processor, with 14G memory (It had 2G but I stuck three extra 4G's in), with a 1TB medium speed hard disc, it is hooked up to a 28inch HD monitor and has an HP web cam and...


Removing the desktop doesn't have to cause issues either, even when it comes to storage. We've covered Network Attached Storage solutions before, and these work with a home network full of PCs and connected mobile devices. You can purchase an external DVD drive to hook up and read all your old discs.

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From the forum: Should I ditch my desktop?