Chime in: What are the pros and cons of touchscreen laptops?

Adobe Premiere on Surface Laptop
Adobe Premiere on Surface Laptop (Image credit: Windows Central)

Touchscreens on a laptop is still quite a controversial subject. On one hand, people think it's a no-brainer, and that every display should have some kind of touch functionality. On the other, people think touchscreens are only welcome on phones or tablets, and that laptops and other screens should remain non-touch.

There are different pros and cons to having a touchscreen of course. One of those pros is easy manipulation of whatever is on screen. Even on a laptop, sometimes it's nice to be able to just tap on an icon or swipe up on a webpage to scroll. A con would be touchscreens leave gross greasy fingerprint marks on your expensive laptop screen.

If this has already been answered, please send me the link, as I didn't find it. I'm in the market for a new laptop this year. My old one is over 5 years old now. I like to get laptops that I know will last several years, so I'm thinking around the $1000 range. I'm trying to figure out why or why not I should get a touchscreen. I've never used a touchscreen laptop. What are the pros? And...


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