That's what we're asking down in the Windows Central Forums. Our "Official Must Have Windows Store Apps" has had plenty of interaction in the time it's been up but now we're ready for a new round of recommendations.

The Windows Store and the 'app-gap' is the butt of many a joke, but the truth is that there are a lot of very good applications in there. Whether you're on a phone, a PC or a tablet, there's some great stuff by some very talented developers.

I'll start:

  • Unstream - The best Twitch app I've used on any platform.
  • Grover Pro - A first-rate podcast app.
  • Tidal Unofficial - Because it's better than Tidal's desktop app. And I can listen on my phone.
  • MyTube - YouTube, but better than Google makes.

Hit the link below to drop into the forums and tell us what your must haves are!

Official Must Have Windows Store Apps thread