Chime in: What do you love (and hate) about your new Surface Book 2?

Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's latest Surface device, the Surface Book 2, is a truly impressive laptop that can completely replace a desktop thanks to powerful internal hardware.

Windows Central Managing Editor Al Sacco has had a 15-inch Surface Book 2 for just over a week, and so far he's mostly loving it. So much so that he created a thread in our forum asking what others love and hate about the device.

So I've had my 15-inch Surface Book 2 for more than a week now, and I've been working on it, along with two monitors connected via Surface Dock, every day. Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase. I love the keyboard and trackpad when working away from my desk, battery life has been great, and performance has been buttery-smooth. The only things that I don't love about it (though I also...

Al Sacco

Sacco goes on to say that the his only problem with the 15-inch Surface Book 2 is its size. While travelling, it does seem a bit heavy. What do you think? Have you had a chance to travel with the new Surface Book 2? What other things do you love or hate about it?

Head on over to our forum and let your opinion be known. There are already plenty of answers to the original post, and there will no doubt be some interesting sub-conversations that arise.

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