Chime in: What do you most want to see at Build 2018?

Microsoft's annual Build developer conference begins on Monday. And we can't wait. Our Executive Editor, Daniel Rubino, Senior Writer Zac Bowden, and Video Editor Mark Guim are already on the ground in Seattle waiting for the action to commence.

Bowden wrote a post with his predictions for what we'll see announced at Build, and Rubino filmed a related video. But we want to hear from you, so I created a forum thread to solicit readers' thoughts

So Microsoft's annual developer conference, Build 2018, is right around the corner, starting on May 7 in Seattle. The company usually makes some headlines at the show. So I'm hoping we'll see at least one big noteworthy announcement. What are you hoping will be announced at Build? The obvious answer begins with a big ol' A, right? (Andromeda!) But is there anything else? Windows Central Senior...

Al Sacco

Obviously, everybody who follows Microsoft closely is dying to hear details about the rumored "Andromeda" folding PC. But realistically, that seems unlikely. That doesn't mean we can't be optimistic, though, and I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. But I'm also really looking forward more details on the next major Windows 10 update, "Redstone 5" — and that seems much more likely.

How 'bout you? What's atop your Build 2018 wishlist. Hit the forum thread below and let the Windows Central community know.

From the forums: What do you hope to see at Build 2018?

Al Sacco

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