Chime in: What do you think of Windows 10's new Timeline feature?

The biggest new feature available in the Windows 10 April Update is Timeline, which allows you to track all your activities across your Windows 10 PCs and soon, Android or iOS phone as well, and pick up tasks and apps exactly where you left off across devices. It's a productivity feature that brings your many devices closer together.

Windows 10 April Update review

And while it sounds great on paper, we want to know your personal thoughts on Timeline. Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Are there some things you'd change? One of the biggest complaints I've seen from people so far is that Timeline is very laggy, and I agree. This should be fixed with the next Windows 10 update in October however.

I have been using this feature since it has become available to all my computers after the April Update (4 in total at the house), what a GREAT feature! I'd like an option to be able to go back further than 30 days, or save certain selections to a list using thumbnails, though. This is turning out to be a "most useful" feature for me. I do hope MS is planning to bring this feature to Windows...


Other issues people tend to have with it is that it tracks your activity on your device. Turns out, people don't like it when Windows conveniently shows everything you've been doing on your PC in one place. This depends on the person of course, I personally have no problem with it and find it useful. But if you share your PC with multiple people, perhaps Timeline isn't the most useful idea.

So, make sure you let us know in our forums what your thoughts are on Timeline, and how you'd improve it if there are any issues you have with it!

What are your thoughts on Timeline?

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