Chime in: What's the best dual-band router right now?

How to choose the best router
How to choose the best router

They're not glamorous in any way, but today down in ye olde Windows Central forums the topic of conversation is routers.

Without a good router, your home networking is going to be utter trash. And one of our community needs your help to make an upgrade.

I've noticed my old router ( 4 or 5 years old and been on since buying), which was clearance item so not newest or latest then, has become a bit flaky. It has had a few connection drop outs and I think is having issue with the number of other routers in my area. I live in an area where there are 5 apartment complex sites on the block, and many 2.4 Ghz networks. So I think it's time to dump...


Dual- or even tri-band is certainly the way to go. 2.4GHz bands are great for distance, but you really want access to 5GHz for speed. There's also the fact that newer routers are just more powerful and feature packed, helping you maximize the bandwidth you're getting to your devices.

Prior to investing in a mesh system, I used the Netgear Nighthawk X4S which is both fairly affordable and powerful. Dynamic quality of service (QoS) helps keep the devices that need the bandwidth most supplied as a priority, the range is excellent and the software easy to use.

But that's just one suggestion. We want to know what you recommend so hit the forums link below and join the conversation.

I need to get your opinions on my Router upgrade, buying this week...

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